Resto on the BfA Alpha

“In skating over thin ice our safety is in our speed.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dash It All

Today’s date is: April 7, 2018

Hi! I’ll betcha that if you are a Shaman, you are pissed! Don’t blame me that Blizzard can’t be creative enough to give different names to the healing classes. This is about Resto-DRUID! So sorry!

I got the Alpha today and decided to take a peek. We’ve known for a while that Tiger Dash would replace Displacer Beast. We won’t be able to blink over mechanics in raids anymore, which is a shame.


Notable to me is the switching of Germination and Stonebark. Since our Mastery will NOT change and we will continue to click-like-fiends to spread our HoTs over way too many players to be competitive — this will be a welcome change. I’d run with Spring Blossoms and Germination happily.

Like playing a game of Three Card Monte, I was distracted by Hibernate. What I almost didn’t notice is that Dash is gone from the Resto-Druid spell book.


Balance has it.

Feral has it.

Guardian has it.

But it has been nerfed. Who cares, we won’t have it.

Healer Penalty
Taking away Dash from the Healer will be rough on us. Do you know how far it is to run back to some of these bosses after a wipe? Healers are the only ones with Mass Rez, it is our job to run back while everyone pores over their meters and discusses the faults.

I can already feel the humiliation as a Hunter runs past me with Aspect of the Cheetah.