A Diary from Draenor

A Diary from Draenor

It’s April Fool’s Day. It is always good to read the funny patch notes from Blizzard. Wowhead’s Sha of Pepe made me laugh. Even Transmog Queue got into the act. It’s a fun day.

“A mother takes twenty years to make a man of her boy, and another woman makes a fool of him in twenty minutes.”
Robert Frost

This Sunday will be (I so very hope) the downing of Heroic Archimonde. We got there a few weeks ago and had a few pulls and wipes. This Sunday, we are starting on Archi and devoting our raid time to this first kill. We are a lot stronger now!

“Every fool finds a greater one to admire them.”

Today, this blog has been visited by the United States, Estonia, Indonesia, Denmark, France, Australia and the Netherlands. Judging by the clicks, players are interested in toy box macros, Vuhdo set-up for Druids and Marksman trinkets.

“The trouble with practical jokes is that very often they get elected.”
Will Rogers

I’m not much of a prankster.

“I have great faith in fools — self-confidence, my friends call it.”
Edgar Allan Poe

Years ago, I was sitting in the Green Room with a bunch of stagehands. I looked over at my friend, Bill. He’s a cheerful big strapping guy. I said, “I think it would only take three of us to stuff Bill in the dressing room showers.” There was a pause as Bill looked over the group. He said, “Not a chance, chumps.”
Dog pile on Bill! With much laughing and yelling, Bill got picked up and was struggling/dragged back down the hall. Bill caught my eye and I finger-waggled at him and sat down to read the newspaper.
Ten minutes later, everyone came hooting down the hallway, soaked through! If you are going to stuff Bill in the shower, you are going to get wet too.

“Men reach their sexual peak at eighteen. Women reach theirs at thirty-five. Do you get the feeling that God is playing a practical joke?”
Rita Rudner

I was stage managing a musical when April Fools came on a Sunday. Sunday matinees are deadly, we used to call it a Sea of Blue because of all the blue-haired old ladies in the audience.
I came in a couple of hours early and began making tiny paper helicopters. My friend, Cathy, showed up early and we loosely filled this big cardboard box with tiny paper helicopters.
About an hour before Show Call, I carried my box up the fly gallery and rigged the box upside down with it’s lid to be triggered by a stage circuit. I patched it into a circuit that I could switch in the booth.
At the end of the show, I called in the main curtain after the bows and triggered my switch. Thousands of tiny helicopters fell down like slow confetti on the cast. They cheered (who doesn’t like confetti?).
The stage hands flipped out, “who is on the grid? who is on the catwalks?” and they raced up to the top of the theater to find — no one.
I confessed at a party two years later. They said, “I knew it was you but how!?”. I just shrugged and said, “It was April Fools.”

“Controversy equalizes fools and wise men…and the fools know it.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr


Legion Wardrobe Ensembles

Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.
Mark Twain

Legion Wardrobe: Ensembles

Today’s Date is: March 31, 2016 — things can change in the Alpha!

Here is a list of Ensembles on Wowdb

Clicking can lead you to, for example: Ensemble: Fel-Chain Mail Armor

Which can lead to: it’s a transmog set!

So … what does this mean.

We don’t know more that what is posted.

My guess is that we will be able to earn Ensembles. It will be a token of some kind and that we will click the token and learn the whole ensemble. A vendor or a drop? I don’t know!

I have little doubt that this activity will be Achievement heavy. In the past (during Mists of Pandaria) the developers said that they were amazed at the player’s need to “fill the bar”.

To “fill the bar” means completing every single option whether it is reputation or recipes or killing every rare mob. I hope that these amazed developers show some restraint in the Wardrobe and it’s associated Achievements.

Tome of Illusions: Legion Wardrobe

Better a dish of illusion and a hearty appetite for life, than a feast of reality and indigestion therewith.
Harry A. Overstreet

Tome of Illusions: Legion Wardrobe

Today’s Date is: March 31, 2016.

The new Alpha is up and thoroughly data-mined. Of interest are the Tomes of Illusion. There are four listed; Azeroth, Cataclysm, Dreanor and Secrets of the Shado-Pan.

For example:

Tome of Illusions: Secrets of the Shado-Pan Illusions
3.5 sec cast 5
Tools: Runed Copper Rod
Reagents: Sha Crystal × 10, River’s Heart × 2, Primordial Ruby × 2, Sun’s Radiance × 2, Light Parchment × 3
Learn how to craft a Tome of Illusions: Secrets of the Shado-Pan.
Vendor: Rushi the Fox
Zone: Townlong Steppes
Faction: Shado-Pan – Revered
Cost: 40
Tome of Illusions: Secrets of the Shado-Pan
Item Level 1
Use: Collect the weapon enchantment appearances of River’s Song and Dancing Steel. (1 sec cooldown)

I chose to show Secrets of the Shado-Pan as this is the only one that needs a reputation (revered with Shado-Pan).

It looks like Enchanters will be creating these illusions for our weapons in Legion. The mats look fair to collect and not obscene.

Wowdb’s list of Tomes
Wowhead’s Azeroth Tome
MMO Champs Legion Alpha – Build 21384

I don’t see the popular weapon enchant Power Torrent, which shifts colors on your staff. Very pretty.

Resto Druid Mastery: Legion

“Be leery of silence. It doesn’t mean you won the argument. Often, people are just busy reloading their guns.”
Shannon L. Alder

Resto Druid Mastery

I am feeling a bit lame. I read the information in Legion on how Druid Healing will be as a play-style for me and I ask the wrong question. I make the mistake of asking “what does it do?” rather than “how does it work”?

Restokin, well I’ve been following her guides for several expansions, posted on her blog Legion Alpha Resto Druid Mastery. Brilliant!

The crux of the “new mastery”, if you will, is that we get stronger by stacking heals. The stumbling block is that the mastery gain is not on us, the healers.

Restokin puts forth the scenario of 20 man raids and the staggering volume of heals that we’d need to stack on so many players: simply to be merely competitive. All – of – the – time.

It feels bad to have to chase your HOTs with more spells (either direct heals or HOTs). The mastery increases the feeling like you have to cast 2 heals for every person you heal (when everyone else around you casts 1 and moves on). This impact on our healing style in 20-man raids isn’t all that fun and makes it hard to keep up with other healers who don’t have to ‘waste GCDs’

If you don’t have multiple HoTs a-cooking, then you are doing it wrong and you are a weak raid member — yikes and double yikes!

Restokin nailed it. The stacking Mastery buff needs to be on the healer.

Master Loot vs Personal Loot

Look around the table. If you don’t see a sucker, get up, because you are the sucker.
Amarillo Slim

Master Looter vs Personal Loot

I looked all over the web and could not find a raid drop break down when loot is set to Master Looter.
I think it is: ten players get two pieces, twelve players get three pieces, fifteen players get four pieces.

Watcher (WoW game designer) in his interview with Lore, said that Personal was better. He said that it was set so a raid could get a bunch of gear or not a bunch of gear but overall it was MORE gear.

Why can’t Blizzard release the numbers on Personal Loot? How does it work?

I have seen Raid Leaders quit over loot choice. Tanks will quit. Players will fight, argue and get pissed over loot.

It is a changing game, Personal Loot is still a new idea for many players.

In general, I want Personal Loot. If we are inviting Pugs, I think we are obliged to have it set to Personal Loot. I think that Pug Raids that have items on reserve are bogus and I don’t like supporting their raid.

It’s tough.

Two choices and not enough information, loaded with anecdotal information and skewed by preference — makes for unhappy players.

I don’t understand why Blizzard can not come clean with their intention.

I don’t understand why Blizzard can not give out the math for Personal Loot.