Another Patch Day

“Self-respect: the secure feeling that no one, as yet, is suspicious.”
H. L. Mencken

Patch Day and Server Down Time

Good Morning!

The big data-mining sites must love patch days, the game is down and there is nowhere else to go. I hope they get a lot of clicks, traffic is important to them. I wonder if the guide sites can sustain their good work deep into an expansion, Icy Veins has their guides updated but, to me, it feels minimalist. Yeah, I’d like a whole new write up on our classes.

There will be a lot to do on Argus. When Legion launched, I jumped off of (new) Dalaran with a Goblin Glider and simply took off. When I landed (I tried to land on a road) I mounted up and did my ride, ride, ride. I hope I can do the same off of this spaceship thing which will be our (new) Dalaran on Argus. Opening the map and looking around is something I like to do for any new zone; then, come back for the introduction quests.

The Greater Invasion Points will up for seven days, maybe starting on week three of this patch. I wonder how soon that we’ll out-gear the rewards. They do NOT offer cloak, ring, neck or trinkets on the loot table. They offer straight up “gear”, I guess our armor at 930 and much needed relics. Outside of the boots and waist, everything else is a tier slot which makes me wonder “what were they thinking?”. Hopefully it will be what it seems to be: fun and not mandatory.

When it comes to gearing, this part of the game timeline is for upgrading our stuff to be able to pwn Tomb of Sargeras and to prepare for the new raid (my bet: two months from now in November). We all hate seeing them nerf raids as the expansion moves along, gearing us up is a much better solution. If you are a raider, now is a great time if you wish to change to another class or role.

I need to change my mount macros around for a land-based mount. Bubbles and sparkles and fireworks on my … flying carpet? Choosing a mount to ride around on is important. I read somewhere that we’ll get an upgrade to our bird whistle that takes us back to flight paths — this version is a tunnel! How brilliant is that?

Candidly, I think the big cat mounts from Darnassus have the best animation and look. I think I’ll go with that one.

Uncle Wrath quests in his Resto-Druid spec with a Balance Affinity. My bodyguard, Broll Bearmantle, has flavor text that says that he’ll only help me on the Broken Isles. I sure will be lonely if he doesn’t join me on Argus.

Tomorrow, I hope to read everyone’s first impressions of Argus it should be fun.

Happy Patch Day!