BfA: Tranquility

“It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness.”
Thomas Jefferson

BfA: Tranquility

This spell has been the big raid-wide spell in our books forever. It is pretty. It is not quite strong enough to bail out a raid in trouble but it can top off a lot of players or get them on their way again.

In Legion, our artifact allowed us to cast this channeled spell on the move. Wonderful! But, really, it was too good. Gone was the choice and chance that this tremendous spell might be cut off because we ourselves had to move out of the fire.

Here is the Legion version:


Here is the Battle for Azeroth version:


Built in is a little bit of grace. The stacks begin when you start channeling. So, if you are forced to move at least you have a couple or three stacks on the players that still cooks along. The spell isn’t totally ruined because you might have to move.

The tool-tip shows a flat healing number at the end of the channeled spell; instead of that spell power multiplier. I don’t know if that number will go up — my character on the beta is a lowly 110, parked in town.

I like the stacks. It would have been almost painful to go back to the old version of the spell after the beauty of our artifact trait all through Legion.


BfA: Resto Druid Photosynthesis

“Science is spectrum analysis: Art is photosynthesis.”
Karl Kraus

BfA: Resto Druid Photosynthesis

We have a new top tier talent, currently testing on the Beta.

While your Lifebloom is on yourself, your Rejuvenations heal 20% faster.
While your Lifebloom is on an ally, your periodic heals on them have a 5% chance to cause it to bloom.

Also on this tier are two strong choices in Flourish and Germination.

Flourish is getting beefed up by adding two seconds and also folding in our artifact spell from Legion. And, I see, it is now 1.5 minutes instead of 1 minute; moving it from “off cooldown” to “incoming big damage”. This could be important on movement fights because Tranquility is changing back to “stand still to cast”.


As far as I know, Germination isn’t changing.

At a glance, this might be a nice spell on a tank. The tank could have many periodic heals going at once, so it could bloom right along. If tanks are as needful of heals as imagined in BfA, we might like it but the trade off is pretty rough.

In my opinion, the new Photosynthesis talent will be best used on very large raids. Even then Flourish might be the best option. It is tough to get Germination cooking on a lot of raiders.

In general:
Germination for mythic plus and dungeons of any kind and small groups.
Flourish for large groups, that 1.5 minute cooldown would have to line up with incoming damage.
Photosynthesis? Maybe in PvP situations where you can’t toss a lot of heals and those with the heals are running out of range. Maybe on a tank with a nasty mythic plus affix.

Personal Opinion:
I never liked Flourish. Clicking it off of cooldown felt tedious but necessary to get the most out of it. I’m a Germination healer, I love it even in the larger raids so having both on the same tier is nice because we’ll have access to Spring Blossoms.

Early Conclusion:
It is very nice to see any changes for the Resto Druid. We’ve “been in a good place” for several expansions with little change and few new things to play with in the game. Let us enjoy taking Photosynthesis for a test drive!