Dragonflight: The Trading Post

Dragonflight: The Trading Post

The Post dropped yesterday, I am 150 points from the end-the-bar mount today. I have a month to finish it off, likely done this week.

When this feature was announced, I thought I’d pass on it. I don’t collect a lot of cosmetic gear (unless you look at my collections, I’m loaded). I knew I’d go for the pet, and I already had the Celestial Mount.

So, I bought the pet. And the flowers-off-hand and the flowers-wrist. Oddly, I was thinking that Kamalia-et-alia would approve. And, again, I thought that I was done with it. I wish we had more days of free transmog or that the whole thing was cheaper.

Then, doing the everyday things in the game, I began getting achievement-like flashes that I’d made some Post currency. So, I read the list in my Adventure Guide, and it was easy to /love the Aspects.

Then I went back to Stormwind and bought the cool looking stick-chain-spiked-ball mace that is on fire. That thing looks wicked cool.

Now, to my glee, I am wishing I knew next month’s list. I’d like to know if I might save up some currency to roll over. In all, my best guess is that I’ll be able to buy everything offered each month. It is hard to really know yet.

I’d like to see some new or old toys. Flashy sparkly toys that say, “I have this, don’t you wish you had it”.

Judging from the huge crowd in Stormwind when the game came off Reset, I’d say that the Trading Post is a success and WoW is certainly not dead!


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