Settling into 8.3

“With every choice, you become more my servant.”
N’Zoth the Corruptor

Settling into 8.3

Today is the third day of the patch. The burden is much less with only a few dailies in each of the corrupted zones. I read that there are minor and major assault zones with different lengths of time up. At this point, I think I am “caught up” in quotes.

The book with the cooking recipes drop from the N’zoth Cultists. I have killed a bunch of those bozos. The bet is on next week when the other professions start but, even so, I got two new mace recipes from the engineering trainer.

Since things have settled a little bit, I tried fishing for the new materials. In the Vale, I fished by the raid entrance. The breathing noises are just too creepy! At Uldum, you can fish right off of the dam area near the FP and it is nice and quiet. That is where you’ll find me.

The BoE drops (I think it is called Black Empire set?) look pretty good on my alts:


Here is the shoulder and chest piece on my baby druid. That creepy eye does not move, thank Elune!


Here is the head piece on my hunter.

The good people in /general have been announcing rares and they are worth the kill. I got several AP shots at 500 each. My neck is at 72 now, so that feels like an improvement.

It is mid-afternoon and I think I’ll take some time off from WoW. Relax. Have a bowl of chips or something.

8.3: Fill that Bar!

“Finishing a good book is like leaving a good friend.”
William Feather

8.3: Fill that Bar!

The opening questline is a monster! With lots of monsters too. It took me hours, maybe five, and I don’t know if I am done yet. I got the cloak at the end of last night (played two hours in the afternoon and then two more in the evening) and then this morning began up again working out of the Chamber of the Heart.

It was great to see guildies on again. Many said, and I agree, that the lull was welcome but it was good to be back and see each other. That was part of why it took me so long, I’d start visiting and then wonder where I was supposed to be next.

What fun! It is so long that I am sure I missed a bunch of important things yet traveling to the different places and doing these odd things was very entertaining. Well done. It could be a game in itself.

Yeah, I died. I’m at 435 ilevel, I wonder if the mobs scale to me. Putting a freshy in that circumstance would be painful. Perhaps it is time to farm some elixirs and potions to ease the pain.

I can’t tinker a glider onto the legendary cape. It is more of the phasing out of things, I’m sure. We’ll lose WoD drums and glider kits next. Along with the water strider changes, we are seeing how the next expansion will play out, I betcha.

For me, personally, it will take a while to get used to corruption. I don’t like it and I’m not supposed to like it. When the screen tells me I am corrupted, I feel like giving up in despair. And: it is another bar to track along with my health and cooldowns, it is busy.

There were several laugh-at-me moments. One of my favorites was that I had to push this statue to open a door. So, I pushed the statue up the stairs (to the wrong door). I thought the weight of the statue would crash the door open. But, I pushed it through the door and then could not reach it. Out the instance to reset and try again! That mistake made me laugh a lot. Up the stairs, another push, I thought I had it.

The AP bar is back. I’m at 71. Getting a paragon cache turn-in will really move that bar.

The new assaults have a fill-the-bar. Doing the related quests will fill the bar pretty good. I started, foolishly, on the bar and began killing mobs for one point at a time. That is not the way to do it!

And, I don’t know if I am done with the massive opening questlines. So, I worry some but not too much. I have two pieces of gear with the corruption components embedded into them, as far as ilevel they are equal to what I have and I am unsure whether to use them!

Okay, gotta go back and do some more stuff. Wish me luck!


Corrupted Engineering

“Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.”
Scott Adams

Corrupted Engineering

Holy Toledo! I dived (dove?) into Wowhead to see what is what with the new patch. After the fair warnings of clever bloggers, I was shielded for the worse. But, wow — you need an engineering degree to understand this complicated system.

The first clue, Watson, of the high level of mathematical mechanics involved in this new system is the two hour opening quest line. It will take that long to explain to us how all of this corruption and cleansing works, mixed in with some story things to keep us involved and patient.

Then the assaults or invasions that will be our new life-style. Eventually we will be master corruption players, maybe? We’ve seen the risk/reward thing coming with the gear out of that two-boss raid. Once introduced in that raid, we should be savvy to the new idea that you don’t simply win rewards for your efforts.

And then we will go deeper. If I read that right, there will be nine weapons that you can want and maybe only one for healers (haste buff).

I’ll admit that while I was chewing on these explanations and seeing that Wowhead has had to make full on guides for each different thing, that my mind drifted off to unicorns and lollipops and butterflies and Captain and Tennille songs. I don’t want to do math!

But, I do want to jump in and try the system. If it is built well, we will understand what is what and how to do the thing with the things. One thing that I think I think is that we live in a new WoW; we won’t have titan-forged pieces but we also never get to the point where we have the heroic raid on farm and we are zipping through it hoping for that piece.

It should be fun. It is a big patch and probably our last one. Seeing this in January and one imagines that the next expansion is in September, it might take me eight months to understand the game!

Isn’t it cute? He uses the Synth to make little muskrat love sounds. Darling!

Back to Retail: WoW

“Mechanization best serves mediocrity.”
Frank Lloyd Wright

Back to Retail: WoW

The next patch is about a week away. I’ve done very little reading on it. The loss of two raid teams and a guild that is down to only a few actives was quite a blow. Time in Classic was okay, I’m rich and have played the feral druid and hunter. So, today I decided it was time to come back to Retail.

Can’t we have a better name that Retail? There is nothing whimsical at all about a name like Retail.

I will report that it was very relaxed. Influenced by Classic, I think, there was no frown to walk from the bank to the mailbox in Boralus Harbor. Instant mail was a blessing. The pressure to fill the bar was/is gone. Thank Elune!

There will be new pets in Uldum. So, visiting a trainer to continue to level up those in my stable is back on my to-do list.


Alts camped in the garrison continue to earn tmog stuff from the mission table. That is always satisfying.



You can also earn the rep tokens in the garrison. The AH price tag is 5100g. I’ve saved them up for some sad new player who never did WoD. No hurry.


The popcorn kernel stuck in the teeth is still there! I did the Mechagon daily to earn the spare crate because those are needed for the raiding feasts. It was quick and painless but a horrible recipe material gated by a daily. Perhaps, I doubt it, I am strong enough now to solo and grind mats but that is defeating to my fanciful heart.

The nice thing about WoW is that everything is right where you left it. My bank is still loaded with crafting mats. My characters have patiently waited in their spots. I did the Darkmoon Faire for the profession five-point bump and looked around wondering if that was always there or is that new; of course it was not new: I had fresh eyes for the game.

Classic Threat Meter

“I still feel like I’ve crashed the party.”
Renee Zellweger

Classic Threat Meter

Wowhead gives us a notice to update your threat meters in Classic.


It is a small thing but handy for hunters. Sort of. The threat can switch to you in an instant, perhaps from a critical hit and, more often if you are engaged with a higher level mob. So, you can’t really ride the meter, if that makes sense.

The configuration panel lets you click a box so that the meter is gone when out of combat, which is a relief! Because the meter is constantly changing and updating while in combat, you find yourself watching it instead of the game in front of you.

I doubt that I’ll keep it. It would be important if I were doing group play. And, I pretty much know what my pet is doing now that I’ve played for a few months. Obviously this is useless for solo play without a pet, of course you have the threat!

Iron Forge Holiday

I think for a lot of people it’s still kind of important even in a very non-serious way.”
Kristen Stewart

Iron Forge Holiday

Happy days! There is something new for this holiday and it is a sleigh ride.


Take a magical sleigh ride with your friends over Orgrimmar or Ironforge! Don’t forget to take a S.E.L.F.I.E. to preserve the moment!

The selfie camera toy doesn’t work. If you zoom in too close your character will fade away.

But I had fun with it. You can ride the sleigh or the reindeer! I’ll admit to riding around many times for the fun of it.

Try it, take a free ride around the city.


Gold and Lull

“Lies, damned lies, and statistics”
Mark Twain

Gold and Lull

Here we are in early December and it is lull time. Our gatherings for raids have stopped and there is only one guy I talk to once or twice a week on Discord, usually about movies.

And that is fine. It is nice to ease back some (or a lot, really) and dither about in Azeroth. I’m following the news and see that the AH mount won’t be available in the next expansion. I bought mine around October 3rd, 2018. It is great to have as a mount. Thinking back over the last year, the most fun has been giving people rides. Everyone likes a ride on this huge beast.

Classic has slowed down for me too. A friend said, “the closer you get, the farther you are” meaning that the upper levels take a long time to get.

And I don’t always want to quest but I always like making some gold when I’m waking up in the morning over coffee.


Wrathsome is my bank alt and does the leg work. My other toons get some chump change to carry about.

It is little bits and pieces that add up a lot. Fishing for stonescale eel and also fishing for the mithril trunks give stacks of things that really sell.


So, at this moment, my characters are very well geared but not doing a whole lot.

Relax in Azeroth, that’s my motto!