Well, Bully For You

“I would rather be a little nobody, then to be a evil somebody.”
― Abraham Lincoln


Being Bullied

I have thought a lot about being bullied. Now that I’m much older and past the phase or the opportunity, I wonder how I would react now knowing more about life. It is a scary traumatizing experience.

A bully will always confront his or her victim in a public place. By far this is junior and high school. One-on-one confrontations are not in the bully category. A bully will always have people backing him up, always.

The bully will provoke and taunt. He will tell you to fight like a man. He will call you a fag or Jew or communist. He will shove you some. He will do anything he can, trying to find that button that will set you off. All he needs to see is your resolve and then and only then will he kick your ass in front of everyone. Asked later, he might say, “He looked at me funny.”

If he can not provoke you and you walk away, you are now a coward and a No Good Shit. Every student now has allowance to push, trip, toss french fries on your tray; anything to continue to belittle you. You have lost if you walk away from a bully.

The fight will be brief. The bully will fully dominate you in 20 seconds and it is over.

Fight Like a Man
There is a skewed sense of fairness. Never is it questioned that the bully is six inches taller, 30 pounds heavier and likely a trained athlete. The caveman solved this problem 150,000 years ago; he picked up a club and bashed his fucking brains out.

It is considered unfair to “be a man” by using a tool, the very thing that excepts us from being animals. Pulling out a bat, dropping to one knee and swinging — taking out the knee of the star quarterback is not acceptable to anyone even if I am defending myself.

How about a tazer then? Or mace? Or a roll of quarters in my fist? It is considered cheating and unfair. The rules are there and they don’t make sense.

The worse is the bully on the football team and it is typically that. This bully feels the support of his team and his school. His coach will shrug and say “boys will be boys”. And the victim dare not win. Even if I were versed in karate or boxing, if I best the bully there is no winning, ever.

The Conversation
I’ve imagined the conversation that I’d have with the Vice Principal. Does it not make sense that I’d use a tool to protect myself? It would be horrifying to hear that conversation from me. I am threated, would not a Reasonable Man defend himself by any means necessary? The potential for the escalation of violence is extraordinary.

The Threat of Terror
I have even thought of writing letters to the Mayor, the Editor of the city newspaper and the Principal … of another school. And I’d demand that the bullying be stopped or it would be considered an Act of War. Psychological terrorism on a bully does sound delicious, doesn’t it? When you CC the right people, they are forced to talk to each other and have to do their jobs.

And Yet, Flip It Around
Have you ever seen a flock of birds on the ground? One of the bigger birds will suddenly attack a smaller bird! Trounce him into submission. A pack of dogs will do the same thing. Apes will do it too. The rest of the group never intervene, ever. I’ve seen fathers suddenly smack their sons.

The Bully is an Animal
He would be offended, but the bully can not help himself. To bully is an animal act. Like any pack or herd, there is a pecking order. The bully is moved beyond his own understanding to pick a runt and dominate until the soft belly is offered. He can not stop himself.

The Bully Brings Peace
Oddly, the bully is necessary to a high school. He keeps the peace. A strong understood pecking order keeps the others from acting up, fighting for dominance or being subversive to the group.

The Anti-Bully Campaign
I’m aware. I’ve been told that kids don’t bully in school any more. I don’t know how it can go away; it is in our DNA.


The State of my WoW Affairs

“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.”
― Robert Louis Stevenson

The State of my WoW Affairs

My blog is working as intended and wonderfully so. My initial inspiration was knowing that we’d have the Toy Box feature in Warlords of Draenor and that they’d be account wide.

I had made macro’s with toys from Archeology “way back when” and I had to have the toy on my single character and in my bag. The Toy Box fixed all of that.

Little did I know then that Blizzard would serve up some great toys!

I made macros. Toy Box Macros for mounts and hearthstones and special effects and posted them on my blog. I never expected anyone to “follow” me day by day. That this blog is a resource is known by my visitors. I average about sixteen visitors a day from all over the world.

Today I have visitors from the United States, Germany, Honduras, Bulgaria and Canada. Yesterday it was Austria, the United States, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, German, Denmark and Canada. I love this!

I made several “how to” postings. The Elixir of the Rapid Mind post is popular. Druid Healing, Felblight and a few others pop up now and then.

I am encouraged. I never thought of being a resource for all the variables for the Toy Box but rather offering templates and a springboard for ideas. I feel amazed that people from all over the world, fans of WoW, are finding my humble blog.

It’s a good day in Azeroth!

Promoting your Party in WoW

Promoting your Party in WoW.

Having a good time in the World of Warcraft!

** This is part of several postings on How to Host in WoW. You can click the tag on the left to see all of the articles.

Whether hosting a wedding, scavenger hunt, costume party or a guild party; players have to know it’s happening!

Step One: Create a Party Macro.
You’ll want to spam your party, maybe once every five hours if you can. Players log on and off at all hours of the day.

/g Wed. Dec. 2 — Party Time! Join your friends for a ceremony, games, prizes and fun. Scavenger Hunt will begin in Darnassus, party will meet at the mushroom circle in Tirisfal Glade.

Step Two: Create a Game Macro.
This will explain parts of the party.

/g Trivia Time with Uncle Wrath! At the party there will be questions in guild chat. The first right answer gets 50g. The one who gets the most wins 5000g! Spelling is not important!

/g The Scavenger Hunt at the party begins in Darnassus. Find the four items “somewhere” in Azeroth if you can and race to the Game Master at the party place. Grand Prize: the Vial of Sands!

Step Three: Decide if you are going public.
This is up to you and if you want to promote your guild. Announcing in Trade Chat will hit all of the major cities. Then General Chat will pick up people in your zone.

Step Four: Get others involved.
Hosting a party on your own is not too hard. BUT, if you can get others to contribute then they’ll want to attend as well.
You can assign someone to:

  • Make fireworks.
  • Make Tuxedos and Elegant Dresses
  • Help promote the party.
  • Host one of the games like Trivia, the Scavenger Hunt, the Costume Contest or any games you may have thought of to play.

Step Five: Be Prepared.
This is two levels of preparation. Make sure you have wrapping paper and gold on your hosting character. And be prepared if no one shows up! It’s okay. Your effort was to serve the players if they have no need to be served, it doesn’t hurt you.

Have fun in the wonderful World of Warcraft!

A Known Audience

It is extremely arrogant and very foolish to think that you can ever outwit your audience.
Twyla Tharp

A Known Audience

I know a choreographer that I’ve worked with for years. We’ve probably done 16 pieces together over a 7 year span. Before I knew him, he’d won an International Choreography competition award. I’ve never understood Art as competition and I asked him about it.

He told me that when he entered the competition that he entered to win. He wanted the award. So, he studied the judges. If one judge was big on technique, then he’d make sure that that was a strong element. If another judge, say, was big on narrative, then he’d incorporate that element. And, as you know, he won.

He knew who his audience was (the judges) and it shaped his work. He wanted to win.

This idea astounded me on one level. Yet, it made sense to me in my own professional work since I always need to know who my audience will be. If it is parents coming to see their kiddies, I’d better make sure their cherubic faces can be seen. If the audience is full of fund-raisers, my work better be “show me the money” with plenty of obvious bells and whistles. If my audience will be hard-core artists, then my work had best be rooted in the choreography and support the dance.

When I began writing for fun to see what direction it may go, one thing hampered me and often kept me from even starting. Who would be reading my work? I might have a message but how would that message be delivered?

When I wrote for magazines, I wrote to be published. I wanted to win. My audience was the theater art-making public but the gate-way was the editor. So, my best pieces were “call-to-arms” pieces; we need to work harder, be less lazy, honor the work, be honest and so on. Editors love that stuff.

But, when I wanted to try some short stories, children’s stories; fear kept me from even starting. Would the well-read see my work as overly simple? Would my desire for sentimentality be judged? Which forum would critique my work as a new writer?

Eventually I wrote six chapters or short stories about a little girl and her adventures with a fairy. I loved my stories!

The first was about how the little girl freed the fairy from being caught up in a clinging vine. The little girl bargained with the fairy for One Favor. Once freed, we learn that the favor was “I want you to be my Best Friend.”

The second was about a monster that was attacking the fairy village. The little girl arrives and finds that it is the neighbor’s puppy, chasing the fairies for fun. She takes the puppy home and the queen of the fairies makes her a princess. So our little girl is now a fairy princess.

The third was about a turtle. The turtle was a king who had lost his crown. To have the time to search the woods, he uses magic to slow down time. They find the Star Wars lunch box with the Legos, Barbie’s, marbles and one tiny little crown which was the king’s. The Turtle King gives the little girl a small stone that when squeezed would slow down time. That night in her Daddy’s lap being read a story, she squeezed the rock so that the time would last forever.

Sentimental and fun. I got past my hurdle by thinking of one person, a friend of mine who would love to read about fairies and little girls and magic. This shaped my work and helped me deliver the material.

Almost all famous art was created with this in mind, knowing the audience. Painters as they went through movements; Futurism, Dada, Surrealism, Expressionism, Impressionism, Cubism and on and on where making work in response to other works. While you and I might marvel at Claude Monet’s Water Lilies on it’s own, hung on the wall; it was created as a response to speak to other artists.

Music is the same from old composers to today’s pop music. When Michael Jackson met Paul McCartney to write Say, Say, Say; Michael simply said “lets write a hit.”

You shape your delivery in every day life. If you see someone at the grocery, your language is different for the mom than it is the child. If you are a nurse or a cop or a rock star; you shape your look and language to who your audience is at that moment.

Sure, you can make work “on it’s own” that simply is what it is without intent or purpose. It is very satisfying. Nonetheless, even while doing that work there is an editor (that is you) constantly looking over your shoulder watching you work and judging.

I hear people knock on comic books for the girls all having big boobs and tiny outfits. Those people knock on the artists but you and I know, it is for their audience. The comic book audience … well, I guess they like big boobs on their heroes!

You have a message. You have content. You want to share your ideas. Knowing who your audience will be can free you and give you an avenue for clear delivery.

Supergirl – there and back

“Every man is a divinity in disguise, a god playing the fool.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Supergirl – How Does She Do It?

Last week we got this week’s episode. This week we got last weeks episode. The episode seen today was about bombing. Which is why they were swapped.

Not much happens. I’m sorry to say. Maybe a few too many plot lines, I’m not sure yet.

My frustration with Supergirl continues in that she is super smart too. But she appears on the show to be scatter-brained. As Kara, this should be an act. Supergirl would not forget an appointment. She is super smart. She might miss the direction of the heart, she doesn’t have super emotions — right?

What we want to watch is Supergirl learning wisdom.

The wonderfulness of a dual role in I’ve Got a Secret needs to be exploited more and better. Her role as Kara needs to be someone Supergirl loves. The character has to be a ruse on some level because we all do that as humans, she needs to do it better.

Keep it going, writers. I’m counting on you.

A Diary from Draenor

Always borrow money from a pessimist. He won’t expect it back.
Oscar Wilde

A Diary from Draenor

Week One of Patch 6.2.3 is nearing an end.

I’ve upgraded four of my pieces to 2/2 via Valor Points. Last night in the raid, I didn’t really feel much of a difference. I’ll hope that it adds up in time.

The VP grind was as expected. It kept me busy early in the week and then tapered off. I’ll expect the same starting Tuesday.

Thanksgiving is coming! I’ll be with family, which is wonderful. Living a self-imposed reclusive life, I don’t think that I’m crowd-shy. I look forward to the party.

I have this idea about a block of text writing about nuts and romantic comedies. It’s stymied me all week. I left the page open to dabble on and realized I was not moving at all, even in posting a random blog entry.

Hearthcast has a terrific episode covering their experiences at Blizzcon. I love listening to Rewt and Freckleface.

Happy Hunting and my all your hits … be crits.

The Golden Age

The golden age is before us, not behind us.
William Shakespeare

The Golden Age

We are living in a Golden Age. Times are very good for Planet Earth. Enjoy it right now while you can, who knows what tomorrow will bring?
I am waiting for civilization to catch up to technology. We have not adapted yet to the progress of our machines. We could feed the world right now. We have more free time than ever before. Common items are easy; we buy clothes and throw them away while still in good wearable shape. We own banana hammocks.
I am poor. You are probably poor. They say that the average American is two paychecks away from living on the streets — this is clearly a lie. We are being fed fear when the reality is a bright one. I have food. I have a bowl of food by my left hand when I watch television. I have 300 channels.
We worry about our kids and we should. Long gone are the days of getting up at 4am to do the chores. The discipline necessary to live life 100 years ago is gone! We need to catch up to our progress.
Many have dropped God from their daily thoughts and agenda. When we look to the worries of the future, we (pray) hope that technology will bail us out — fix global warming, for example. We think that technology has a much better shot at a solution than God, right?
This is the Golden Age. The definition of poverty has been raised. I’ve seen pictures of the poor in New York in 1900. Today the welfare guys all have televisions; nice flat screens with a remote. Our poor are not really suffering. We DO have homeless as any civilization has always had, some people have mental problems and just can’t get along. We, today, let them live and feed them.
We live in luxury. How many pills do you have on your shelf for your health? How is it that our greatest health fears are from excess: too much meat, too much sugar. Isn’t it ironic that our society can pay big bucks for a poor man’s diet.
Even the really messed up areas of the world, lets pick the ISIS guys — they have clothes, internet, guns, cars and a shit-load of cash. They can buy whatever they want.
I saw a television clip of the refugees leaving Syria. They all were dressed in Old Navy, nice bright colors. Not your typical image of people fleeing a bad country. They interviewed a man who was not allowed to cross into Turkey. He was outraged, “Where is the humanity!” he cried.
Even refugees are feeling entitled.
The is the Golden Age. Goods are easily at hand. Food is within reach of my left hand while my right is on the remote. The world is blossoming with artists! That is the true sign of luxury. Thousands of wannabe writers are being published on Amazon. Thousands of musicians are posting themselves on Youtube. Cable television has a bevy of shows with no actors at all.
Enjoy it. Appreciate it. We are living well right now. If we, as a civilization, could catch up to our progress the only people who would work at jobs would be those who like to work. We could feed the world. We already clothe the world. Medicine is big business but still, there are rows and rows of lotions, pills, bandages and treatments on any shelf in any grocery store.
People are busy because they want to be busy. This is good, it’s healthy. We like to do, create, build and play.
Okay, enough of the examples, I think you get my drift. Now, pardon me, it’s nice outside and I think I’ll go for a walk and enjoy the changing leaves on the trees.
I am loving my life. This is a great time to live.