DMF Balloon Pets: Win!

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DMF Balloon Pets: Win!

I used Altoholic to see which of my alts were sitting on a bunch of Magical Pet Biscuits. I then used Katy Stampwhistle to mail them to my two raider mains.

Last night, in raid, I had my horse balloon out with a biscuit on it. Players were saying, “we have a piƱata!” and “what is that, where can I get one?”.

How satisfying!

I didn’t die until the first pull on Heroic Opulence, so I had the balloon up for the first three raid bosses. After that, I let it go; everything is inside and dark.

They are cute and fun and best served with a magical pet biscuit.

Here I am farming Meaty Haunch. Just look at that thing, it is like a beacon!


DMF: No Profession Points

CRITIC, n. A person who boasts himself hard to please because nobody tries to please him.
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DMF: No Profession Points

There is hope that this is a bug. Once I had tried the Alchemist’s quest in the Darkmoon Faire and did not get my five point skill-up. I stopped. Maybe my other characters can get theirs when they fix it.

If it was working as intended, then it feels mighty petty on the designer’s part!

It might be working as intended. If that is the case, on the rationale of their new “expansion bucket” system of only needing 150 points, then it is a crummy design. 95% of all characters are up-to-date with points maxed (up to BfA) without any interest in changing professions.

How about you? It feels worse than ever. I know many players in my guild who are crafting and scrapping endlessly to get Expulsion. Serious as a heart-attack, they are farming leather, in the cases that I know; crafting wrists and burning them in the Scrapper.

I think discovery is great in a game. I think that evolution really sucks. If their intention is to plow professions under the earth so we don’t do them: why not tell us? As we arrive at the conclusion that our profession mini-game, designed by Blizzard since the beginning, after our learned well-worn paths are found fruitless – that sort of evolution in design feels bad.

Super Dark Moon Faire

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Super Dark Moon Faire

The Darkmoon Faire is in town and it’s always fun to drop in on The Darkmoon Times. This is a fun blog site that has all sorts of stuff to look through.

I try to take full advantage of the DMF. +5 to my slow professions is welcome, quick and easy. I also use the quest tokens like the Ornate Weapon to stack on an upcoming Alt with the Wheee buff for xp. Today, my gathering specialist (Druid, Mining, Herbing) dinged 110! Very good for the cause.

And, I won’t be raiding tonight! It is rare for me to miss but I’ll be enjoying the Super Bowl with my sister. I think she’s going to have a Chili Bowl for food and I can’t miss that!

I have attended a Super Bowl. I consider it a highlight of my life mostly because so many people would really love to stand on the sidelines at one of the biggest events on the planet. Last year, I blogged four stories about that adventure and I link them below.

Go Team.


“The heyday of woman’s life is the shady side of fifty.”
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Sometimes it is hard to keep track of all of the stuff going on in WoW. Let me help you out.

Timewalking Event
Gnomecore pointed out (a long time ago, hence the reminder) that is it better to run five alts through the first TW dungeon than one character all the way through five dungeons. The first gives a quest with a reward of 500 badges. Collectively you will garner more badges in the same amount of time spent. Mind your Main though, they might want to do a full run for the AP quest reward.

Dark Moon Faire
It starts this Sunday. That can mean +5 to your profession points. Typically the final five are the hardest and most expensive but we have the DMF. I’m in a place where I don’t have recipes that can reward profession points: the DMF will be welcome. Bring some Flour with you.

A Single Cooking Profession Point
Our major cities still have that entry cooking quest. It still rewards one single point. If your goal is 800 and it drives you nuts, do the daily; you’ll get there.

Family Familiar
The pet battle achievement requires each class of pet to have battled certain Tamers. It is a World Quest and you can flip through your 110’s and do (for example) a Magic team on one character, flip to another to do Dragons. Even that fresh 110 with 700 gear you got from the Invasions and you leveled with … pet battling.

Winter Veil – Dec. 16th
It is in two weeks. If you want to make gold, post the outfits (green and red) and the boots on day one. You can also sell Small Eggs (I recommend farming owlkin in the Hinterlands) and even buy Cold Milk and sell it for 5g on the AH. Spend just a little time farming now so on Day One you can make gold (or friends) and not have a care in the world.

Darkmoon Faire: Legion

Then you may take me to the fair
If you do all the things you promise
In fact, my heart would break
should you not take me to the fair


Darkmoon Faire: Legion

For the first time since the pre-expansion patch, the Darkmoon Faire is open. On my hunter I wore my Scarlet Crusade Tabard and visited the Scarlet Quartermaster. Wowhead has not updated this NPC.

I bought the Ensemble: Chain of Scarlet Crusade for a whopping 10,000 gold. Clicking the Ensemble released a Chest, Wrist, Hands, Belt, Legs and Feet into my wardrobe. A nice little complete set in one swift click.

There was also a Cropped Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade which I did not buy. It cost 25,000 gold. This tabard looks like it is tucked in at the belt-line and I imagine some hard-core tmog guys will want it.

Thanks to the tip from Alternative Chat, I picked up the toy Sparklepony XL. Happily one of my alts had plenty of DMF tokens. This is a fun toy and must soon be macro’d to my favorite ground mount.

During my pre-Legion cleaning, I noticed one of my alts had the Darkmoon Fishing Cap. It summons a pool of Shipwrecked Debris. Thinking to chain a lot of goodies, I “used” it in Dalaran. It works. But … a one hour cooldown. Yes, it’s in the tooltip. Yes, I didn’t read the whole tooltip. Yes, I tossed it and walked away — wotta waste of what could be a fun thing.

I wonder what else is new at the Darkmoon Faire?