The Week Ends on Monday

“The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.”
Henry Miller

The Week Ends on Monday

The other day I got up early, it was dark outside like the whole world was still asleep. Logging into WoW and farming keeps me entertained while I think of what to do for the day and other lofty thoughts.

After farming, let’s decide to take a boat ride even though I had all of the jump-about cooldowns ready to go. The time spent on the artwork and animation in WoW is under-appreciated by me. They do good work, I tell ya.


Dailies in Uldum find me smashing bugs in flight form. Did our weapons used to show or not? They do now and look cool.


The toy from Killsaw is still the best toy ever. I have it macro’d to my hearthstone so that it is up a lot but not all of the time. Someone turned me into a turkey!

And that toy still shines.

A screen shot cannot do it justice, those blades are spinning and sparks are flying!



It is no spoiler that the bug mount quest line is over. I finished today, just like everyone else. It meets expectations.


The /mountspecial command has the flying bug land and skitter about on the ground in several directions and then returning to hovering above the ground.


All in all, a good week. Collecting Momentos is the hurdle to the point where I’ll stay in the vision daily after the mission is complete to kill the named mobs for extra momentos, even one coin at a time.

Our raid last night hit a bad patch. We only had two healers and after trying and failing on the one where the dragon flies over-head, we then tried Ra-Den and failed. We need more manpower and my raid leader simply called it.

Gone are the days when we’d throw ourselves at a boss until the raid knew every nuance of the mechanics and we’d eek by. He just called it a night hoping that we’ll have more players next week. We were 2/2/8 and I think that we should have been able to do if it were tuned for small groups but Blizz don’t do that no more.

A Good Week in WoW

“Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it’s set a rolling it must increase.”
Charles Caleb Colton

A Good Week in WoW

I know that it is only Thursday. The last two days brought in some good stuff. I feel progress. Of course I am doing the assaults but I am selective on the daily chores in the new zones, a few are only time-killers.

Lets try to recap:

  • Revered with both new factions and buying the essences offered.
  • Heroic Darkshore was tough with only ten people and it took an hour. But we won and I got 360 gloves.
  • The engineering profession forge completed last night. A 365 healing helm looks pretty good.
  • Rank 10 on my cape! It wasn’t until last week that I learned that there was a weekly advancement. Being “caught up” feels very good.
  • I picked up a pair of boots with a crit corruption (15 corruption). Now I have slightly corrupted all of the time but that is the game.

Raid last night, first night, saw seven bosses go down. One-shots and feeling sassy, everyone was chatting and laughing. This is really good.

Some players are running with high corruption. It is a risk/reward thing and, I think, people are still trying the system out. The bigger output from the corrupted pieces has its allure and I can see that. As a healer, I’m being a little more conservative right now.


Gear swapping is a thing as I mentioned before. Not only do I have Azerite sets for heals and dps but I have my back-up mace and boots and a couple of trinkets that I take long looks at.


For me, the daily Mechagon is a must for the spare crate. I really don’t think that the feast is much and that we could do with out, but it makes people feel better to have the buff.

However, I am collecting a ton of stuff that I’m not using. A trip to that big robot thing to look at the recipes might be in order but I think that it might be too late; the advantages will be too small now: maybe.


The new pet from our daily stuff in Uldum is level 25. Paired with Drafty, these two can put up a cyclone each for pvp pet battles. Using the puddle guy who heals a ton with Dive as an escape is the place holder while the cyclones run. It is fun but I am only one for two in wins. The queue time for pet battles is pretty bad right now.

Revered in Uldum and you can buy a Pygmy Camel. He’s cute.


Gear Swapping in Patch 8.3

“If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.”
Theodore Roosevelt

Gear Swapping in Patch 8.3

I hate it. I’ve never done it before. Now I have a DPS set of Azerite gear and a Healing set. With Elune’s Luck, I will remember to swap over when I am to heal for a raid.

I have a mace with Void Ritual and a ring with Racing Heart(?), the big haste buff. I can swap around these because I have the back-up equivalent that is non-corrupted in my bags.

Yesterday I began getting nervous and looked into the guides. 8.3 brought some changes and my best weapon enchant is different; after a year of Masterful Navigation it is something called Machinist’s Something-Or-Other. So, more than I wanted or expected. It cost 3200 gold and I didn’t buy it.

The guides conflict with advice. I’m a fan of Questionably Epic and, of course, Wowhead is a pretty reliable source. And then I have the bozos in my raid who know everything about everything and are simply FULL of advice on how I should play.

So, now I’m using the Humming Black Dragonscale trinket.

This is something that I won but was told that the EP one was better and, dammit, I’m using my new trinket and it has wings which make me super happy.


The visual is glowing dragon-wings! Getting a screenie is hard because the start bright but then flap (I guess) and get fainter and fainter while still providing the juice.


The slow fall is now “on use” and in my action bar. This is awesome, I expected so many things but it gives me wings and slow fall and looks terrific.


Of course, if you proc and run, you’ll see it on your stag form or tree form.


And it is new to me. I could have simply used my “on use” slow fall to get them to proc for a screen shot. Trust me, I like them!


Listing to the Lee Side in WoW

“Instead of needing lots of children, we need high-quality children.”
Margaret Mead

Listing to the Lee Side in WoW

There is a lot to do in WoW with patch 8.3 and a lot of people are playing, which is a relief and really good.

The Darkmoon Faire has a new arcade. Last Chapter Guild has a nice overview with screen shots. I spent some time over there as my hunter still likes the five profession points every month. I was in the neighborhood!


Our raid team downed five bosses on the first night of raiding yesterday. I won the trinket with the wings and was excited. However, those-that-know told me that my trinket from EP was much better even with a lower ilevel. Some even said that a lot of the EP trinkets were better than the current raid’s gear.

I’ll confess that it took me about twenty seconds to figure out that EP meant Eternal Palace.

I am going with the corrupted ring that gives me almost double haste. I tried it on the test dummy and it proc’d often. Last night in the raid, I didn’t see it proc off of my healing at all: so I am worried. Sure, I was very busy in the raid and may have missed it. One needs Warcraft Logs to track the buff and I don’t have that. So …

I fed the bug until I got the pet in Uldum! Now I have a whistle to bring him along on my dailies for ten minutes. Today was the first day and I was done and he was gone in about three minutes.

This pet has a spell called Void Cyclone. I’m looking forward to leveling this pet up for pvp pet battles. Pairing that spell with Drafty’s cyclone spell, for example, would pretty much ruin the back line. Get those going and switching to a health-giving pet should be pretty strong.

Horrific Visions.

Well, I have to do them. My cape is at 8 right now. It irks me to need to carry an extra set of gear to do this, I don’t want to reforge every time. So far I have a helm and will wait for the emissary to give me gear to make azerite-damage choices.

I’ve put off learning Balance. I don’t want to play it really but I have to for Assaults and HV and more. So, ack, I suppose I should look at a guide. My friends are carrying me and I can’t abide that. There is not enough damage taken in HV to justify a healer.

That being said, I AM feeling a bit of a bad ass in my dps spec, balance. Maybe its my upgrades but I solo’d Mr. Fixit in Mechagon today and survived. Whoa!



The World of Warcraft: LFR

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”
Winston Churchill

The World of Warcraft: LFR

The new wing opened on the Looking For Raid version and I did it. Pleased that my hunter had enough ilevel to enter, he went first.


This is Day One of the new wing and the wait time was rough. Because I had been through these on Normal, I thought I’d have an edge or advice for the other players. But, in general, everyone was savvy and smart.

Yes, some early wipes but even those saw people surviving long enough to learn the mechanics. In all, I had a good time.

My healer went in the evening. It took about two hours, which I’d guess is okay. You can not bull rush through this, the trash packs are the worse. At this point in the World of Warcraft, I merely accept it as life in the game — it is too hard to roll through it.

But for the onerous wait time, forty minutes is not reasonable, it went well. Oh, my healer only waited about two minutes.

This morning was a milestone moment, my neck piece dinged 75 and now has three minor essences in play!

I had a lot of fun anticipating it and spent some time planning which essences to use. Because my healer HAS to play a dps role to do quests and the Horrific Visions, I could play with two versions of my minor essences.

Thank Elune that the essences can swap with your spec. I wish it were true with the armor bonus stuff (yikes, maybe it does now but it didn’t used to). Running as dps with no azerite bonus sucks.

In all, a very good day in WoW. And: we raid tonight!


Swept Wing One

“Too much sanity may be madness and the maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be.”
Miguel de Cervantes

Swept Wing One

Our raid team did manage to meet again for our Sunday night. We cleared the next two bosses and got the achievement.


It used to be a measure to see if we could keep ahead of the LFR releases. And we did it again this time. But, I don’t have much faith that we will sustain it. Time will tell.

The trash should no longer be called trash. These mobs have boss skills that you’d not guess at by looking at them. Many are immune to crowd control spells and hit like a boulder rolled from a mountain. And: zero BoE drops, maybe in the later wings.

I don’t know if it is good design to have these in-between groups of enemies to be so powerful. The high HP is okay, it is the mysterious spells that we have to learn about that wipes us and that doesn’t feel right. I’m still of the mind-set of old where we celebrate our boss kills while we steam-roll the trash!

The LFR version drops tomorrow and I’ll be the first in line. Barring the trash, I think that it will be a fun run with a large group of people!

One Boss Down

“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.”
William Shakespeare

One Boss Down

I failed badly today. I failed at a Horrific Vision with the high cost of the 10,000 currency. I failed at the Vision Daily because I completely missed that they put a potion in my bags. Imagine trying to Google the answer inside one of those things knowing that you are getting pummeled with corruption.

Soldier on, little warrior.

We raided last night! We fielded twelve players, several who had not played in months. It was slow going but we downed the first boss after five tries. No loot for me, but the other healer got a trinket that shows wings which I really want now. We all want wings, secretly inside our dream chests.

The first fight was a fun fight on Normal. We had to learn the three or four mechanics. It did not feel like it was a mechanic heavy fight; more like a simple execution fight. As always, the art work was great and the RP speech was fun to listen to.

We all got the Achievement.


The second boss is a choice of two. We chose Maut. We did not kill him but made good progress. The tanks have special jobs in this fight, the healers get special mana buffs and the dps has to learn the dance like everyone else.

We simply ran out of time. A lot of our raid night was chatting. It had been a long time since we’d grouped up. Some players did class switching, like from mage to hunter. Everyone is still smarting from “bring the class” I think.

Will Sunday bring our twelve back? I don’t know but I sure hope so! If not, I will be happy running the LFR or even joining some pugs. The trick is to do it this week while everyone is learning the fights on the servers but I feel duty-bound to wait until Sunday. Ever so the challenges when playing the World of Warcraft.