BfA: Efflorescence

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BfA: Efflorescence

Our mushroom spell is a stand-out because of it’s very visual presence on the stage. The Druid Healer can and should take part in a leadership role by casting the mushroom before the pull; dungeon or raid.

Dropping your mushroom early shows the tank and melee where to take the pull, usually encouraging line of sight pulls or avoiding pathing mobs. It also signals readiness-to-play which is a big factor. Too often it feels like some players have gotten lost in their noodles along the way, but not you!

During Pandaria, the raid design was very often “everyone stack and take a big pounding” and we had a mushroom to deal the damage by being able to pump up the mushroom and then detonate it for big heals. That stacking mechanic is not as common now.

In Battle for Azeroth, we have an azerite trait that is not as powerful but does have a detonate on demand: Fungal Essence. This will be an optional choice and we’ll have to see if our raids or dungeons have a “stack and share” mechanic.


We’ll learn or do our homework prior which encounters have stacking mechanics. If they do, then we’ll choose Spring Blossoms to jack up the through-put healing of the mushroom. If we are scattered and on the run then we might choose Stonebark for the tank or Inner Peace for more Tranquilities; handy when everyone is spread out.

NB: I end up saving my ammo. Using spells talents like Inner Peace or Flourish for big cooldown heals; either you have to know exactly when to use them or you end up saving them and really not using them or you blow through them off cooldown to jack up your numbers on the meters. In raiding progression, there might be assigned healing cooldowns but that is usually for a brief time while everyone learns the fight to avoid damage or until we gear out of the damage.

Almost all spells, it seems, on Wowhead have a WeakAuras Export. The Weak Auras addon is a “reminder tool”, usually a bar or symbol to tell you that a certain spell is ready to use. Players tend to pack those reminder symbols tight around their characters. When we’ve played in the current expansion, Legion, Blizzard duplicated a common aura of health and mana by placing those bars right under your character.


This export function is terrific and, again, almost any spell that you might want a reminder on with it’s readiness.

Resto-Druid: BfA Mythic Plus

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Resto-Druid: BfA Mythic Plus

I’m excited about Battle for Azeroth. I want to heal both raids and mythic plus dungeons. I look forward to those three-man island scenarios. I’m all about repeatable content; story-be-damned, I’m looking for the nuance in trash mobs.

Today’s date is: June 8th, 2018

And it IS the Beta, today we got one second added to our Tiger Dash! See, we knew things can change for the better.

Tiger Dash Activates Cat Form and increases movement speed by 200%, reducing gradually over (4) 5 sec. Druid – Level 30 Talent. Instant. 45 sec cooldown.

Once again I visited Questionably Epic, super smart guy, and the Battle for Azeroth Beta Changes. Look it over, it is good stuff.

Standing out are three nerfs to our Mythic Plus experience, I’ll cherry pick them from his posting:

Bear Form Stamina increase reduced to +25% (from +55%)
This is almost certainly a Mythic+ nerf. They’ve also increased the armor slightly (200% -> 220%) but we’ll feel this.

Changed: Abundance reduces Regrowth mana cost and increases crit chance by 6% per rejuvenation you have out.
This makes Abundance much more usable in raid while nerfing it in Mythic+.

Stonebark and Germination swapped places.
This is a heavy Mythic+ nerf since it prevents us from taking both Germ and Flourish.

And my thanks to Questionably Epic for the posting and commentary.

I assume that all healers have been nerfed for mythic plus dungeons because that would only be fair.

The three above nerfs are a bit sad because it was … fun … to drop to bear form because of predictable incoming damage. Talents and spells should be answers to questions like how do I deal with this mythic plus problem.



Healing Some Beta

“An audience is never wrong. An individual member of it may be an imbecile, but a thousand imbeciles together in the dark – that is critical genius.”
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Healing Some Beta

I’ve healed three of the dungeons that you can see on Normal in the BfA Beta.

  • It is the Beta, things can change.
  • It was on Normal in green 110 gear.
  • It was a random group.
  • My healing addon broke when entering each dungeon and disappeared.

My intention was to take a scenic tour and enjoy the new designs. Having no addon, my hands were suddenly full with clicking on players and casting spells. I didn’t get to see very much.

There are two outdoor zones that seem fairly linear.

There was a house that had many levels, stairs, hallways, cogged doors, a cellar and a basement. We had a Demon Hunter tank who knew the place and I’d guess that was why he was there, to learn how to get around this very confusing house. Most of his mob pulls were Line of Sight pulls, dragging the tagged mobs back around the corner.

I was using Germination and Spring Blossoms and Cenarion Ward. Even with bark and Wild Growth, which should have been a lot of heals — I couldn’t keep the tank topped off without spamming Regrowth. If he dropped below 50%, it was many Regrowths to get his health back up.

That was something to worry about.

It was Normal so you don’t expect a whole lot of damage. I don’t know if DHs got their self-heals nerfed or even if he was trying. There is so much that one can not know in the Beta. My intention was to ride the tank with heals so that he could run without stopping through the endless trash pulls but I blew through Mana to keep him up.

Still, except when our group got split up; no one died.

My guess is that future mythic plus runners are learning these dungeons today, by rote and by heart.

BfA: Healing and the Global Cool Down

“The world is being run by irresponsible spoiled brats.”
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BfA: Healing and the Global Cool Down

Only Healers have the Mass Rezz. If you are raiding, then it is your job to run back because no one else can do it. If you ever have wiped on Kin’garoth or Aggramar, this is a long run. I don’t want to talk about the Coven. I call it the Healer Penalty; punished for our class choice.

In Battle for Azeroth, Displacer Beast is gone. In it’s place is Wild Dash which replaces Dash. So, in Legion we had two speed cooldowns in Displacer Beast and Dash and in BfA we will have only one. And that one is a choice and neither are very good.

While Raiding or in a Dungeon, Wild Charge might be a good choice.

I tried making a pseudo-Displacer Beast with a macro /cast Travel Form and /cast Wild Charge; both instant spells but … we are now hampered hard with the new Global Cool Down rules which is about one second. Of course, you can not have Travel Form in an area with no mounts like most raids and dungeons. I also tried /cast Moonkin Form and /cast Wild Charge hoping for an instant leap backwards. No luck.

By adding the Global Cool Down to instant spells, Blizzard is slowing down the game. Yes, I read the blue post where they said that they were not trying to slow down the game but … they are. Not being able to quickly stack up HoTs with Rejuv and Germination will be a killer.

The new Global Cool Down rules are huge for game play; how we feel about our style. I assume that we will get used to it, clicking slow. Are the encounter designers baking in “slow” into their creations?

If toys go on the Global Cool Down, something inside of me will die. Stacking toys into one macro is the bread and butter of my blog traffic with “fun toy box macros”. It is something that I really enjoy. I can’t test this on the Beta because I don’t have any toys.


  1. I am not happy about the long run back after a wipe without two speed cool downs and with Dash being nerfed. Even in Legion I carried stacks of Swiftness Potions, gathered far away with bitter tears.
  2. I am supremely worried that I won’t be able to heal quickly. I might be forced to take Flourish to have another cool down besides Tranquility. Being forced into a talent is no fun.
  3. I think that the game play will plod along for everyone. Some spells are off the GCD, like interrupts; one question: will the tool tip reflect which are and which are not? You click a spell and expect it to happen and move to the next but that spell didn’t happen if on the cool down. Really, do we have to wait to confirm our spell has been cast?
  4. Toys and the Global Cool Down.

I’ve searched the BfA forums for any blue post that defends the removal of Displacer Beast and have found none. It is possible I missed something but I have seen zero feed back on Resto-Druid at all.

That is it! I’ll keep playing and I hope that my class doesn’t suck.