Beast Mastery – Be Stubborn!

Dar: Don’t move. The beast is fierce. But if we show no fear, we might escape.
The Beastmaster (1982)

Beast Mastery — Be Stubborn!

I admit it. I ran Marskmanship all through Hell Fire Citadel. I still run it. With the raid designs (adds before boss), MM was the clear selection.

But, Beast Mastery can be a respectable damage dealer in casual raiding and on some bosses absolutely competitive (Iskar!).

Why not bring the one you love?

Beast Mastery Utility

  • Battle Rez — Bring a Quilen.
  • Hero — Bring a Corehound.
  • Intimidation — a 3 second stun every minute is powerful stuff.
  • Cast Kill Command with your back turned and on the flee!

It says it in it’s name: Mastery. Your pet will do 50% of your damage, stacking mastery will get your pet’s damage even higher. With the Valor Point upgrades and the Legendary Ring and the Archimonde trinket and (perhaps) the Heirloom Trinket all added since HFC opened, perhaps some of the bias against Beast Mastery can go away.


  • Bestial Wrath has a one minute cooldown so that lines up with the Legendary two minute cooldown. It lines up with the Council trinket perfectly, every time.
  • Bestial Wrath lasts ten seconds. Kill Command is every six seconds — you have got to get two Kill Commands in every Bestial Wrath!
  • Kill Shot Sniping. I learned this for MM but it still applies. Look for those adds which are below 20% health and snipe them with Kill Shot.
  • Most Important: know those fights!
    For example: First boss, wing one. Be ready with Intimidation to stun the engineer repairing the siege engine. It won’t show up on any charts but it is gold.
  • Find your rhythm. Using Steady Focus and Kill Command will be your bread and butter.

Why Iskar?
Iskar has an add phase and those adds are stacked. This is your time to shine. Lining up the Legendary Ring and Multi-shot with some judicious Barrage is devastating to those adds.

Kilrogg will be frustrating.
I’d be tempted to use Murder of Crows. I’d be tempted to have Dash triggered manually. If you are on add duty (you are) watching your pet slog to the back of the room can be dis-heartening. On the other hand: going into Visions is a joy — use Misdirect on cooldown and barrage/multi-shot the adds, pin them in the doorway of you can.

From Icy Veins:
For fights that are purely single-target, you should always eat Felmouth Frenzy, especially if there is movement involved. The proc of Felmouth Frenzy is RPPM, so it is not affected by movement (it will still proc as often in a movement-heavy encounter), but it does not scale up with additional targets, as stat-based food does. For this reason, this is the food of choice for Fel-Lord Zakuun.

More Notes:

  • The Exhilaration talent has proven very useful to me as Markmsan, I’m sure it’s the same for Beast Mastery
  • Glyph of Animal Bond and Glyph of Deterrence will be your top glyphs.
  • Stampede is powerful. I might use Blink Strikes on Assault and Iskar. I might try Murder of Crows on Kilrogg.
  • Bring the right pets!

There will be Negative Nellies who will bag on you for not going Marksman. Prove them wrong and kick their asses on the charts.

Beast Mastery is a ton of fun. You are sure to pass any DPS test on a boss and, on some fights, you’ll be the envy of the raid.


Super Bowl Stories – Pt. Four

“Don’t tell me this town ‘aint got no heart”
Jerry Garcia

Super Bowl Stories — Part Four

Today is the Super Bowl. Go teams!

They say every teacher remembers their first class. I certainly do, each of those students were my life and focus in that first semester.

One of my students, (let’s say) Becca was a cute young girl growing into her beauty. Her first year of college took part in my arena; the classroom, studio and theater. Not all, by any means, but enough.

Becca was a hippy chick. We got along well because of the Grateful Dead; my extensive knowledge of the counter culture, her extensive knowledge of weed.

She was a friend as much as a student can be with a teacher. Comfortable sitting together and talking about almost anything, there was still no question that I was the authority figure and teacher.

While I was at the Super Bowl, years after she’d graduated, I was walking the sidelines and ran into Becca! She was a Camera Runner for Sports Illustrated and had her hands full of cameras. We did the quick non-touching Hollywood hug and she dashed off.

At the end of the game, I stood on the sidelines staring all around. Confetti was everywhere, filling the sky and littering the ground. The stands were roaring. I was looking up at the stands and my eyes moved down to see Becca standing still, waiting to be seen by me.

She broke into a quick fifteen second hippy acid dance in the confetti.

For me! She smiled quick and dashed off to do her job. I was enchanted.

In the midst and middle of the world-wide chaos and celebration, I had a
one-for-one performance, just for me. It was a wonderful surprise and a gift.

Those kind of connections are golden, my friend, golden.

Super Bowl Stories – Pt. Three

“We are in the same tent as the clowns and the freaks-that’s show business.”
Edward R. Murrow

Super Bowl Stories – Part Three

Field Services

The Olympics is the biggest show in the world. The amount of cameras, lights, stages, speakers, microphones, screens and so much more is staggering. Rented from all over the world, of course, with equipment come the operators.

The Super Bowl is the second biggest show in the world. It only pulls equipment from all over the United States. Production companies get hired for specific jobs and are under the umbrella of a bigger company and so on.

We arrived at the Super Bowl three days early. We pulled into the venue and went to scout where we were to put our equipment, set up our gear and simply check out the place.

Naturally, I didn’t push gear around. My job was to push a button. Once.

We came down the ramp and the first thing we saw was a helicopter — drying the field. That was my introduction to the scale, scope and simply money that is part of the Super Bowl. This helicopter was about 30 feet above the field, drying the grass and paint.

My boss had been the Producer for Half-Time at the Super Bowl for the prior oh-so many years. Now she had her own company and of course was hired to do the gig. She knew everybody. She had hired or contracted most of the people in the past and was well liked. She got us all passes with Field Services on the laminate.

Field Services meant that I could go anywhere I wanted except the Media Tent and the players locker room. I had the run of the stadium for two full days!

On game day, I watched the game from the stands for a while. I watched from behind the team benches on both sides. I ate in the tents in the parking lot set up for us (hot dogs, burgers, cokes, chips; nothing fancy). It was amazing.

When it came time for me to do my job, I was on the 50 yard line in front of the winning team’s bench, right on the side line stripe. The stadium was roaring. The players were going nuts. The arena is huge.

I stood for a long time. Watching everything that I could see; fans, players, pyro, big screen images at the end zones and on and on.

It was a fun job!

Super Bowl Stories – Pt. Two

“What are you going to wear in the game Sunday?”
Julie Brown to Dallas Cowboy Emmitt Smith prior to his 1993 Superbowl game against Buffalo

Super Bowl Stories – Part Two

I was on sabbatical from my teaching gig. After seven years they give you a semester off with full pay. They used words like “creative expansions” and stuff like that but it was really to stop burn out.

A friend of mine who worked in software for a video game company had loaned me his joystick controller. As I recall, I was playing X-wing vs Tie Fighter almost non-stop. I was trying for the rank of Captain.

The phone rang:
Me: Hello?
My friend: Dude
Me: Dude

(comfortable silence)

My friend: Wanna work the Super Bowl?
Me: Prolly. What do I have to do?
My friend: Push a button.
Me: Yeah?
My friend: Once
Me: Sounds good.

Then the uncomfortable money talk …

Me: What’s the paycheck?
My friend: NBC is footing the entire bill.
Me: I’m in.

In fact, he lied. I had to push that button twice. They had an NBC executive party the night before the Super Bowl and the Beach Boys played a concert for them. My job was to push this button at the end of the concert.

The waiters saw that I was an Average Joe at this fancy party and made sure I had all the shrimp-on-a-stick that I could eat. And this chicken-on-a-stick with peanut sauce called Thai Chicken Satay — fancy stuff, really good.

I enjoyed myself a lot. I like the Beach Boys and at the end of the show … I pushed my button. Mister, I pushed that button with style!

Super Bowl Stories – Pt. One

Hollywood is like Picasso’s bathroom.
Candice Bergen

Super Bowl Stories – Part One

I lived in Los Angeles for twenty years. I lived, loved, worked, taught, got married, got divorced, had a ton of fun and then got tired in Los Angeles.

I was part of The Industry. If you are in the film industry, the Industry is the film business. If you are in the Entertainment Industry (television, theme parks, award shows, movies, rock and roll, bowling alleys) then you are in the Industry too.

I don’t think about Los Angeles much any more, it was a past life. Except during the Super Bowl. I used to go to what I called “Hollywood Parties”. These were not parties like you see on television.

These parties were for Industry people, all of our friends! During the daylight it was family and grandmas and kids; grilling and drinking beer. A huge backyard with hammocks and little zones to hang out in.

At night it was naked dancers in the hot tubs, tikki torches, dancing and coke and weed and beers. Of course, I stayed way late!

I went to these parties four or five times a year. I always attended the Super Bowl party. One reason was that the designer for the half-time show was there and I could find out how he did all the lighting and video and special effects.

One of my favorite memories was when I was hanging with my friend who was a writer for the Cartoon Network. He was the story-board editor for Spongebob for years but moved on to other shows.

Yes, I have worked for Disney. In the Industry, one says that you are “working for the Mouse.” So, I was a huge Hannah Montana fan. I watched every new episode (easy, it was on four times a day).

There was, at this party, a little twelve year-old girl who had watched the taping of a future Hannah Montana. Her mom did something; costumes or scenery, I don’t remember.

I have this terrific memory of the three of us at a picnic table in the late afternoon. I’m asking the little girl about the future episode and what it was like behind the scenes. My friend is trying to ask about other shows that he’d written for feedback from a kid. The little girl loved the attention!

I have many memories and stories of the Hollywood Parties and the Super Bowl. But the three of us huddled at the table talking about kid’s shows is one of my favorites.

Tools for Legion

“The past is always tense, the future perfect.”
Zadie Smith

The Legion Today

No, no lore. Just tools.

I’ve been using this Talent Calculator from Wowdb. The page loads slow and the ads are painful.

There must be other versions but this is the one bookmarked. It is handy-dandy is that it also has a PvP calculator and an Artifact calculator.

I can see, for example, that healing Druids will only have one extra spell to cast from the Artifact — everything else buffs what I do already.

I can also see a nice little touch when bearing my Artifact:
Druidic Touch: Casting a helpful spell has a chance to sprout a patch of flowers at the target’s location that heals a nearby targets every 2 sec.

Legacy of the Windrunners: When you cast Aimed Shot, there is a chance for 6 extra Wind Arrows to coalesce and also shoot at your target.

Flavor in my artifact!

Whether having curiosity or being tempted to plan ahead: these tools are a fun visit.

Resto Druid Legion: Raiding Talents

I look to the future because that’s where I’m going to spend the rest of my life.
George Burns

Resto Druid Legion: Raiding Talents

Today’s Date is: Feb. 5, 2016

Remember, the designers want us to succeed.

Healing considerations:

  • Being assigned Tank Healer
  • Being assigned Raid Healer
  • Even damage vs Spiky damage
  • Stack up big cooldown damage
  • Raid composition with other healing specs

Every Druid healer has the same spells. Picking the Talents to compliment their role is the flavorful experience.

For Tank Healing:
Focus on the Tank with healing on the team.

  • Tier One: Cenarion Ward Protects a friendly target for 30 sec. Any damage taken will consume the ward and heal the target for [ 879.9% of Spell Power ] over 6 sec.
  • Tier Five: Soul of the Forest When you cast Swiftmend, you gain Soul of the Forest.
    Soul of the Forest increases the healing of your next Regrowth or Rejuvenation by 200%, or increases the healing of your next Wild Growth by 75%.
  • Tier Six: Cultivation: When Rejuvenation heals a target below 50% health, it applies Cultivation to the target, healing them for [ 108.4% of Spell Power ] over 6 sec.
  • Tier Seven: Stonebark Reduces the cooldown of Ironbark by 30 sec, and it increases healing from your heal over time effects by 20%.

For Raid-wide healing:
For heavy raid padding spread across all of the team.

  • Tier One: Germination You can apply two Rejuvenations to the same target
  • Tier Five: Abundance For each Rejuvenation you have active, the cast time of Healing Touch is reduced by 5%, and the critical effect chance of Regrowth is increased by 5%.
  • Tier Six: Spring Blossoms For each Rejuvenation you have active, the cast time of Healing Touch is reduced by 5%, and the critical effect chance of Regrowth is increased by 5%.
  • Tier Seven: Flourish Extend the duration of all of your heal over time effects on friendly targets within 60 yards by 6 sec.

For Big Time Damage:
Raids with the stack up and get pounded experience

  • Tier One: Germination You can apply two Rejuvenations to the same target
  • Tier Five: Incarnation Shapeshift into the Tree of Life, increasing healing done by 15%, increasing armor by 120%, and granting immunity to Polymorph. Functionality of Rejuvenation, Wild Growth, Regrowth, and Entangling Roots is enhanced.
    You may freely shapeshift in and out of this form for 30 sec, at which point the shapeshift expires.
  • Tier Six: Inner Peace Reduces the cooldown of Tranquility by 60 sec.
  • Tier Seven: Moment of Clarity Increases your maximum energy by 30. Your Omen of Clarity now affects the next 3 Regrowths.

With time, you’ll find your favorites and tend to ride them through most encounters. How different each boss is unknown.

Guides will tell you which Talents are best. They won’t break down assignments, encounters and composition. Learning the Talents and choosing by event is the best way to go.

Happy Healing!