Classic WoW: Ding 40

“Change is an opportunity for everybody to think.”
Mickey Rooney

Classic WoW: Ding 40

I dinged 40 yesterday! I bought the mount and the mail specialization and learned Aspect of the Pack and put on the three pieces of mail gear that I’d already crafted. Then I had enough gold left over to send 30g to my leveling buddy who is 39 and does not fish.


That is the main point, isn’t it? We are playing Classic because we know the way and having enough gold right when we ding 40 to buy the mount is a matter of player pride or something along those lines.

Gotta love the foot prints.


I’d farmed a ton of leather specifically for the Wild Leather quests in Feralas. That went well even though I had to do some travel to learn the recipes, that part I’d not planned out.

Eventually I’ll get to choose between Dragonscale, Elemental and Tribal Leatherworking. The mobs for those crafting materials are all deep into their 50s levels, so “not today” but I’m ahead of the schedules.

Our raid team hit Normal Eternal Palace on Wednesday. For me, it didn’t matter the level so much has having our team form up with enough to play.

The Bee Mount has begun but barely. All my 120 alts do the Honey Smasher guy and that is it. I’ll do the farming part with my guild master, methinks.

The guild is scattered to the winds.


It is nearing the end of my birthday week. Adults don’t stuff it all into one day because people have jobs and responsibilities. So, lunches and indulgences are spread all through the week. I feel the same but know that I’m getting older and older. It is not fair, I know, to feel sorry for all of you youngsters but I seem to have all of this wisdom and knowledge.

The new stuff has been announced and is partially on the PTR. The Auction House looks interesting and I wonder if all of those sniper guys and trade skill add-on guys will be thwarted or will find new ways to bilk us simple customers.

Happy hunting and may all of your hits … be crits.



Classic Fishing: Tips and Tricks

“Fishing is a delusion entirely surrounded by liars in old clothes.”
Don Marquis

Classic Fishing: Tips and Tricks

The reason to fish while you are leveling is that you can do this way ahead of your level. Meaning, at level 25 you can fish in level 35 zones; which means that your catches are valuable to level 35 players who can afford to buy your stuff.

At level 25, for example, you can fish in Dustwallow near Theramore and get crates with bolts of mageweave. Mageweave is level 40 stuff and you are selling bolts of it!

No other profession allows you to go way above your own level.

Tip One:
Do the Blump Family fishing quests in Darkshore. This will give you a nice fishing pole and a bunch of very good lures that will carry you for a long time.


Tip Two:
Use the lures until you don’t have to. They are not precious.

Tip Three:
Bind your fishing skill to an action button.
I use Bartender 4. I key bind the fishing skill to the thumb button of my mouse.



Tip Four:
Make a Bank Alt to funnel all of your stuff. If you are parking your main at the inn in Theramore, you can mail all of your goodies to your Alt. There is a huge range of stuff.

Tip Five:
Be patient with your Bank Alt. You’ll see a lot of Oily and Firefin fish, let it stack up to 20 before selling it on the AH.

Tip Six:
This is a big one: there is always a fishing pool up.

We want the pools for the crates more than the oily or firefin. The crates give good sellable stuff! We salivate at the sight of junk pools.

The game is designed in mini-zones. The beach in Dustwallow is one mini-zone. If you don’t see any pools that is because there is one pool that you’ve not found. Same in Steamwheedle, there are three beaches for this single mini-zone (the third beach has pirates, be careful!).

Keep clearing fishing pools and a new one will show up when they are all cleared.

Tip Seven:
Save your trunks or crates until you are done for the day. Each one will likely have more than one item in it. Keeping them in crates until the end saves bag space.


Tip Eight:
Look to stay ahead of your own levels so you profit. At 25, I went to Dustwallow. At 30, I was at Steamwheedle and Dustwallow. At 35, I went to Steamwheedle and Feralas; fishing end game fish for the raiders.

Tip Nine:
Turn off the music and turn up the splash. I hate turning off this great music but when fishing, especially grinding open waters, my eyes are on the television watching a movie.

Tip Ten: Don’t worry about +fishing gear until you are deep into level 60. Then you’ll find fishing areas that need skill above 300. Worry about that stuff later, today I’m still using my Blump Pole.

Tip Eleven: Dear Elune, don’t only fish! Go questing, have fun, explore.

Tip Twelve:

I am at level 37 now with 115 gold. My talents are all learned. My leatherworking is above what I can wear. My skinning is not quite 300. My cooking is 300. All of this is because of fishing in higher zones than I can quest or kill.

Everything Old is WoW Again

“Books had instant replay long before televised sports.”
Bernard Williams

Everything Old Is WoW Again

Watching this frost mage in the Stranglethorn Vale pull five raptors was pretty cool. This did not happen in the original game. The “AoE Build” is the product of years of playing and simming. There were no simulation programs back then.

Fishing in Tanaris doesn’t suck. In the /general channel they make teams to attack ZF with a strategy called “zombie farming”. I asked what it was and got a non-snarky reply. The group will run, run, run all the way to the graves pulling everything. Then they jump on this window ledge which drops aggro. They farm the grave site and then run out and re-set. That is the product of years and years of playing WoW; no one knew that trick back then.

Maraudon is a 45 – 52 dungeon in Desolace. A level 60 hunter can clear it in seven minutes. I’ve been questing in a group where a 60 hunter was in our group and we were re-setting the instance over and over while he farmed the dungeon for goodies. If that happened in the original, no one knew because we didn’t have all of this social media to announce experiences, builds, videos and so on.

I think that these three examples are what is making Classic so successful. The fun of “knowing what to do” out-shines the negatives like cookie-cutter talent builds. Knowing that this build is the best one makes us confident.

This is part of the reason that we love our Alts. After the trail has been blazed by our brave and hardy main, the new tender Alt can find the path with an extra gold and a few mageweave bags to hasten the way from our main. So, I’ll say it, “The success of Classic today is the same experience of playing an Alt. Blizzard needs to support Alt-play in a much better way”.



The 225s: Part III

“All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost.”
J. R. R. Tolkien

The 225s: Part III

As planned mostly, I dinged 35 and put time into fishing.


I earned 33 gold in one day!

The stress of player-pride in having my mount at level 40 is gone.

To recap my journey so far:

  1. Learn fishing early.
  2. At level 20ish, go to the beach of Duskwallow Marsh and fish the pools. The junk pools are great. Sell everything. If you have skinning, enjoy the free stuff on the beach.
  3. Be capped at 225 before you ding level 35.
  4. Do the fishing quest, it is hard but you can do it.
  5. Read Want gold in WoW Classic? Grab your fishing pole and get these valuable fish.
  6. Fish either at Steamwheele Port in Tanaris or at Feralas.
  7. Try to sell in stacks of 20 and match the price of those selling stacks of 20. Be wary of the jokers posting only one item, they are trying to push the price down and sucker you into undercutting their one with your 20 at their price.
  8. Enjoy your mount at level 40.

I am beyond satisfied. Being able to jump to high-end fish at level 35 is the key. No other profession can do that.

The 225s: Part II

“I look out the window and I see the lights and the skyline and the people on the street rushing around looking for action, love, and the world’s greatest chocolate chip cookie, and my heart does a little dance.”
Nora Ephron

The 225s: Part II

One thing that I’ve noticed in my guild. The players who were not raiders and mythic plussers are all farming up the new bee mount. The players who were raiders and poured time and effort into the dailies to keep up their AP have mostly quit.

Two words: burn out. Doing the Mechagon daily today, I felt exhaustion drip through me.

Okay! So yesterday I had the quests in Classic to do my professions since I had dinged 35. It was exciting to see something new to do and to feel like there was progression on this character.

Five gold went to the Leather-working trainer for Artisan which I regret. Since hunters switch to mail at level 40, there is little interest in making much of anything.

The fishing quest was time consuming as designed. And, as expected, the only real hassle was the Swamp of Sorrows.

Mistakes were made for the cooking quest. I bought the giant eggs and zesty clam off of the AH under the assumption that farming level 42s would be out of reach for several levels.

Once I had earned fishing, off to Steamwheedle Port on the shores of Tanaris, a very safe run even at level 30. There I fished up enough clams for the quest easily.

The bonus is that raw spotted yellowtail is the most common fish. Using it (the recipe is in Gadgetzan, the bon fire by the inn is for cooking), leveling up cooking to 300 was satisfying.


The talented Rachelle Riddle has a post on Blizzard Watch today about gold and valuable fish.

  • The nightcrawler lure is enough for “no get aways” until you ding 300.
  • The afternoon, when school lets out, it is very crowded at the Port of Steamwheedle.
  • The Steamwheedle area has pools of fish occasionally. It is worth the run up and down the beach, hoping for Mithril Trunks.
  • Fishing on the dock at Steamwheedle, I suggest the corner so you can see two spots that pools might spawn.
  • The exact same fish can be found at Feathermoon Post in Feralas but I saw no pools while I was there but it is very peaceful and not crowded.
  • I found nightcrawler lures to be bought in Feralas but can’t find them at all in Tanaris!
  • Fishing up Nightfin Snapper and Raw Sunscale Salmon, I fished at the same spot inland in Feralas that I used for the fishing quest. Again, the roads are safe even if you are only 35.
  • You can lose the bobber splash sound by opening your cooking tab. Reload won’t get it back, you have to exit the game and re-enter. I wonder if it is on the “not a bug” list.
  • Dear Elune, let’s hope this stuff sells.


To sum up:
I am level 35 and fishing up high-end fish for the market. I only have 52 gold and it is a long ways to 90 over the next five levels to 40. This is my strategy and I’m sticking to it.

Classic Ding 35: The 225s

“Life is too short to stuff a mushroom.”
Storm Jameson

Classic Ding 35: The 225s

Last night I dinged at the very end of my evening with a quest to visit Iron Forge. I set my hearth there, finally, because it is the most central of the main cities. The travel from Darnassus to the Arathi Highlands or Booty Bay was tedious enough.

With fishing, cooking and leather-working capped at 225, finally the Artisan level of the professions open up. I have to visit the trainer at Aerie Peak for the leather-working.

Fishing is Nat Pagle’s famous quests. Desolace, Feralas, Stranglethorn – I’m not too worried about. The Swamp of Sorrows fishing spot is at the far end of the zone. I’ve already died there many times (looking for a flight point that doesn’t exist!).

Cooking needs three items with quantities. The owlbeasts and the turtles are level 42 and just a bit out of my range, I might need to level up to 38 or 39 to farm those guys. Maybe the auction house will serve up some dire mats.

So, it is exciting to be able to level up professions again. One sort of sets goals of different kinds when playing. But, it looks from here that they will have to wait for a while.

At least until the servers come up again!


“I tried to drown my sorrows, but the bastards learned how to swim, and now I am overwhelmed by this decent and good feeling.”
Frida Kahlo


The title works if you say it out loud, it looks dumb.

There is so much to do in this game!

My BfA time has fallen off, the raid teams have turned into smoke and floated away. My feeling is that if no one else is doing it, why should I. Still, I do my emissary everyday. And I’ll start the Bee Mount rep grind on Sunday, I think.

I’m so broke in Classic that in BfA I bought the big gold sink mount. I still have 1.4 million gold left over. It was impulsive because I don’t dare touch my carefully stacked gold pieces in Classic.


My next push for Classic is 35. My professions are capped at 225 and it is frustrating not to progress on them. Cooking will be a challenge with the mob-drops for the quest living at 42ish. I’ll bribe my buddy with some raptor meat to get him up in cooking and maybe we’ll tackle it together in our mid-30s.


Does my pet keep getting bigger?

In my tepid opinion, I think the Brewfest hearthstone is a bust. You get a hat and dance in a puddle of beer. At least we should throw mugs or steins. Maybe I need to give it another look.


I liked the changes to Brewfest but they were confusing. The Iron Dwarves no longer attack us but when the event starts now, I see nothing! I stand there until the keg shows up with the token turn-in quest.

The fun news was that one of the booze drops turned me into this!