One Long Achievement

“All I do when I write scripts is think about food: ‘Have I worked long enough to justify a walk to the kitchen?'”
Nora Ephron

One Long Achievement

I got a whisper yesterday from a player in my guild. “You cleared Mechagon this week?” and I said yes. “There are battle pets that can only be found in the dungeon”.

So, I re-entered the dungeon which put me at the last boss but the zone is cleared. I turned on Track Pets for the first time since this current patch had dropped. And picked up the four available.

Now there were 998 unique pets. One trip outside of the dungeon in Mechagon brought this Achievement:


That is a a lot of pet taming spanning many expansions! Late in 8.1.5 there were dreams and trips to odd places like the Timeless Isles to pick up some lost strays. But the reality was a bunch of new ones in this current patch to bring it on home.

The reward is a pet. Hearthy.

In our guild, we swap exalted with exhausted as in “I am exhausted with Mechagon.”

I think I missed something on the big push to revered for flying. I am exhausted with Nazjatar and I don’t know what I’m doing there. My guess is that I missed some story-line about what we are doing and the need to keep coming back. Maybe we are building up resources by collecting starfish to feed our army.

I get that we level followers to be strong. And we collect manapearls to get strong or buy stuff. There is a paragon cache somewhere down the line. But why? The mobs are pathing and not amassing.

When reading Book of Jen and specifically the article on the Sylverian Dreamer that I decided to go for it.


It is a pretty mount!

And, for me, why not? I know that I’ll be playing in six months.

What I didn’t know was that I was changing my subscription practice to a six month renewal until afterwards.

sevenmonths billing

This was no con job on the part of Blizzard. This was me expecting a one-time thing and that I’d swing back to monthly. I didn’t read the print because I was, uh, “going for it!”.

This week, on Normal, we got some pulls in on The Queen. I’d expect that we will down her this or next week and swing over to the Heroic version of the raid.

Happy Reset Day!


Let’s Try Operation Mechagon

“Practice, which some regard as a chore, should be approached as just about the most pleasant recreation ever devised.”
Babe Didrikson Zaharias

Let’s Try Operation Mechagon

Candidly I wasn’t going to run this dungeon until the collective had higher gear numbers. I’d heard some tough stories and that it took three hours.

I got an invite from some members of my raid team and said “yes”. I’ve healed this tank for years, our raid leader was on the team. Two of them had been through most of it and we were on Discord and got tips from other players who were hanging out.

It is fun. It is creative. There is humor. We one-shot everything except for the goop on the ground boss and the final boss, that took a second try. We wiped on one set of nasty trash on this ramp.

So, we did pretty good. We could do the kills, clear the way and were strong enough. And it still took three hours! Erase all of the trash and you’d have a good time running this eight-boss dungeon.

I won no upgrades. I did not get the coveted engineering recipe towards a mount. I did win a new essence but I forget what it does.

My big contribution to the team, besides healing, was Mass Entanglement. I would lock down a big set of mobs and they’d be pulled into combat one by one. If you don’t, the damage is really hard to survive.

Would I go again? Sure, if I have three-plus hours to set aside for the run. I don’t know if they drop keys yet but, boy howdy, running this on +4 would be a bear.

Gnomecore challenges us in Trivia: Ding Rustbolt, Nazjatar Exploration & “Vanilla” Outfits to show our characters without transmog!

That is easy. I tend to my pride and joy, Resto-Druid with great care when it comes to his look with a staff enchant and animated wasp wings.


I have to go dps to do world quests and more every single day and I resent it. I switch to boomkin and could not care the least what he looks like — even down to the tabard for the Argent Tourney port. He can look as ugly as he pleases!


Watching the WoW World First Race

“Awards become corroded, friends gather no dust.”
Jesse Owens

Watching the WoW World First Race

I have to feel some sympathy for these guys. There is a hotfix going out today to fix a berserk timer on the adds. So, maybe the fight can now be won.

But, the first guys to arrive at this fight now have a lot of company. I think there might be seven teams who are all at this new starting line. So, after all this stuff, it comes down to the final push which has now lost it’s thrill.

You’d think that because I’m from the US that I’d be for the US team but I’m not. I’m for Method all the way!

Anyways, it has got to be rough on these racers who have put in hours of skill and talent to see a hot fix come out and see many teams at the same new starting line with the goal within sight.

Who will win?

Out and About in WoW

“Illusion is the first of all pleasures.”

Out and About in WoW

Letting things like Timewalking and the Island Expeditions fall to the wayside might be a sign of apathy. There is a lot of everyday stuff to play in WoW. Maybe the rewards don’t have a good lure or bait.

Time Spent in WoW is everything. To worry about falling behind is useless. My guild master can blow off weeks of WoW and still out-heal me.

What is nice is the growing feeling of strength. Whether it is a stronger follower or the oomph of an essence spell, it is nice to be a little cocky in current content.

With the Benthic account-wide gear, it is time to look at leveling my favorite character: the hunter. Flying while leveling is great and it is nice to play the opening stuff now that all of the bugs have been fixed.

The two raid teams are in the same spot. Rolling through the first six bosses takes about three casual hours. The second day of raiding, tonight and Sunday, will find us facing boss seven for the night. And then: the Queen.

Projects are something to “go for” and it adds fun to WoW. Earning the Hyper-Compressed Ocean was a good project. Eleven unique pets from one thousand has temptation written all over it. Then maybe it will be time to shoo a murloc or seven.

Relax, it will be a long time in the patch. Pick and choose the fun to chase.

Classic in about a Month

“It’s a small apartment, I’ve barely enough room to lay my hat and a few friends.”
Dorothy Parker

Classic in about a Month

It is time to think ahead, just a little bit.

The release date is August 27.

But, I read that we can pre-choose our names. This is an exciting feature. But, that will mean choosing a realm and we want our guild to cross-over together.

So, does anyone know about the realm names?

Also, it seems to me that we should have a Signature Party to start our guild about three days after the drop. Does this make sense?

Personally, I’ve never made a guild. I’ve only joined them.

Any expertise would be welcome!

Raid Fishing

“Wherever the fish are, that’s where we go.”
Richard Wagner

Raid Fishing

Satisfaction! The Hyper-Compressed Ocean does work in a raid. The little ego trip was a success and everyone was impressed.


The toy has pros and cons.

You receive fish from every expansion which is a strain on the bag space. I wish that they’d keep it to the zone that it was cast.

You can catch Secret Fish without the goggles. You can fish up things like a Pepe Bobber Crate toy. I’d guess that anything that can be fished up in the game in is in this portable ocean.

Since you click on it instead of a traditional cast, you can fish with your back turned — that is a little fun.


Hyper-Compressed Ocean

“Off with you! You’re a happy fellow, for you’ll give happiness and joy to many other people. There is nothing better or greater than that!”
Ludwig van Beethoven

Hyper-Compressed Ocean

Okay! I finished the Secret Fish campaign. Shamelessly following the guide from Warcraft Secrets, I split the fish hunt sessions over several days.


Because toys do not share cool-downs across characters, I could use those characters at 110 and in the neighborhood to drop four in a row. Just to show off.


The big globe is cool, the insides spin or rotate. The guide says that you get zone fish.


My dreams will either be uplifted or dashed to the rocks tonight. My plan is to use this fishing toy in the most obvious place: break-time in a raid.

It is very possible that Blizzard won’t allow this to be used in a raid, they don’t allow the Ogre Piñata which gives everyone pink bubblegum and would be in that same ideal spot of a break during a long raid session.

If I can’t use this toy in a raid, I probably won’t see it’s use again.