Hunting Archimonde

They sicken of the calm, who knew the storm.
Dorothy Parker

We killed Archimonde tonight.

Our raid team that has been playing together for about a year downed the final boss of the expansion. We got the Feat of Strength called Time is a Flat Circle.

We are done. We finished the expansion. I am elated.

No need to read any more of this post.

It is a tricky fight and we’d only brushed against it a bit before tonight. Tonight we knew we’d have to progress through the phases.

Each phase has it’s dirty tricks and nasty bits. Phase one has us ping-ponging back and forth with these Doom Balls that set fire to every thing (run away! run away!). And, you can’t be near anyone because someone will be tossed way into the air…and we all have to run and catch them. Back and forth.

Phase three (or is it four?) has our party going into a Void Zone to another place, far from the fight to kill another boss! Yikes! BUT there are Infernals who arrive, so someone has to stay behind … and kite the Infernals. Who kites? Hunters kite. Who is a hunter? Lil’ ol’ me.

So, while a bunch of our raid is off in another zone, I’m kiting this huge Infernal until they come back. My strat: Stampede comes off cool-down so I saved that. Binding shot to stun him. And Disengage to leap backwards and keep my distance.

Still, it took us almost three hours to learn the fight. That’s a long time. I’m glad our raid leader set aside a whole night just for this fight. We had to learn each phase. We wiped on phase one three times to start and had to start over again and again.

It is like that on progression. Learn phase one, everyone has to learn their role. Where to run to, what to shoot at, who to heal. The phase two … and on and on.

We wiped on the final phase about five times. We knew we were close but not close enough. Our raid leader said, “I think we are going to break him”. And we did!

Sure, we’ll be back but we know the fight now. We’ll probably get him on heroic eventually. And check this out: we carried two mages who were doing 20k dps. Woof!

A fine night in Draenor!


Superman vs Batman: 3 things

Robin: “Batman, maybe I should stay home tonight. Homework, you know.”
Batman: “I think you should acquire a taste for opera, Robin, as one does for poetry and olives.”

Superman vs Batman: Three Things

I saw the trailer for Superman vs Batman on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

1. It’s Batman’s universe
Dark, psychotic, ugly. You think ‘serial killer’ and seriously flawed in every single character on the screen. The Superman universe is like the Supergirl on television universe; brighter colors, normal people living their lives — like you and me.

2. It’s a media driven thing
From what I saw it was a lot about the media in the movie. Currently (in real life) on television, we are seeing the backlash on the irresponsible media and it is about time. Even on ESPN, the reporters are questioning if they went too far and ruined perceptions of players and coaches.

3. Give me a break …
Superman vs Batman is dumb. Batman may be obsessed and a genius. But Superman; when he meets anyone for the first time, he scans their body for bruises or broken bones or healed bones. He scans the internet via satellite to learn everything about them — in half a second. All the while listening to every conversation, filtering those with ten different police scanners in the city. Superman is ten moves ahead of you on the chessboard before you even open the box.
Batman would only have a chance if he planned for two years and Superman didn’t who he was. And even then, not much of a chance.

Finally, how cool is Wonderwoman? Very.

WoW Trivia Questions

If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to.
Dorothy Parker


WoW Trivia Questions.
Here are the questions I used in a recent guild party and celebration. I figured I might as well share them if someone wants to use them!

Trivia Question: How many mounts must you learn to earn the Albino Drake? (50)

Trivia Question: How many pets must you learn to earn the pet Stinker? (50)

Trivia Question: Who is married to Malfurion Stormrage? (Tyrande Whisperwind)

Trivia Question: What did, before the merger, Gadgetzan, Everlook and Booty Bay have in common (besides goblin bruisers)? (Neutral Auction House)

Trivia Question: Where do you find King Krush? (Shalozar Basin)

Trivia Question: Where do you find King Dred? (Drak’Tharon Keep)

Trivia Question: Name one of two places to farm Whiptail (Uldum, Tol Barad)

Trivia Question: What is the Name of the new pet that is available today: full proceeds to Make-a-Wish? (Brightpaw)

Trivia Question: How do you make a pet cat hop into your lap? (/sit)

Trivia Question: In what raid do you battle Illidian Stormrage? (Black Temple)

Trivia Question: How far must you fall in Going Down without dying? (65 yards)

Trivia Question: In what city can you get your shoes shined (they sparkle!)? (Dalaran)

Trivia Question: Which glyph do you use to make your hunter pet Feign Death with you? (glyph of Play Dead)

Trivia Question: In which raid do you play a game of chess? (Kara)

Trivia Question: Who are you fighting to get the More Dots! achievement? (Onyxia)

Trivia Question: Will there be artifact fishing poles in Legion? (yes!)

Trivia Question: Which addon gives you the “crazy-taxi” style arrow to get to coordinates? (TomTom)

Trivia Question: In which expansion did you do A Test Of Valor? (MoP)

Trivia Question: In which PvP zone do you fight Koralon the Flame Watcher? (Wintergrasp)

Trivia Question: Can you tmog your cloak to our guild design? (yes)

Trivia Question: Which soon-to-be new class combination will start with a mechanical pet? (gnome hunter)

Trivia Question: Where are the Broken Isles? (Near Silverpine, below Northrend)

Trivia Question: Who do we help to Escape From Durnholde? (Thrall)

Trivia Question: Who do we help in the Culling of Stratholme? (Arthas)

Trivia Question: What is the name of Arthas Menethil’s mount? (Invincible)

Trivia Question: Which profession makes Fire Ammonite Oil? (first aid)

Bonus Humor: How many dwarves does it take to screw in a light bulb? Two: one to hold the bulb, the other to drink until the room starts spinning.

Bonus Humor: What do you call five druids in the Wintergrasp Lake? A HoT Tub.

Bonus Humor: What’s a Rogue’s favourite drink? Subtle tea.

Trivia Question: Where do I get the achievement: Higher Learning? (Dalaran)

Trivia Question: Which class has the spell Soothe? (druid)

Trivia Question: How many different heirloom trinkets can be found in mythic dungeons? (five)

Trivia Question:

The Saints at Ephesus

Have you found Jesus yet, Gump?” – Lieutenant Daniel Taylor
I didn’t know I was supposed to be looking for him, sir.” – Forrest Gump

Imagine Junior Detective Smith goes to a murder scene. He sees a dead woman with needle marks who has been shot in the head. The gun is on the floor.

Junior Detective Smith comes to the conclusion that it is a suicide.

But there is more. Soon he sees a bag of money under the table. Because the money is still there, then it must be a crime of passion. Or a vigilante.

But there is more. The woman is ex-CIA. So, international espionage?

But, the location is in a warehouse in Russia.

As I add more information, the conclusion changes.

Wives submit to your husbands.

This is a verse that has been used as a weapon for hundreds of years. We saw it a lot in the 1960’s and 70’s. It is in Ephesians, the New Testament.

My sister told me a wonderful story of a radio talk show host who was ranting and raving against … something. The Bible says! Finally a caller asked her to read the rest of the verses, it was NOT what she wanted to say! Humiliating for her, hilarious to us.

Looking at that single line could really defeat a wife, I think. But if you could look at the verses around it, you’d find that the husband has a much harder job. If he’d do that job, anyone would be willing to submit to his decisions. I sure would.

The paragraphs are full of the word “as”. It could appear that it is almost conditional.

Isolating a single verse is as stupid as our Detective blaming the gun and ignoring all of the other evidence. Only a republican politician could do that!

Christians are human. Humans are human. How many times has a single line or even one word been ballooned up beyond it’s size. And everything around it ignored or, even worse, dismissed. You can not be a Selective Christian. For any verse of blame, there are hundreds on forgiveness.

Look at another verse in the same Ephesians chapter. It lists things you should avoid doing. Fornication, jesting, foolish talking, uncleanliness are all on the same list and seem to have equal weight. Society would only see one word, I would bet. But jesting is there too.

How can a verse, chapter, book have thousands of wonderful loving lines, forgiving lines and some chump will only see one?

Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.

and then ….

And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

And that is all I have to say about that.

Supergirl – Red Tornado

“If you hang out with chickens, you’re going to cluck and if you hang out with eagles, you’re going to fly.”
― Steve Maraboli,

Supergirl — Red Tornado

Martian Manhunter — Head of the DEO?

Drama, drama, drama

The Supergirl series continues to be a satisfying super soap opera. It is very emotional, often for reasons that would only resonate with children who feel that life is unjust when they are denied their wants and wishes.

The writers are still weak but the plot architect is brilliant. There are sooo many plotlines that I looked at my clock, exhausted, and saw we were only half-way through the show.

There is this odd piling on off accountability on Supergirl from many directions. I can only guess that she will grow enough to not be pulled in every direction; one can hope.

The parallel lines of Kara’s relationship with Cat and her dealing with her Supergirl life is nicely played. I wish they’d give Cat more props. She takes her glasses off for dramatic effect and then she puts her glasses on for dramatic effect. Give her another prop, please!

I see in previews for the episode next week that … Supergirl has lost her powers. I’m absolutely deflated. I listed that plot sarcastically several weeks ago along with her evil double and loss of memory. It’s weak. They can not be so at a loss for ideas that they are reading the comic books written in 1970.

Play on, Supergirl. The world needs you.

A Diary from Draenor

People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.
— Winnie the Pooh


A Diary from Draenor

Well, you can call me Crashin’ Thrashin’ Wrathsome! I got this title by collecting 200 toys. The final one was the bird whistle to call Pepe. Good news indeed.

We finally confronted Archimonde. We didn’t win but we “progressed.” Progression in the World of Warcraft means that your group is learning the fight. Once learned, we expect to win the battle even if it is difficult.

Tomorrow, on Reset Day, I should have all of my gear pieces upgraded to 2/2 via Valor Points. Two weeks is not such a burden. I’ll collect some more, casually, for when I get a new piece of gear. Five percent is about what I see in improvement from the VP upgrades.

Big Party on Wednesday! We have been planning. We have been collecting toys, prizes, outfits, fireworks for a month now. I hope for about ten people to participate and that it lasts about an hour. We have a very good guild master who will run the show, it should be fun.

The party will have a scavenger hunt, trivia, a wedding ceremony and an assigned photographer for our Facebook page. Let’s hope it all comes together.

And tonight? No World of Warcraft for me, it’s Supergirl night!