Hot Buttered Popcorn Toy

“The only way to see a movie is in a big theater, on a big screen, with a big bag of popcorn.”
Dan Glickman

Hot Buttered Popcorn Toy

A new toy at the DMF!

It is a fun little toy. The animation is quick, so you will probably miss it unless you are looking for it.

There is a line in chat that announces that you are eating popcorn that currently is broadcast pretty far. I was in the Alliance Bank in new Dalaran and my friend saw it all the way over on the flight point landing! I wonder if they’ll change that.

Wildeheart made a very nice video capture of her character munching popcorn. Well done!

It is fun. Add to your collection today!



Rafting About in BfA

“It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage.”
George William Curtis

Rafting in BfA

Stop the presses!

I was adding the Water Strider mount and the Angler’s Fishing Raft to the action bars of my soon-to-be brave adventurers and we have a problem!


The “requires revered and 525” is bogus, if you have the raft toy then you already did all of the dirty work. However, the “requires panda fishing 1” is true. That is an adventure stopper if you had visions of yourself zipping around the new map in the waters.


Our old friend, Ben of the Booming Voice by the Tillers flight point is who y’got to see. Learn panda fishing, drop yer bobber right there and “bam!” you are good to go!

Resto-Druid on Wowhead

“Never judge things by their appearance… even carpetbags. I’m sure I never do.”
Mary Poppins

Resto-Druid on Wowhead

I was hoping for a class designer statement on the fate and future of the Resto-Druid class. A defense of dropping Displacer Beast, for example. It looks like that we will hear nothing from Blizzard, nothing at all. Silence speaks volumes.

However, the community can step up and make a statement. Wowhead has just released its Restoration Druid Review – Battle for Azeroth Community Opinions. And we thank them for the effort and presentation.

This is not a gushing overview of how great our class is, nor is it a full out condemnation. It is frank and straight-forward, written by guys who know their stuff. I have no doubt that the BlizzDevs will read it but it will not create change. I feel like they have us right where they want us: in the middle with no chance to shine.

Having read it, a few things stand out. One was that my fear of running in a bad tier set for the entire expansion has come true:
The spec needs interesting Azerite traits that can impact gameplay in a positive way. The Azerite system seems intended to replace artifact traits, set bonuses, and legendaries, but fails to live up to the billing. Several are barely noticeable.

They try to finish it on a positive note:
Overall, we are hopeful and excited to see what happens with Resto Druid in BFA.

By “what happens” I’m guessing they mean when we get higher secondaries like Haste or Mastery. I don’t think that we’ll see any tuning, our class has mostly been ignored and has run unchanged for a long time. Again: zero explanation from any Blizzard Developer.


Over-Prepping for BfA

“Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility of victory in the attack.”
Sun Tzu

Over-Prepping for BfA

In my romantic heart, I want to level thorough the Battle for Azeroth zones in my Resto-Druid healing specialization. Chances are fantastic that I’ll buckle and end up as Balance but for the moment, a tree can dream.

Because next Tuesday’s next-quest-step will give us our new neck pendant that we will wear forever, I moved my Legendary pieces around. Instead of neck and shoulders, I am wearing a trinket and ring.

I am wondering if the Balance offensive Legendaries will trigger and work if I am in Resto-Druid spec; and in the Balance Affinity talent. How would I even find out? A little extra to Solar Wrath or something might be nice. But, I am probably over-preparing for something that won’t be crazy hard.

I don’t know why Dalaran can’t float over to our new islands and remain a Sanctuary City. I suppose for exposition reasons, we are at war but that is the point of Sanctuary: perhaps find a way to peace.

Still, leaving our order halls and Dalaran and the Broken shores and islands will be a welcome change. Some shoulder room and room to breath in the anticipated wider zones will be very well embraced. Fel enough!


Raid Warning

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Raid Warning

Our guild had a raid meeting last night and twelve players showed up. It was on Discord and, I felt, that it was a lot of people considering the amount of time before the expansion and that not a lot of players are logging on.

We have the players. We have the times; Thursday and Saturday evenings. We agreed to a three hour block. We do not have a raiding composition yet. We agreed to meet again.

The team will start at Normal and work our ways up until the next raid drops and then we’ll move on.

We talked about a lot of stuff including party buffs from the mage, warrior and priest. We talked about flasks and feasts and potions and enchants and gems. There is some doubt that very early in the raid that we’ll have all of the min/max items but as the expansion moves on that our stockpiles will grow.

I have revisited my own posting on the Bountiful Captain’s Feast. I’ll need to bring my skinner into BfA.

We know that selling materials early on in the expansion will make you a bundle of gold but I also want to level up my professions!

I’ve been using WoW-Professions forever. It is my top bookmark when it comes to gathering and professions because it is so straightforward and clean.

There is an article worth reading called Battle for Azeroth Professions – Overview (BfA).
At the top, you can see paths for gathering and the most efficient way to level up professions — they are not in place yet for BfA, but I have faith.

I take heart in reading this from the WoW-Professions site:
Most recipes still have ranks just like in Legion, but they are a lot easier to get because none of them require Exalted reputation, only Revered or Honored. (I was able to get revered with the 3 main factions just by leveling to 120)

There are no profession quests for crafting profession in BfA, you will learn most recipes from your trainer.

Gathering profession ranks are still obtained from quests, but they are really easy to get since most of the quests are just given you by the trainer, and the quest items that drops from herbs/leathers/ores have a lot higher drop chance than the rank 3 quests in Legion.

My expectation is a limited investment in my Alchemist and then he can stay parked by a bank for the rest of the expansion. Except for the Hydrocore and let us hope that this is erased as a mat for a consumable!

I’m also testing out a new addon called QE Mythic + Dungeon Tips. This is from the Questionably Epic guy who writes on Resto-Druid healing and I totally endorse this guy. So, why not try the addon.

Darkshore: The Day After

“Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.”
Erma Bombeck

Darkshore: The Day After

Kudos, props and praises to the terrific bloggers on the World of Warcraft. We are blessed to have some writers who are steeped in lore and also have gaming perspective. Personally, I’m blown away at the level of talent that doesn’t always have a chance to be displayed until events like the recent quests.

As ever, Alunaria is powerful in When There Are No Words, the little Orca in the ocean looking up at the fires was very moving and terribly sad.

I see that one newsfeed, MSN, has an article called World of Warcraft’s latest story campaign has ignited the fan base. Skipping past the “ignited” it is pretty well written and might even catch the eye of my brother and sisters who do not play the game.

And, really, what else is there to talk about?

Our last raid was Tuesday. Our tanks were taking a beating on the heroic dogs and we failed twice. I decided to go “full on tank heals” to see if we could get through it: Cenarion Ward, Stonebark and Photosynthesis. It worked! Photosynthesis is like a mini-game; on yourself to speed ticks on Rejuve or over to the tank so that he can cook along with extra heals. I hope that this is not our default raid build, it is hell on our throughput but no one knows just how weak our tanks will be in BfA.

Looking over the BfA Toy Box Guide on Wowhead, I don’t see any or many toys that make you sparkle and shine and lend themselves to great macros. I’ll have to look again and hope for more such toys down the road. I mean, one can only put so many campfires on the ground.

Wowhead’s Where to find BfA battle pets is way too dense and heavy for me. It is worth bookmarking. My strategy will be to collect a whole bunch of new pets and then go back to find the one’s that I don’t have. Then this guide will be useful to me.

I got Exalted with the Gelkis and Magram Centaurs last night. I had done the Desolace quests before but it was during the Burning Crusade and they had reset. So, I had to do the tedious entry quests but, in all, not so bad.

Honestly, at some point in the next two weeks … I need to clear out my bags!



Darkshore: Round Two

“When there are no more naive hicks left, you have a culture where everybody is conning each other all the time. There are no more earnest “squares” left—everybody’s “hip”, everybody is cynical.”
R. Crumb

Darkshore: Round Two

Well, well, well; that is going on the World of Warcraft?

First up, our favorite blogger and inspiration Alunaria as been nominated for the Liebster award! These things spread and she has nominated me, which is very flattering. I will say that I hope Alunaria wins the award! She’s the best.

I just did the new set of quests that lead us into the Battle for Azeroth. The cut scenes seem to be more comic-bookish in style. The drawings are stills and the camera zooms in or over to give it life. Kinda sorta like that. I like the style and am glad to see Blizzard exploring different avenues in animations for their cut scenes.

My “working” Alts who will see early BfA have gotten their 210 sets. I’m guessing that this is all that we have to earn; no trinkets or rings but they could show up tomorrow so I’ll be looking. If you are curious, these Alts are the miners and herbalists and alchemists who are not my Main but will do limited specific play-through to get to the point of being a viable Profession Alt.

Other than that, our raid team has practiced on their new characters for their roles in the next expansion. Our last meeting is tonight and then we are off until the next raid.

Oh, it turns out that I have some Elixir of the Rapid Mind potions in my bank. I sold one for 100,000 gold on the Auction House! Woot!