Fishing Up a Little Gold

Fishing is boring, unless you catch an actual fish, and then it is disgusting.
Dave Barry

Fishing Gold

I’m not sure exactly what happened with the hotfix two days ago.

WoW Classic
Players can again receive loot when fishing in ocean waters.

I’ve been fishing the shores of Dustwallow. I’ve seen level 21s running up and down the coast. It is a double-bonus if you have skinning because players want the turtle meat and leave the shells behind. It is a triple-bonus if you have Leatherworking because the turtle scales are needed (about a month from now!) when I reach Tanaris at level 40.


Yesterday morning, after the hot fix, I found more pools than before and more junk pools. The junk pools offer up crates which give prizes. The bolts of mageweave were the big sellers but health pots, mana pots and other stuff sold too. Even the rum!

I’m also selling the Oily Blackmouth and the Firefin Snapper. But those junk pools give me joy.

There are a ton of profession guides out there but I endorse wow-professions. Clean and easy to follow.

Bonus Tip: the open waters will give up Raw Spotted Yellowtail. You will want 65 of these (about a month from now) to help max out cooking.


Bouncing in WoW

“A hero cannot be a hero unless in a heroic world.”
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Bouncing in WoW

Back and forth between the two games. Mostly it is sustaining my main in the big game by doing emissary quests and this and that. Then it is leveling my Hunter in the old game which is fun.


On Wednesday night we scraped together a raid team and downed the first three bosses on heroic. This is typical and common. Lady Ashvane is the healing/dps check. If Classic had not arrived, we’d all be 65 on our neck and powerful. But we are not.

Behind in First Aid, my Hunter is way ahead in cooking, fishing and leatherworking. For fishing, I have been going to Theramore where the baddies all wear skulls. Just across the bridge puts me in the zone but there is a river and shoreline right there that is safe to fish higher level fish.

Some quests I enjoy and others I do not. I have no problem dropping an old quest or something that I don’t really like. However, I do like saving the little girl who is sick. I’ll finish that one every time.


WoW Classic: Hunter Running

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.”

WoW Classic: Hunter Running

This story is not as good as Walking for Adventures but I think it reflects well on our experiences in Classic WoW. Because of the simplicity and straight-forwardness of the game play, we welcome some long drawn out experiences.

For the Video Game Tourist it was an epic questline through zones and dungeons to get a weapon. For me, it was much more simple: I wanted a scorpid pet.

I had planned long before. My goal was a Cat, Turtle and Scorpion. I dinged 24 and began to worry that I’d be too high to make a level 20-21 pet not be a nightmare to level up. The desired pet is in the Barrens.

So, I was thinking hard about a Hell Run down through Stranglethorn Vale. Booty Bay is the only place to learn Expert Fishing. But, it turned out to be much easier. I was questing in Stonetalon Mountains. And the map “looks” like it can funnel me into the Barrens.

So, I ran, ran, ran to find out. My memory was some nasty barriers at the zone shift. There was nothing quite so bad but there are two different places that you could stumble into skull guard and get flagged PvP. I ran, ran, ran around them. Safely! I was astonished.

Now I ran to Ratchet avoiding The Crossroads. I know that place.

Picking up the flight path, I was a bit smug. Even if I failed, I could come back. I found the stable guy up on the hill. And ran petless(!) for fifteen minutes down the Southern Gold Coast road.

Piece of cake. Aspect of the Monkey and a Freeze Trap over to the side away from the pathing guys and I got my Scorpion! Cats and Scorpions eat meat and I had stacks of cooked bear meat. Whew!

I ran back to Ratchet and took the boat to Booty Bay.

I bought expert fishing and picked up the flight path.

I felt like a player!

Now, in addition to questing and farming, I have to nurture this new pet up and make him loyal to me and get him up to my level. Fun challenges ahead!

WoW Classic: Keeping Up To Speed

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”
Mark Twain

WoW Classic: Keeping Up To Speed

TL;DR: Having fun.

My intention this play through is to keep up with things so that I can use them when I need them.

Leather Working
With major satisfaction, I learned the blue gloves recipe for level 22. While farming the Spider Web in the Wetlands for the recipe, I dinged 22 and put them on. I want to get ahead with the recipes so as I level I can step into gear. Most of my gear is home made!

It is at 150. The next step is Expert from the only trainer in the game who is parked at Booty Bay. As I am in the Stonetalon Mountains, this seems far far away.

One of the things that is so fun about Classic is that it is straight-forward and simple which balances the annoyingly long trips required. We begin to look forward to those side things to do.

Why quest? Farming mobs has gotten me up some levels. Generally I quest two levels below my own and farm mobs three or four levels above my own. This makes me explore new areas, which is fun. Hello Ashenvale Bear.

First Aid
I’m behind, I need to kill my humanoids but they don’t skin! Yep, they drop cloth.

Gold Making
All of the above are setting me up to make gold, I hope. I made a Bank Alt at level five who is an Enchanter. You can disenchant all items without needing a level.

As Marathal said, Tanaris is a hot spot for fishing gold. Same with the island off of Feralas. The Stonescale Eel and the Nightfin Snapper are the big ones to sell. Higher catch rate at night time, I believe.

Most of the gold guides are written for end game. According to the forums, the levels between 30 and 40 begin to see much higher gold drops and farming mobs. So, if I need to farm for gold earnings then level 30 is the time to start.

The biggest satisfaction is that I can wear the gear that I make. Every other time that I’ve ran a character, the profession has always been behind and I dropped it for mining and engineering.

Much fun, come play.

Classic Misadventures

“I like to write when I feel spiteful. It is like having a good sneeze.”
D. H. Lawrence

Classic Misadventures

Last night three of us showed up in Discord. One left to go to bed since we didn’t have enough for mythic plus. So, we decided to flip to Classic and quest together. Both around 20 and at the tail end of Darkshore.

It was fun. I can not think of the last time I quested with someone, maybe Cataclysm? Long, long time ago, for sure. We did some of the harder quests like the escort quests and even went into the danger zone of Ashenvale and did a level 24 quest for a ring. I really enjoyed it.

I’ve been a Skinner since level 10. And undecided on my second profession. My questing partner suggested Leather Working, so why not? I followed a guide and leveled a bunch up and then farmed this morning and leveled up, mostly making the same thing and vendoring. Until I realized that the last things that I was vendoring, I could have used! It would have been an upgrade to actually wear a crafted piece. Imagine my surprise.

The guide made me laugh. “Make 40 of these leather belts and save them to make the next recipe.” Ha … 40 slots of bag space. Not even in my bank.

So, I’m level 20 and 40 is when you get a mount. It costs 100 gold but less if I have the Darnassus reputation to exalted. So, 90 gold. I’m level 20 and I have 2 gold. I need to find something that sells just like everyone else who is trying to sell leather or LW goods or cooked fish. I’m willing to farm but so is everyone else.

I’d hate to go back and reset everything. As always, the gold maker is herbalism/alchemy. Players are using potions and flasks and buff items a lot. Ah – Classic.



Progressing Along in WoW

“Self-respect: the secure feeling that no one, as yet, is suspicious.”
H. L. Mencken

Progressing Along

My Druid dinged 65 on the neck piece and opened the third Essence slot. That is a milestone with only 67 and the 3% stam boost left. One hopes that 70 will bring another great dragon encounter.

My Warlock is mid-64 on the neck piece. Doing the emissary quests every day will bring the paragon chest and the big AP bump.

My Hunter is 61 on this neck piece, believe it or not. This guy only does emissaries on occasion and a warfront. He is ilevel 413. There is a hidden dream of replacing my Warlock with my long-time favored Hunter in raids. I know that losing the summon portal and healthcookies would be a loss to our team.

616 pvp pet battle victories. The goal is 1000 with the Trainer title. It has taken me two years to get this far so I’d guess another year to reach my finish line.

In Classic, my Hunter is now 18 and can use two-handed sword stat sticks. That was a good run to Stormwind to learn a new skill after being gifted by a guildie. I ran deep into Ashenvale to get the Stag meat and Big Bear meat recipes.

And I am still enjoying the toy from Kill Saw.









No complaints on my part. It hurts seeing our raid teams drain away to Classic and other games and real life challenges. But, I’m still having fun.

Mechagonian Sawblades Macro’d

“If you see the magic in a fairy tale, you can face the future.”
Danielle Steel

Mechagonian Sawblades Macro’d

Mechagonian Sawblades
Item Level 120
Binds when picked up
Use: Equipped with Mechagonian Steel Sawblades. (1 Hour Cooldown)
Requires Level 110
“Cutting-edge technology.”
Sell Price: 1

Drop: Kill Saw
Zone: Mechagon
Drop Chance: 4.91%

This toy is too good to leave in your toy box. With a fifteen minute uptime and a one hour cooldown, I decided to macro it with my hearthstone. This macro lives in the shared box and all of my 120s use this macro.

The instant cast spells go before the channeled spell. I couldn’t resist the Adopted Puppy Crate because the magical summoning motions by my character look more like I summoned the puppies than I am about to hearth out.

#showtooltip Lunar Elder's Hearthstone
/cast Azerite Firework Launcher
/cast Mechagonian Sawblades
/cast Everlasting Alliance Firework
/cast Adopted Puppy Crate
/cast Lunar Elder's Hearthstone





The blades leave a trail of sparks when you run.