Wowhead Steps Up

“Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.”

Zora Neale Hurston

Wowhead Steps Up

We all are using the blog format. You and me and Icy Veins and MMO Champs and Blizzard Watch. There is plenty of customization in that format but it will always put the most recent post at the top.

This means that the good stuff can get buried in weeks or months past; things you want to know later or now. We’ve seen data-mining on BfA for a very long time.

Wowhead’s massive interface at the top of their pages is daunting. If you really want to find something, you have to root through all of their links and guess at what they meant by a title. But, it is there.

And, they have improved. Things that used to really annoy me like advertisements with loud sounds popping up after I’ve been on a page for ten minutes seem to be less if not gone. The pages don’t stall as much and reload. You do have to reload a page if you want to copy something to paste. It is a very busy page with a ton of code.

What once was a place to go and read comments on items, it has shifted to over-all resource service and they’ve brought in some player/writers that are very good.

I liked How to Play Your Class in the BfA 8.0 Pre-Patch. That is worth bookmarking to read again once I’m knee deep in adapting my class.

Wow Economy writes for Wowhead and also used it’s sister site on Reddit. I bookmarked BfA Gathering Professions, Skill ranks and how to get them. This is one of those articles I was afraid would be lost and buried in the past.

There is no getting around the blog format. And that is okay, we return to see the latest news. But, I think, Wowhead has done a great job of tracking it’s work; you simply have to know what you are looking for!


Can’t Find Spell Power

“The moment a man begins to talk about technique that’s proof that he is fresh out of ideas.”
Raymond Chandler

Can’t Find Spell Power

While we are all eagerly waiting on the patch notes for 8.0 (probably Monday), there are changes being published in class balancing.

I’m not a math guy in WoW. I could be, I have the head for it. Shying away from that area feels obvious, still one can get curious.

Reading notes like these brings wonder at the final numbers. How do I find my Spell Power?

  • Swiftmend Instantly heals a friendly target for (210) 240% of Spell power).
  • Lifebloom Heals the target for (120) 135% of Spell power) over 15 sec. When Lifebloom expires or is dispelled, the target is instantly healed for (80% of Spell power). Limit 1.

It must be on my weapon.


Nope, I don’t see Spell Power there.

Maybe it is in my stats listing.


I don’t see it there either. Why would they post very specific information but not let us read the modifier in Spell Power?

Did I ask this before and it got blissfully lost in my head? Where am I?

Pre-Patch: July 17th

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.”
Lao Tzu

Pre-Patch: July 17th.

Right on time, eh?

When writing about not trusting Blizzard it is always in the context of game play. Will the classes be balanced and will each player have a fair chance to be invited to the ball. Or, can we trust them to design flex raiding because they have yet to accomplish that.

In all other areas, Blizzard is trusted. They make a good game. It is totally fine if they make Drums of Fury from WoD go gray (they have not yet), if it is discovered to be the case in this pre-patch then I am a-okay with that. They don’t have to announce those things, we like discovering undocumented changes.

On Tuesday, we’ll see all of our anticipated changes and this will be our new way of life in Battle for Azeroth. I like stat squish. I like the re-shuffling of our talent tree. I am curious about the new community chat systems. I dread the dreary GCD.

Besides flicking our Alts to check them out, there won’t be a whole lot to do. Our Main will go see the new quests. With gold missions gone, our Alts are done and parked for months. No need to do World Quests at all. Perhaps this is best time to take a break from WoW really.

One might be amused that they are offering to gear us up for BfA in the new PvP War Zones. That is some bait that I will not take, though I will toggle it on to check it out for twenty minutes.

The guess is that each week at Reset, we’ll get a new quest to take our story forward. How will we feel; the expectation is a rabid hatred for the other faction and we doubt that they can squeeze that emotion out of us or into us.

The AP whip burned some of us out in Legion. Time to go fly a kite or read a book and get out of Azeroth for a bit, I think.




Alunaria’s Toy Challenge

“The biggest challenge is to stay focused. It’s to have the discipline when there are so many competing things.”
Alexa Hirschfeld

Alunaria’s Toy Challenge

Inspiration and dedication today comes from Alunaria and the Let’s Get Crazy: World of Warcraft Toy Combinations + Toy Challenge.

How much can you get going at once?

It IS a challenge. Toy effects can go pretty quickly. You can layer transformation on top and again on top of other transformations. Some toys will color your screen.

I’ve tried doing this for a few days because once you blow your cooldowns, you have to wait a while to try again.

Here is my first attempt:


While it was really fun to parachute in, I couldn’t cast Mylune’s Call in time. So, I had to change everything!

I have three screen shots. The first is the mayhem, the second is settling down and the third is even more settling down.

Here are my Instant Toys.

/cast Ruthers' Harness
/cast Slightly-Chewed Insult Book
/cast Spirit of Bashiok
/cast Stackable Stag
/cast Sylvanas' Music Box
/use Pilfered Sweeper
/use Vrykul Drinking Horn
/cast Chalice of the Mountain Kings
/cast Pandaren Firework Launcher
/cast Pendant of the Scarab Storm
/cast Power Converter
/cast Personal Hologram
/cst Pretty Draenor Pearl
/cast Prismatic Bauble
/cast Kalytha's Haunted Locket
/cast Titanium Seal of Dalaran
/cast Katy's Stampwhistle
/cast Adopted Puppy Crate
/cast Angry Beehive
/cast Arrival of the Naaru
/cast Honorary Brewmaster Keg
/cast Doomsayer's Robes
/cast Faintly Glowing Flagon of Mead
/cast Flaming Hoop
/cast Hozen Beach Ball
/cast Kaldorei Wind Chimes
/cast Soul Evacuation Crystal
/cast Touch of the Naaru
/cast Lao Chin's Last Mug
/cast Blazing Wings
/cast Bom'bay's Color-Seein' Sauce
/cast Bubble Wand
/cast Chef's Hat
/cast Copy of Daglop's Contract
/cast Darkmoon Whistle

Here are the toys on the ground that need to be channeled to use:
Brewfest Keg Pony
Brewfest Pony Keg
Darkmoon Seesaw
Katy’s Stampwhistle
Jin Warmkeg’s Brew
Nat’s Fishing Chair
Never Ending Toy Chest
Romantic Picnic Basket
Star Chart
Sturdy Love Fool
Wand of Simulated Life
Trans-Dimensional Bird Whistle
Whitewater Carp
Mylune’s Call
Ogre Pinata

I could have done more, the list is very long but I chose the above to face the challenge and to make a fun screenshot.

I did not fit in Akazamzarak’s Spare Hat, Arcano-Shower, Champion’s Salute, Little Wickerman, MOLL-E, Mushroom Chair and more. And, I am not sure that I saw the Chef’s Hat on my head, maybe that one is channeled?

Anyways, it was fun and it was a true challenge!




Guild Event #4

“The general knowledge of time on the island depends, curiously enough, on the direction of the wind.”
John Millington Synge

Guild Event #4

Our goofy guild is hosting a series of events in game. Things like make a level one and run to Booty Bay or jump off of a high place and hit a raid marker. They are fun.

This week’s challenge is a screen shot challenge. The rules are so long that I fear people won’t participate. We will be judged on concept and tmog; however, bonus points for using your event toon, a lowbie holy pally and so much more.

The game master even told us that he was bringing in a graphic designer to judge our work. We are allowed a Title and a Caption, all have to be very few words. My initial idea was to use symbolism but I’d have explain that and I’d never have a chance.

So: here is my entry.


It is my lowbie holy pally in front of Light’s Hope Chapel.

Title: Nerf Outrage
Caption: arte et marte

I know I’m cheating by using Latin! It means “by skill and by honor”.

What I won’t tell them, unless they ask, is that it is my serene toon on the right and the angry avatar is Blightbreath with Narcissa’s Mirror and a magical biscuit. I had to wait and wait for him/her to spew and then again for a good shot. Which was the fun part!

Hydrocore – The Disappointed

“It is foolish to pretend that one is fully recovered from a disappointed passion. Such wounds always leave a scar.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Hydrocore – The Disappointed

Hydrocore is a nasty little crafting reagent only available off of the final boss in a Mythic dungeon.

This is exactly the thing that we were complaining about in Legion.

A tailor will need fifteen(!) of these things just to craft a pair of pants.

The new 32 slot bag will need three at rank one but eventually (only) one at rank three. The new bags will be precious indeed.

And, you need one to craft the Mystical Cauldron, which thankfully continues to be bind on account. This is a consumable!

If my main is raiding, lets say in the excitement of a new expansion, four nights a week; my alchemist alt has to run four mythic dungeons a week. Plus four daily cooldowns to transmute Expulsom, another crafting reagent.

Really, it is a-okay with me to play my alt to level up alchemy, gain the rep and learn the recipes. I am disappointed that my alchemist is trapped into running the same content over and over to farm a single item.

Crappy design, crappy game play.

Reading Around WoW

“If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life.”
Oscar Wilde

Reading Around WoW

I’m a bit burned out on WoW. Torn between enjoying the big ramp up of our Artifact Weapon every day and yearning for the pre-patch when there are some bread crumb quests for story and then, nothing. Sweet nothing.

Burn out clues are when one shrugs off things that may have been on the to-do list.

Though our guild is still doing a weekly Event where we have challenges that are in game but not game play. This week’s challenge is to do a screenshot with a theme and I know I suck at screenshots! Even worse, I can’t believe I did this, I questioned who would be judging the screenshots and reminding all that I have a Masters in Fine Arts. So, ugh, now I feel pressure to do something cool or funny or epic and I’m, as usual, clueless.

I am eagerly reading all of the blogs on my list and visiting MMO Champs and Wowhead everyday for the news of changes. I pretty much skip the zone tours or hints at quest lines, I want to know about game play like XP changes or Azerite traits and to read, again, about all the nerfs to my class.

One little bit out of Wowhead has proven to be excellent and valuable. Method Q&A. I think I should go back and read past entries.

The Method guys are very informed and know “what it means” when changes happen. As far as I can tell, they are the only informed voice out there that has an understanding of what is going on in BfA, even to the philosophical level.

Here is a paragraph sample:
The first is that Blizzard simply doesn’t want to deal with the headache that gear swapping creates. When players have the ability to tailor their gear to each trash pull or boss fight, it opens up nearly endless possibilities that Blizzard has to account for. Do you balance a boss around the assumption that all players are using defensive trinkets? How much avoidance do you assume each player has — 0%? 5%? 20%? If you lock gear, you can assume that players will opt for well-rounded rather than ultra-specialized, and that makes it a lot easier for Blizzard to be confident that it knows what to expect from the players.

This writer accepts the change and the situation without cries of outrage. Explains the motivation behind the gear lock. Anticipates how we players will assign our gear and so, it becomes advice for a novice like myself.

Good stuff.