BfA Paragon Cache

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BfA Paragon Cache

This time around, the paragon caches are designed much better. By this I mean that they will come naturally as you play and you don’t really want or need to push by grinding rep in a zone. The mounts in Legion were enough to RNGrazy yourself!

The contents can be found at Wowhead with BfA Paragon Rep Chest Contents.

The 7th Legion one will arrive again and again since we get rep from all three of the other faction’s zones. I’d guess that the Tortollan Seekers will be the last in line, but I’m not sure. I use the rep contract for the turtle guys because of the desired recipes.

So far I have gotten one recipe from the Tortollans, a toy from the 7th Legion and the Azerite Firework Launcher from the Champions of Azeroth. And I am pleased with all three! Eventually we’ll run the board and have nothing new to earn, it is a short list.

Each cache also gives about 4000 gold, 500 War Resources and 15 Service Medals. I have about 90 medals on my main. I believe that there is a 395 ring for 150 medals with the bonus of having a portal back to Boralus. This reminds me of the ring during WotLK which I still have in my bags to take me back to old Dalaran.

Today I dinged a cache for the Champions of Azeroth while doing the emissary (toy!). I was pleased that, when finished with turn-ins, that I had 1750 on the rep bar. This means that you can over-shoot and the points roll over, they do not stall or cap.

I’ve already macro’d my new fireworks toy to my Create Soulwell spell. And I look forward to getting the Bewitching Tea Set.

Which items do YOU want from the paragon caches?

The completionist in me shudders to think that I’ll run the Horde side just for the pets and toys but, after all, that is what this great game is all about — finding what you want and go getting it. I figure that I have about two years to get there.

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