Dragonflight: Everyone is Fishing

Dragonflight: Everyone is Fishing

Well, everyone was fishing.

Today the raid starts and mythic plus starts and the pvp season. The enormous focus on exploration and professions and gearing up will shift to the new things. The players in my guild, they offer dungeon runs at 7am and all day long.

This past week I was amused to see players fishing and getting the 25 fish achievement. Some have not fished and some just hate it. There are recipes to be had and the professions tab “unlearned recipe” points straight at fishing. My experience has been cooking, inscription and alchemy recipes. It takes lots of fishing to get the rare drops, so players are fishing! At least until today, these recipes are not the most important thing ever.

The other thing that changes with the addition of dungeons and raids is that players won’t be burning hard on Renown gains. Recipes are there too.

The game is designed to last a long while. We asked for less grind and less importance on logging in to do required tasks every day. The World Quests reset twice in a week now, for example. So, will it work? If m+ remains as popular as it is, I’d guess so.

Me, I didn’t have a problem with WoD and the lack of end game content. I played all the way through and was happy. With the Renown system, dailies and weeklies, LFRs and the many things to be discovered, I think players will be happy if there is a robust patch system.

There is an arcade-style mini-game that has you climbing rocks up the side of the cliff. I just started yesterday. Little bits like this can be fun to do because they are different. Let us hope that there are more odd bits in the game to come.

Okay, enjoy the new shift in the game play! It will be less crowded at those fishing pools now.


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