Playing Goals

“A problem is a chance for you to do your best.”
Duke Ellington

Playing Goals

Loving all the bloggers for WoW and seeing all the different ways that players enjoy the game; I find that my playstyle is as different as everyone else’s. This surely reflects the breadth and width of this very big game.

Gold Sink.
I bought the Travelling Tundra Mammoth early in WotLK and the Reforging Yak on the very first day of Pandaria. I skipped the expensive spider because it had status but no function. I have the AH Bronto and so that expansion goal is met.

My Alchemist/Inscriptionist alt still needs revered with the Court of Embers in Drustvar. This is a bit slow going.
My Miner/Herbalist is a low 112. It turns out that many of the higher ranking skills are earned over on the Horde zones which do not scale down to me. They remain 120. So, I need to level this guy up.
Herbalism/Engineering is my Main. Part of leveling is to make these bombs that create sheep that turn the mobs into cows, polymorph. Having only used this once, on the trash in Uldir — I want many more of these bombs.

Still 6/8 on Normal. That seventh boss is a visual nightmare! We’ll get it. One’s pride hopes that we’d down the full raid before the LFR opened the final wing, but I don’t think so!

Siege of Boralus
This is the last dungeon to unlock for me. I now have the quest and can finish the final chapters on Jaina’s story. I’m stoked.

Pets and Mounts
Candidly, I’m a bit weary of mounts. I’ve collected so many but never ride but a few. Pets I will still invest my time in. Patch 8.1 should open a pet dungeon, that will be fun.

Well. I’ve gotten the sure bets. The randomness of drops in warfronts and islands is simply what it is.

See? Pretty different than most people but we all play our own way. I like it.


Raidtron 1000

“Don’t find fault, find a remedy.”
Henry Ford

Raidtron 1000

Continuing with the Suggestion Box; lets suggest the Raidtron 1000.

  • Ten minute cool down.
  • Repairs.
  • Bonus Roll vendor.
  • Portal a la Warlocks

We’ve heard the designers say that one problem can be making something so great that it spans expansions. Jeeves was their example. I think that it only proves that there is a true need for repair bots scattered through out raids and dungeons.

One is encouraged at the repair guy at the beginning of this current raid.

It is a fun idea and would give something for engineers; though our best guess is that the expansion is “locked” on new things.

The Suggestion Box is a tool, lets use it!

The small-step work improvement approach was developed in the USA under Training Within Industry program (TWI Job Methods). Instead of encouraging large, radical changes to achieve desired goals, these methods recommended that organizations introduce small improvements, preferably ones that could be implemented on the same day. The major reason was that during WWII there was neither time nor resources for large and innovative changes in the production of war equipment. The essence of the approach came down to improving the use of the existing workforce and technologies.


By Blizzard’s Bronto Betrayed

“Betrayal is the only truth that sticks.”
Arthur Miller

By Blizzard’s Bronto Betrayed

I finally got exalted with Proudmoore Admiralty and scooted down to the vendor to buy the AH Bronto. My expectation was four million gold, discounted from five by the reputation. This had been data-mined.

The joke was on me. The discount never made it to live. I can’t imagine why; perhaps greed or stupidity. The rep discount was a reasonable choice.

I did laugh at myself for not having confirmed the price on live.

Thinking about buying it anyway. You might think that it is a lot of gold and it is; but big bunches of it has sat on garrison alts for two years since the Great Gold Rush of Dreanor.

So, why not dump it?

It is something that I want, but it will leave me broke, broke, broke.

Healing Normal Zul

“If only we’d stop trying to be happy we’d have a pretty good time.”
Edith Warton

Healing Normal Zul

After clearing an astonishing  number of trash mobs, your raid team can finally take on Zul.

It is a two phase fight with the second triggered at 40 percent. That said, the second phase is with Heroism and much quicker and more chaotic.

For healers, phase one is stand in the middle and stack. The tanks and the dps will be running out of the middle to deal with the Hex guys and to drop off tank-stacked burdens outside of the group.

For Resto-Druid this means Spring Blossoms and making sure to have rejuvenation on the melee dps, wild growth off of cooldown and simply run a constant rotation. Feel free to use tranquility early. I use Innervate and Big Tree mid-phase one and hope to have it at the perilous ending phase. The main tank will be the one dropping his stacks and will want bark and cenarion’s ward.

Phase two can feel like a nightmare. Now you don’t stack as to avoid too many getting feared. Several players will get mind-controlled and will woodenly walk to the edge of the platform and suicide — unless you save them with a dispel! This wants to be done at the last moment as they do AoE damage. Now the circle seems huge as players can get out of range.

Our experiences have been to barely make the kill. After the meticulous phase one and the need to learn the tasks (four or five different kinds of adds), phase two is a shock. Having your tranquility ready is a must; put rejuves out and wild growth before using tranquility to get stacked HoTs. I used Flourish off of cooldown with as many HoTs as I could.

Something must be said for the Minions of Zul. Holy Priests can use mass dispel and take care of them, however we must accept that they have extra tasks. These can be halted with entangling roots by Druids but they still have to be dealt with. I believe mages can spell steal from them too.

It is a fun fight and will get cheers when completed. It is also a “learned” fight and I’m afraid that there are too many of these in this raid. Small specific things need to be done that are unique, teaching 18 players their role means early wipes until people “get it”.

As we gear up, these fights will go much quicker and I can only hope that, once learned, that our heroic experience is much smoother.


The Missing Dragons

“Before you is the Cache of the Aspects: Take from it what you will, for you have more than earned the right.”
Alexstrasza the Life Binder

The Missing Dragons

Help me out here, one is prone to missing the obvious.

The dragons all seem to be gone. They are not part of the WoW story any more. I miss them. One of the major elements of what makes a fantasy tale seems to be part of our past.

At the end of Cataclysm we learned that now it would be the Age of Man. Uh oh. Don’t put us in charge, that is a mistake. Man can’t see farther than his nose and certainly can’t play the long game where major pieces come together after centuries of planning.

The Aspects gave us characters that were wise and had knowledge. One was happy to go do a quest at their bidding. Trusting the Life Binder was not a problem and serving a larger goal and uncovering the mystery was fun.

Still having fantasy elements like mages and warlocks, it feels that “our side” is kind of small and lost. Everywhere we go, we leave a mess. Siphoning the blood of the last Titan, Azeroth, for power in the immediate feels like we are being very dangerous with our long term needs.

Faction squabbling feels petty, doesn’t it?

Let’s hope that some dragons come back and we can be pawns for a bigger quest than territory battles. Shut-down Titan facilities from the past, opened and explored is kind of fun but it has to lead to some threat in our future.

That is, unless, I’m missing the obvious. No doubt I am.


BfA: Pet Battles

“The cow is of the bovine ilk; one end is moo, the other milk.”
Ogden Nash

BfA: Pet Battles

I would give this expansion a B grade, well aware that there could be many more pets, dungeons, encounters and quests introduced in future patches. A B grade is pretty good and I’m enjoying myself.

As far as progress goes, I’ve bought all the pets from Nigel Rifthold. I’m just beginning to go down the list from the vendor in Stormsong. Hidden Battle Pets and Vendors in BfA is my go-to list to find the missing.

The World Quest pet battles are very good. I’d say that 80% of them can be won with an AoE team (Drafty, Blightbreath, Jademist Dancer is my team). Then we have some fun clever ones. The bees that sting themselves and die is a stand out but there are several that surprise you or make you chuckle.

So, why a B instead of an A?

There are no special pets like Egbert, Stinker, Boneshard or Brightpaw. No Stardust or an oozling that turns you green, nothing quite notable. Sure there are cute; the mummy and François and the crimson frog that catches flies — but nothing to really want to go get. Remember the Sunflower pet when it was new? We need another Nuts that will knock you on the head with an acorn!

Pet Battles is one of the major mini-games in WoW. I’d say that the encounters are very good but the rewards (they are all paid for) seem a little flat and careful.

How are you enjoying the pet battle scene?


Changes in the Wind

“I attempted to fish in Scotland and I managed to hook a dog. It was a horrible moment but the dog turned out to be fine.”
Emily Blunt

Changes in the Wind

I’ve always liked it when directors in movies use the idea of “the winds of change”. We see it upfront in the Mary Poppins movie. It is the flipping point of the twin’s friendship in The Parent Trap. It is also in the El Nino scene of The Holiday. Every now and then, when I see it; it feels good to know that directors are still using old ideas to communicate.

Here in WoW, it isn’t so windy. This confession is that I’m losing track of what is hot fixed and what is data-mined for the next patch! I know that Resto-Druids will get a 4% buff to their spells; but when? I’m lost.

The news for today is good news. They are hot-fixing the amount you receive when you pick Anchor Weed at rank two and three. Will it be enough? The costs on the AH are super high because the weed is so rare. Our passive income is lower and there has to be a balancing of some kind. Let’s hope that Anchor Weed is very abundant.

New expansions are always fun. And part of the fun, for me, is seeing the balancing when live. Hot fixes roll in on classes and quests all of the time. I do worry that a hot fixed quest may be something that I’ve passed and now have missed how it goes.

The crux, pivot and challenge is: will the players be satisfied? We are customers. Will the meal be a good one or a great one? Will the house be comfy or will it creak in the wind? Will our fare be served up with class or will there be a thumb-print in mashed potatoes.