To Vendor our Artifact Weapon

“A smart manager will establish a culture of gratitude. Expand the appreciative attitude to suppliers, vendors, delivery people, and of course, customers.”
Harvey Mackay

To Vendor our Artifact Weapon

It is going to happen. At some point, probably around level 116, we’ll get a replacement for our Artifact Weapon and, perhaps, very eagerly vendor its burned out husk. Right now there is no vendor price on our artifact.

At what amount should it vendor?

We’ve spent a lot of time on it and I think that it should vendor for one million gold. But that’s not gonna happen.

How about we look at the gold we lost by not having weapons on the loot table; that seems reasonable. Ignoring for the moment quests, world quests and dungeons, we’ll focus on raids.

Emerald Nightmare
I have 56 kills on Xavius in the LFR, 24 kills on Usroc on Normal, 21 kills on Nythendra. I’m choosing the highest number. That is 101 kills and since there are usually two weapons in a raid, lets make it 202. Because of the loot table, we have a 20% chance to get it so: 40 weapons could have been awarded me.

Trial of Valor
Only three bosses, so lets assume one weapon off of Heyla. 30 kills in the LFR, 2 kills in Normal, 3 kills on Heroic. 35 kills at a 20% chance: 7 weapons.

The Nighthold
A ten boss raid, a big one. 36 kills on Gul’dan in the LFR, 23 kills of Gul’dan on Normal, only 8 kills on Heroic Gul’dan but 20 on Trillax, can we find a middle with 12 kills? So: 71 kills and assuming two weapon drops, 142 at a 20% chance: 28 weapons.

Tomb of Sargeras

Nine boss raid, we’ll assume two weapon drops. 17 KJ kills but a whopping 30 on Mistress Sassy, so we’ll middle it at 20 for the LFR. Normal is the same with 15 on KJ and 31 on the good mistress, let’s middle it at 22. Heroic has one KJ kills and six on the Mistress so; how about 3? 45 kills doubled for two weapons is 90 at a 20% chance: 18 weapons.

Antorus, the Burning Throne

As a last raid, it would surely have two different weapon chances. 14 kills on Argus in the LFR, 41 kills on Argus on Normal, 9 kills on Argus on Heroic. So: it would double up to 128 and then down 20% to: 25 weapons.

I’m thinking that the Armory is counting kills even though I might have already done a kill that week; so, we’ll just ignore bonus rolls; if that seems fair.

Add it up.
It looks like, roughly, that I would have been awarded 118 weapons.

Lets make up a number, let us guess that the typical weapon vendors for 84 gold.

Our artifact weapon has cost us 9,912 gold by taking weapons off of the loot table. I’m sure that there are flaws in my thinking and my math but I’ll bet that I’m close.

Do you think that it would be fair that the vendor price on our artifact should be 10,000 gold?

I do!


Sunshine and Gold

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”
Helen Keller

Sunshine and Gold

Last week, my car was in the shop and I spent way too much time at home and playing WoW. I live in the desert and the heat range was around 103 for most of the day. Now my car is back and I’m out and about again. Even sitting on the porch in the morning is a blessing.

I am at 3.9 million gold and I pushed it by selling my stock of hexweave bags and dumping a lot of my herbs and flasks and more. It was a relief to start clearing my bags for a new expansion. Dude, I even did some satchel runs on the LFR.

The WoW Economy guys on WoWhead report that the gold missions in our order halls will be turned off with the pre-patch, just like in WoD. I did not emphasize this part of the game at all during the expansion and still would not except for the wish to own that massive gold sink of a mount!

And, we surely will have gold missions again. Will you optimize your Alts and make a lot of gold in the next expansion? It is tempting but, for me, I’d rather play.

It is with a grim smile that I write this. My blog traffic is rising fast like it did pre-Legion. Players are looking for answers and Icy Veins and MMO Champs is not enough. But, there is not a lot to write about. We are in waiting mode. It is summer. Lets go fly a kite in the park.

And I’m 509/1000 on the pvp pet battle achievement. I want The Trainer title.


Alacrity on the Promenade

“A vision’s just a vision if it’s only in your head
If no one gets to hear it, it’s as good as dead”

Putting it Together

Alacrity on the Promenade

NB: a tip of the topper to Kamalia et alia who inspires us all.

Bit by bit, putting it together.

How about a little character flavor to the tune of musical notes thrilling over your head?

First up, we need the Sonic Environment Enhancer. This is an Legion Engineering recipe.


Now we need some enchanting music. The Songs of Legion enchant (you enchant the SEE with it) is the cheapest recipe and found on the Exodar.


This is not a toy! However, once used it stays with you for 20 minutes and can be re-cast at any time.


Now, let’s enjoy Alacrity, my holy priest, casting Divine Hymn.



My Druid likes it too but he doesn’t have any spell to cast that makes music notes!


Looking About Azeroth

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
Mae West

Looking About Azeroth

I’m still playing!

Our raid team is down to barely ten and we shuffle players around to make a raid composition. One healer went tank and we dragged him through new experiences in heroic raiding. There is talk of saving lock-outs and only doing heroic Argus.

There was a post on MMO Champs about the very (very) low drop rate on Amanthul’s Vision. They tracked for 19 weeks before they gave up too.

We will need to get the team back together once the pre-patch drops. Seeing our new GCD in action with the stat squish will be something, I don’t know what.

Anne Stickney at Blizzard Watch posted a lovely slide show on A very important gallery of things you can and cannot pet in Battle for Azeroth. She is a sharp and funny writer and I enjoyed each slide.

Cymre at Bubbles of Mischief always writes thorough articles; informed and well written. Warfronts: Arathi Highlands – Pet Edition takes us through all of the cool pets to be found in this new zone.

Gnomecore has given us a review on the Christie Golden book: Before the Storm. Thankfully it has been kindly broken up into two parts; an overview of the reading experience and then, later, the spoilers. I’m a-thinking now that I should get this book soon.

My slow grind for gold is daunting. I don’t think I’ll make the gold sink mount by launch but: I’ll keep trying.



Yikes: BfA Global Cooldown

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
Marilyn Monroe

Ack: BfA Global Cooldown

The changes in our GCD is all about antici-


Waiting to push a button, maybe even staring at that button instead of the boss or floor, could make the game more exciting. The use of a spell would be become meaningful and the choice between two spells could add depth to the game.

Yeah, right.

The immediate thought goes to brief encounters like dueling or pvp which has that “get me out of here” spell and it has been used for years to save the day. Like Displacer Beast, perhaps. Or the quick-stack of spells to finish off your victim.

Well, that’s gone. Fights will look very pretty on video but the feeling is that the play-style itself will be clunky; especially to long-time players.

It is hard to imagine, though, the really long fights. Twelve minute raid bosses, fights that you had to learn by practicing over and over. Will there be pride once learned or a well of depressing boredom; the excitement is gone.

New strength from new higher gear won’t release us from a measured rotation.

Early September will find us facing our long raid boss fights. We pray to Elune that the encounter designers have folded in the changes to the Global Cool Down. If they created a quick five-minute fight that turns out to be eight because of the stretching out of our spell use; we could be in for a very long road to end game.

Everyone has to wait to see this Grand Design play out. It seems that every expansion starts us off weak and chunky and that we improve over two years as all of our stuff scales up. One wonders if Haste, our secondary stat, will become our primary concern even though we have been promised that ilevel will trump all considerations.

First impressions are powerful. Let us hope that in two years that our Last Impressions are those of joy and fun and giddy laughter.

I’ve watched a few youtube videos; this one seems pretty good. He talks super fast, so y’gotta pay attention:


BfA Food Changes: Nerf

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.”
W. C. Fields

BfA Food Changes: Nerf

Some of the more useful information to we advancing characters into Battle for Azeroth is Wowhead’s Wow Economy Weekly Wrap-Up. While this excellent sub-site often covers things that I do not care about, it finds many answers to questions that we might have. For example, the loss of work orders in our Draenor garrisons.

Today’s set of articles includes the sad nerf to Bear Tartare and Fighter Chow:

Food Changes
Another disappointing change comes with nerfs to both Bear Tartare and Fighter Chow. /u/Thegr8whited reports:
On live, currently gives 70% movement speed after killing an enemy for 5 seconds.

On beta, gives 250 speed at level 110. This is the equivalent to 18.50% movement speed, and will drop down as you level up.

There is currently no item or food in BFA to replace it.

Edit: For those asking, I have also checked out fighter chow. Fighter chow at level 120 now gives 1,944 HP every 5 seconds when out of combat. As a 303 disc priest (roughly equivalent to 810 legion ilvl), i have 87k HP. This is equivalent to 2.2% of my hp every 5 seconds, out of combat. This will most likely not scale with your HP or gear.

This will give even more reason to leave farming alts at level 110 or below.

Like you and everyone I know, there are trips to be made to old raids for many reasons; perhaps the new achievement for 100 exalted reputations. The speed boost from a kill is so necessary when traveling through any of the very big raids like Molten Core.

Personally, I don’t feel I need a speed buff when leveling in new content. I think that they should add a speed buff to all old raids if you are above the level like they do in our Order Halls; Paladin and Priest come to mind.


Our Guild Event #2

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.”
Arthur Schopenhauer

Our Guild Event #2

Last night was the second of five guild events.

This time, we took our now level 10 human paladins to old Dalaran. Since in week one our task was to collect a Senegal, now we had to teach our pet to fly.

Standing on the ledge, we looked down, way down, to a raid marker in the Crystalsong Forest. It was a colorful blob. Then, we had to decide whether to step off or run and jump or to try it from an angle to land … to our hilarious death … near the marker.

The closest got more points and the farther away got less points. Once tallied, we’d release and get mage ported back up and off we’d go to a different placement; one nasty choice was on the side of a snowy mountain where, if you missed, you’d slide farther away.

Five times we leapt to our markers. No, I did not win. Not even close. But, man, did we laugh.

It appears that several of our players have been leaping off tall things for years, it is fun, they love it. They were very good at guessing how to hit something way, way, way below us.

What will the next event be? I can’t wait!