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Tom Waits

Limit One Per Customer

Today, we find that we can have access to the Developers!

As we announced on our [url=”″%5Dblog%5B/url%5D, we’re starting up a series of Live Developer Q&As taking place every Thursday at 11 a.m. PT for the next several weeks. You’ll be able to tune in live at [url=””

You can submit your questions via Twitter by using the hashtag #LegionQA, or simply by replying to this forum thread. For our first session, we’ll be talking with Assistant Game Director Ion Hazzikostas, and there are no restrictions on topic—as long as it’s related to the Legion expansion, fire away!

Please keep in mind that we want to make sure we get to as many questions as possible, so try to keep it short. We’ll only consider questions that use 40 words or less.

I dashed to the forum to put in my question (have there been any (any) guild improvements for Legion) — but the forum was full and shut down!

Even worse: the number of people who posted huge questions (far beyond the 40 word limit) clogged up the system and will be ignored, yet still their post in in the forum and so, forcing the forum to be maxed out.

Here is a sample of a question to be ignored but the person had to have his say:
We had the Dark Ranger theme going when Legion was in earlier Alpha for MM Hunters. Why was this scrapped? One Black Arrow talent will not suffice to fulfill the Dark Ranger fantasy. I guess I am curious what the removed Dark Ranger talent was not instead reworked, allowing us to have two Dark Ranger type talents for those who wish to play this character type. I boosted a Hunter for the Dark Ranger theme that was looking good, not anywhere near done, but in the right direction.

Now, we are back to just Black Arrow and I understand the Black Arrow and Dark Ranger talents were baked into one, but you should have left MM with NO pet like originally intended and given another theme to the Dark Ranger talent.

So, kids, you selfishly messed it up for everyone.

Nonetheless, this Developer Q and A will be a lot of fun; seeing the rationale behind some choices that seem mysterious to all of us.

Bonus Drinking Game: take one shot of your favorite drink for every time you hear the world “meaningful”.