7.3: First Impressions

“One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals.”
Michael Korda

Patch Day: First Impressions

Good Morning.

I’m enjoying the new content and I felt the opening quests to be fun and interesting. The new zone has some tough mobs and I prowl a lot. Knowing that we’ll gear up some I like to embrace how challenging and scary it can be trying to get from here to there right now.

For me, the contrast between dark roads and dark rock isn’t strong enough. It is hard to simply see and I have to close my blinds and darken my room to play; which is a shame I think.

One Big Thing that I missed (thank goodness for our raid team) is our new spell. After we put the weapon on the ship and complete that questline, we get a two minute cool-down spell where we can use that weapon on the ship. Very handy and powerful and I missed the whole thing! It is in your spell book, Vindactaar something something power beam thing. Use it off cool down. The timing between Aim and Fire is about perfect.

I’m glad of the weekly gating and the limited number of progressive quests. My Main can do the daily emissary and I can move one Alt over to the opening sequence and start getting the profession stuff going.

With the rain of AP and how the AK is designed, we’ll all be at the same place very soon.