Squirt Alert

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Squirt Alert

I found the Squirt the Wandering schedule on Warcraft Pets. It carries us up to June.

I’ll be looking forward to this April 14th.

Looking around, I found that the old strat was nerfed? That would kind of suck.

I do have a Nightshade Sproutling. It is not S/S, it is P/S and I’m going to have to hope that it works. Getting the first shot in with Blind looks to be important. I might even go back (ugh) to my garden in my garrison this week to try for another breed.

There are other strats on that forum thread. The deal will be learning the strat well enough that it is automatic even if it is a little complicated. The tamer is right there to free health-ups.


Resto on the BfA Alpha

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Dash It All

Today’s date is: April 7, 2018

Hi! I’ll betcha that if you are a Shaman, you are pissed! Don’t blame me that Blizzard can’t be creative enough to give different names to the healing classes. This is about Resto-DRUID! So sorry!

I got the Alpha today and decided to take a peek. We’ve known for a while that Tiger Dash would replace Displacer Beast. We won’t be able to blink over mechanics in raids anymore, which is a shame.


Notable to me is the switching of Germination and Stonebark. Since our Mastery will NOT change and we will continue to click-like-fiends to spread our HoTs over way too many players to be competitive — this will be a welcome change. I’d run with Spring Blossoms and Germination happily.

Like playing a game of Three Card Monte, I was distracted by Hibernate. What I almost didn’t notice is that Dash is gone from the Resto-Druid spell book.


Balance has it.

Feral has it.

Guardian has it.

But it has been nerfed. Who cares, we won’t have it.

Healer Penalty
Taking away Dash from the Healer will be rough on us. Do you know how far it is to run back to some of these bosses after a wipe? Healers are the only ones with Mass Rez, it is our job to run back while everyone pores over their meters and discusses the faults.

I can already feel the humiliation as a Hunter runs past me with Aspect of the Cheetah.

Detritus: Lull Edition

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Detritus: Lull Edition

Dev interviews are up; it seems that MMO Champs, Wowhead and Icy Veins have a little extra information in each report. Maybe I should watch the interviews.

New pet battle world quests will feature in BfA. There will be new quirky things like rescuing pets, chicken hair styles and new abilities. There is also a new type of pet charms with different rewards. As the expansion progresses more pet battle dungeons will be added.

So, my stockpiling of charms won’t go gray. New rewards would be welcome, don’t you think?

The Drop Date is August 14th. I’d imagine pre-patch stuff will be around July 14th. That would give us a month to noodle about and to build some energy. There is still a lot to do in this expansion, though for some, their army marches on.

All in all, I’ve been pretty happy with Legion. The AP grind was too much and over the top and my Alts suffered. In BfA, with one pendant to rule the class it might be easier to swap specs — we’ll be back to the same old, same old problem: the weapon. And trinkets to support our spec.

I’m a sucker for this trap: at the end of an expansion, when we’ve been in that last raid forever; I think that I could dual-spec healer and tank in the next expansion. Then, when actually in the next expansion, the raids come fast enough that I’m locked into maintaining one spec to stay strong enough to play the progression.

I’d like to enjoy my power for a while. I’m strong and not slinking about. It is the earned reward of playing Legion. Though, I have to say, my mission board is for gold only these days. I still want the Moose from High Mountain but that will arrive some day.

Both of my raid teams are deep into Heroic. We reach the Exhaust every week now and sometimes have the time to move farther. Having a set team and a pug team offers plenty of spice to the experience.

My guild master is calling it a Betrayal. With the new Allied Races and their uber-strong racials, players are switching over for new mains. This negates days, months, years spent on investing on our mains. The feral druid’s unique looks have been hard-earned. Really, how can Blizzard force us to betray our mains?

300/1000 wins in pvp pet battles — this is dumb!




Pet Leveling with Alunaria

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Pet Leveling with Alunaria

The terrific blogger Alunaria asks for help in Pet Battlers – A hand, please? In response, she got a very good and thorough response from Wildeheart, who is such a battler that this player has an account on warcraftpets.com

According to Wildeheart, Squirt will be in the menagerie on April 8th! Here is my blog post on Squirt called Pet Leveling Bonanza. You need two pets, the Weebination and the Enchanted Broom, and a Level 3 Garrison in Draenor.

When Squirt is not around, I have my own place to grind levels. This post is called Battle Pet Leveling Again. It is a combo of using the XP of the pet battles to level an Alt with the thought that if I can get in 20 battles in an hour that it is faster than questing.

Charm Farming is when you have Alts to run the charm rewards. I have not been back to the Menagerie since WoD (sorry Alunaria). Still, the rewards are fairly generous in Legion. I sometimes spend my charms on the Mystery Bag (cost: two charms). It sometimes give two instead of one random level boost as you can see here. Six Mystery Bags gave me seven boost tokens, using the charm exchange in volume can yield a lot of levels.



Ask friends! I’m past the need to level pets but I’m still doing it. I’ve gladly traded my level 25 cage-able pet for a level 1. Or simply give them away when asked. It is common in our guild to share pets for specific fights and then mail them back when done. Friends are great.

Probably my worse choice, but I do it all of the time, is to visit all of the Alliance tamers. Starting in the Elwynn Forest and working all the way up to Light’s Hope Chapel. As I recall, a pet can go from one to seventeen on that run. Eventually there will be longish flight paths which is why I enjoy it; I can fold laundry and read blogs. I have the heirloom toy that gives FPs to new Alts. Have a level 25 pet with decoy and slip your lowbie in and out.

There IS an Auction House. Yikes!

Taking on Family Fighter can seem like a massive and daunting project. Focus on one family, like Mechanical, and level up the list from Xu-Fu and then go do those as a reward. Remember to check for their alternate strategies in case you don’t have the pet on the main strategy. And that big list will get smaller and smaller.

Good luck, Alunaria!


Raiding Weekly

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”
Fred Rogers

Raiding Weekly

Last week in raid, we stooped to Dad Jokes. “A three-legged dog walks into a bar. I’m looking for the man who shot my paw.” Players were looking them up and telling bad jokes and falling over laughing. Feeling my foot begin to tap impatiently, it struck me how well our Raid Leader paces us. We downed Heroic Varimathras last night, it was the first time we’d seen him and it took five tries. Finishing in June would be perfect, no?

Noblegarden is this week. I am really liking the two-year cycle with the expansions. I’ve done it and don’t have to go back and if I’d missed it then I’d still have a chance at it. Good stuff!

I use the Twitch/Curse software for my addons. Why, oh why, can’t Microsoft make this simple interface to track and help me update my computer drivers? Hunting and testing each one is really dumb when compared to the nice way my WoW addons update.

I’m enjoying DisturbedDH’s youtube channel for finding some odd bits in WoW. I get so tired of watching a video with ten minutes of stuff for five seconds of information. This one is straight and to the point, he’s even got the Lucid Nightmare run in about fifteen minutes. Pretty good.


Glory of the Argus Raider

“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s a heaven for?”
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Glory of the Argus Raider

How satisfying to get this achievement while it is the current raid. How fun it is to carry players in our guild who have never even seen the fights before! These kind of achieves are easy once learned but tense with the potential of failure during execution; so each one earned is a cheerful relief.


I like that everyone accepts failure as part of the process. We got many on the first try but others took some doing; like the Coven and the Portal guy.

We pugged in players to get enough DPS. Those guys wanted to swap Battle Tags with us to join our next adventures and to play with our mostly cheerful group. If you are not a raider, there are pug groups to join and most groups will be welcoming; it’s a different vibe than trying to kill bosses.


Rollover Currency

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William Butler Yeats

Rollover Currency

It is five or six months until the next expansion. I have a friend in my guild who is on the Alpha. Apparently you can ask to get a key, go to your account maybe? He was describing to me the architecture and posting some screenshots in Discord.

But, that isn’t what I want to know. I want to know if the Pet Charms will still be a currency in the next expansion. I want to know of the Goblin Glider Kits will still be useful along with the Drums of Fury. I want to know about system changes in how we do things.

You can still spend Timeless Coins on pet biscuits, for example. My Garrison from WoD is still churning out resources and spending them on mats. Apexis Crystals, I’ve not found an outlet and the same with the Nethershards. I hope that they remove the cap on Ancient Mana.

We have a guild tab loaded with raiding flasks and pots, I am wondering when to let that empty out. As we’ve powered up, the necessity is less but it IS a comfort for our team to have them. Same with many stacks of feasts, when do I stop manufacturing them?

So, my concern is that we are tasked to collect things and not just mats but currencies. Which will remain viable in the next expansion and which will be meaningless? Man, if my 2000 Pet Charms go gray, I’ll be bummed out!