Dragonflight: Progress

Dragonflight: Progress

My resto-druid has an ilevel of 381 and our raid team has downed five bosses on normal. It is fun to learn new bosses, we have one boss with a new mechanic that has you sliding! I expect that most of us will get our two-piece tier set completed this coming week and things will get easier.

I have not done all of the dungeons yet. I leveled slower than the big kids and listened to them on Discord figure out every boss and trash set, so they know, and I do not. I’ll never be a big key person I think but I do like the company.

Let’s appreciate the fun of the Tuskaar! The community feasts are a hoot, silly and fun; I like them but tracking timers on Wowhead sucks. Lunker Parties with the guild is fun; my nets are maxxed out with a four-hour timer, but I have all the fish I could ever want by getting there. My harpoon is almost maxxed too.

Tuskaar Renowned Twenty-Seven was a big disappointment. It offers Tuskaar Tackle Boxes. These are treasure chests along the shores of any water. My assumption, after Expedition Packs and Disturbed Dirt, was that they’d be the same with rep tokens and potions and good stuff. No, it is fish! They have the same icon on the mini-map and at this time: unwanted. You can’t “lure” me with the hope of copper, silver or gold coins — I’ve fished (and fished) enough of those.

Crafting Orders are a big expansion feature. On my smaller realm, they don’t work. There is rarely an order for any Engineering stuff, so I am not getting the designed free skill points. I don’t like how you can only order up one thing at a time (Empty Soul Cages) when you want them in bulk, like ten or twenty; tedious. Maybe they are trying to spread out opportunity, I don’t know.

For me, Crafting Orders are very clumsy. If I want something, I look it up at the station and see a list of five to six items needed and how many of each. Then I go to the Auction House, I have learned to take notes outside of the game (maybe I’m missing a handy feature). Then I buy the stuff and hopefully remember to buy the upgrade stuff like a missive. Then I go back to the station and place my order and pay a commission, twenty gold (I have no idea what is respectful, I assume they want skill points or make a lot of the item). And then I wait!

The professions UI feels clumsy too. For one, it is huge and dominates the screen. It closes quick if you want to check your bags or bank, you can’t have them open side-by-side. And there are too many check boxes that you can miss easily and are super important.

Still, my Engineering is at 80. I need Knowledge Points and they’ll come in time. Going through the Unlearned list is tedious, but I don’t mind that, hunting down how to get what I want to eventually make. In all, I’m pretty happy with my progress. Waiting for enough skill or knowledge to show up, I have materials stacked up waiting.

I have an Evoker Alt who is an herbalist. She’s 65 and enjoying my trail-blazing main’s perks. And I have a level 62 hunter who is exploring alchemy and inscription. At-a-glance, inscription doesn’t look too promising. Alchemy is a hoot with exploding experiments. The design is pretty good because you can make stuff and then trash it for more experimenting materials. As always, the specialization system is a mystery with no information on your hard-earned commitments. I think that is supposed to be fun, you have to guess. I am learning to look at Unlearned, that is the place that tells you where to put points (obscure and opaque, but there it is).

I think that this is the fourth week of the expansion. Timing over the Christmas-to-New Year’s break brought a lot of players all day long. Players are interested in playing, our raid team can balloon up to twenty; for us that is astronomical. If the raid design continues to be good and accessible, we’ll continue on. If it gets too hard to do, people will start dropping; it is all on Blizzard.

So far so good, I’m ready to log in again and play some more!


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