Unstable Manapearl

Tallulah Bankhead, the famous actress from Alfred Hitchcock’s Lifeboat was once walking with the writer Dorothy Parker. Coming to a doorway, Tallulah gestured and said, “Age before beauty”. Dorothy sniffed and walked through the doorway saying, “Pearls before swine.”

Unstable Manapearl

Unstable Manapearl
Item Level 1
Take hold of the Unstable Manapearl, increasing your Critical Strike, Mastery, Haste, or Versatility by 1000 for 2 hrs while outdoors in Kul Tiras and Zandalar.

This is a buff that you get from the new world quest with the Nagas.

I sniffed when I first saw the reward. I’m doing four emissary quests, why would I ever need this? Maybe if I was a new 120 it would be handy for finishing the zone quests.

Dude, I was so wrong. I didn’t get it.

It is for farming. I was farming Stringy Loins before and after getting this buff and it makes a big difference. Not a huge difference, just a big one. I had an extra 1000 haste on my Boomkin. It was a sweet buff to get and when I have the need to farm again, I’ll go get this buff again since it seems to be up every day. It will be worth the trip, I think.

I am the toy!

Today we see the Doomsayer’s Robes and Magical Pet Mirror combo on the Darkmoon Zep.


It is cool how we see the placards in the shadow casted.

Of course, you can glide will being a toy.

And you can hearth as well!


BfA: 8.2 Data Mining

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”
Sherlock Holmes, “A Study in Scarlett” (Arthur Conan Doyle).

BfA: 8.2 Data Mining

It is a flood of information. Sifting through all that stuff is something I won’t do as is my habit when facing a new patch. For one thing, the release is very far away and anything I might pick up will be long forgotten.

I want to look at patches with hope, not dread. There should be things that I am looking forward to with excitement. I do not want to see my class nerfed and they are messing around with Druids.

To “find the fun” in data mining, I look for the new toys and pets. So far the toys seem to mostly play music or sound like the ocean. I’ve not seen the data mining on pets yet, let’s hope for another Egbert.

We have been promised, as I recall, new cooking recipes and new profession recipes. Best guess is some material that drops in the new zones to make identical cooking foods or feasts. I hope that the creative guy who came up with Feast of Fishes is still working for WoW.

So, in that light, I see nothing to anticipate. I don’t see (yet) a pet that I want to get on the first day. It is a big patch and for sure I’m excited to see new zones and quests and all of that stuff.

The Mount Equipment debacle has yet to be ironed out. The players in the forums are furious! It is not a good idea and it needs a ton of work, this is a revamping of the water walking mount to normalize it across all mounts. I’d like to see options like insta-mount or speed boost and you can bet that I’m using my Suggestion Box daily.

This Mount Equipment debacle, I’m afraid that they will not listen the people and do what they want.

I’m still dinking around with the Doomsayer’s Robes toy and the Magical Pet Mirror toy. Yesterday I posted that it was Narcissa’s Mirror by mistake, I went back and edited it.

One pet that I wanted was Lil Ben’fon, a baby bronto pet. My now 114 hordie found and did the quests but was astonished that you have to pay for the pet, a whopping 300 polished pet charms: thankfully they are account-bound and could be mailed from my alliance toon.

The Doomsayers/Pet Mirror combo is hilarious on Lil’ Ben’fon! The placard is huge! When you walk, you can’t see the pet so it kind of rocks back and forth as you move.

I used it while herbing. It’d disappear when mounted and then come back when dis-mounted. I was very entertained!




Crucible of Storms: Normal

“To find him, drown yourself in the Circle of Stars.”

Crucible of Storms: Normal

It is always good to get a guild achievement. It makes us look good! This new two-boss raid was finished in about two-and-a-half hours.


I can’t write a review really but I can give first impressions.

We out-gear Normal and there was some push back about doing it all, the loot table isn’t that great if you are looking for an upgrade.

It is mechanic heavy. I’d say that we players are getting used to it and that part is a little frustrating. When learning a ton of mechanics, it keeps you so busy that it is hard to enjoy the artwork or the boss talking at us or to understand how or why a boss might have this strange new mechanic.

I am a warlock and I was a tank. Check that out! My sole job was to snag this mini-boss and hold aggro on it full time. There is a mechanic (no kidding) that allows me to spike aggro way high and once gained, I kite him to the other boss for cleaving.

On the very positive side, it was great to go see something new. The timing is ideal since we are spending a ton of time in BoD. It was great to win as a team, really great.

On the negative side, the rewards are doubtful. There were too many mechanics to the point where it felt like the designers didn’t care and were throwing a bucket-load of old ideas or maybe they were finally allowed to take the kid gloves off and show us a thing or two.

The loot table is small and that is appropriate for this raid. There is no real motive or intention of us returning over and over for a piece of gear. Here are the four possibilities for a Warlock.

Two of the pieces are for PvP, dunno why a raid boss drops PvP gear but there it is:



One piece gives an absorb shield, ho-hum.


The trinket is supposed to be my best-in-slot. You can see the new risk/reward design mentality in the tool tip. Use it but you might get it back in the face!


All in all, it was fun. I love my raid team when we win. And, I will surely look at this in the LFR to pay attention to the whispers and the spells and the flavor; all things that I missed due to mechanics.

Here is the toy Doomsday Robes with the placards, the Magic Pet Mirror on Comet the new pet from raiding with leashes.

BfA: All Kinds of Things

“The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it – basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.”
Charles Bukowski

BfA: All Kinds of Things

Both of our raid teams are stuck at the Conclave. The heroic version adds some frogs that stun and the raptor adds can enrage and get super fast. We pugged in a couple of people to fill our team.

One guy gave us a lecture and it wasn’t a stern thing but one of philosophy. He explained that raid rooms are laid out with a purpose. The designers put elements in the room for you to key off or use or notice. If you think back, you will remember using design elements in a room but thinking of them as convenience more than a specific thing placed for the players by the designers. If that makes sense.

I pulled my camera back and tipped it. See that big design thing dead center? That is where we tank the active mini-boss to be killed. The round spots on the floor are for a ranged person to bait the frogs so they don’t stun the entire raid. We don’t need those markers but they are handy for this screenshot.

In the future, I’ll be looking for clues when I enter new raid rooms.


Leveling on the Horde side is fantastic! Learning about the Loa (and choosing one, I chose Pak’u) is far more entertaining than hunting down witches in Drustvar. At 114 now, I worry about missing important stuff.

My goal on the Horde side was initially to earn the rep to get the pets and toys but that has changed. Still, I am actively mining and herbing to make gold. I’m poor! AND the AH Bronto does not show up for my horde character! Dear Elune, I am poor.

The Tools of the Trade: Alchemy is pretty good. You can now find random Boiling Cauldrons in the open zones for a chance at a flask or potion; these are pretty rare but when we can fly, I’ll farm.

The Alchemy piece is to be clicked on. You can get an Eye that will jump you to a flight path (and you are given choices). You can get a never-ending health pot to use and reuse. There is another, which I forget. And you can get a buff that will allow you extra procs when making your stuff. I have heard of +16 procs! The only downside is waiting for the buff since it is a chance every hour. I might log in to check after this blog post.

After a quick poll, no one has researched the new raid opening this week. We will all look in on Tuesday. The loot tables are very small, I have only two pieces possible per boss. I read that the second boss will be on par with the Jaina fight — so, mechanic heavy and possible wipes late in the game.

Some new scenery in a new raid will be fun. Since that AOTC for BoD will be a long time from now, I’m relaxed and eager to go tromp around some new digs.

I hope everyone did the breadcrumb to the Crucible of Storms quest. It was fantastic. Great voice acting, cut scenes and more.


Who needs tmog when you have toys? The Chef’s Hat can be macro’d too.

Random Favorite Pet

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”
Terry Pratchett

Random Favorite Pet

How many pets do you have on favorite?


I have my specials like Cap’n Crackers and Stardust and also the pets that I’m leveling to keep track of the project. Then I move pets in and out of the rotation.

I call it a rotation like in baseball with a roster. We want our pets out with us but we lose them easily when porting or taking a flight path.

The new pets from Raiding with Leashes are great but I am still looking for that super-cool unique pet with animations like Egbert, Stinker, Stardust, Nuts, Boneshard and Cap’n Crackers who will sit on your shoulder. Maybe in 8.2.

The macro to call random favorite pets is /rfp. Easy as that! Add that to a list of macros on your mount and you are sure to have a pet with you all of the time.

#showtooltip Leywoven Flying Carpet
/cast Hozen Beach Ball
/cast Prismatic Bauble
/cast Path of Elothir
/cast Bubble Wand
/cast Leywoven Flying Carpet


Twitching Eyeball Macro’d

“Receive my gift and see all truths before you.”

Twitching Eyeball Macro’d

NB: Warning spoilers ahead. This toy is from the bread-crumb quest line to announce the opening of the Crucible of Storms raid next week.

What a great quest line. The voice actor deserves an Oscar, I was seduced into my future greatness. At the end, you have a choice to be cleansed and if you do, you win a toy:

Twitching Eyeball
Item Level 120
Binds when picked up
Use: Receive the gift of N’Zoth.
(60 min cooldown)
Quest: His Eye Upon You
Zone: Zuldazar

Quest: His Eye Upon You
Zone: Stormsong Valley
Requires Level 110
“N’Zoth’s gift, now dormant.”


With a one hour up and a one hour cooldown, you can wear (if you dare!) this toy full time. I chose to macro it with my hearthstone. Since it is instant cast, it could be added to your mount macro.

#showtooltip Peddlefeet's Lovely Hearthstone
/cast Azerite Firework Launcher
/cast Twitching Eyeball
/cast Peddlefeet's Lovely Hearthstone

The quest begins by doing the WQ Naga Invasion, I got it off the first mob. It was such a good quest …


I think that I’ll go do it again!


Jeremy Feasel and Patch 8.2

“I think they should have a Barbie with a buzz cut.”
Ellen DeGeneres

Jeremy Feasel and 8.2

The live stream was today. I sat back, crossed my arms and sniffed. I had my Cynic Hat on but really, I have to admit now that I’m pretty excited about this next patch.

Jeremy Feasel is Muffinus. You see him all over the game like in the Darkmoon Faire and the WQ about the muffin stealer. He is also busy on twitter with his hints about the WoW secrets. Popular guy, good choice.

We were loaded down with information about the new raid, dungeons, zones, islands, mounts and more. And we got pictures and movies. I want to know what will happen in the story and how will we get there.

They could, at least, have given him a chair.

I think that central to all of this is that we will get flying. Flying will up the enjoyment of exploring new zones and our old zones. The first thing that I always do is to take a tour, usually a waterfall that I’ve been looking at from the ground for a year.

There is some hesitation on my part about the zeal of “collect them all!”. That made me step back; whether it was legendary status on my neck piece or collecting punch cards for a trinket or a new follower guy who needs 30 levels and stuff. Will this be fun or busy work?

8.2 appears to be loaded with content. It is not quite a whole new expansion but there is a lot. Revamped zones are okay to a point but we will get all new stuff with new artwork.

Exciting times! Someday. Maybe a few months from now. Woo hoo!