Me and Drippy

The story is that I was looking through my uncollected pets and found one called Lucy. After a google search of “wow lucy” I found in the comments an extensive explanation on how to get this elusive pet.

When you get the Calling to do three WQs in a zone with your trainee, occasionally you’ll get a special trainee. My character from Revendreth has a little dredger named Drippy. I’ve done the three quests but I am still lingering in Ardenweald because there is a once-every-five minute chance to get this little pet.

It is a full five minutes logged in to the character per chance. You kill any level 60 and Drippy will say something like, “Dredged up somethin’ interesting, boss”. You click on the sparkly and you get something. So far, no Lucy. I have gotten several Flawless Battle Stones and some potions and three pocket portals to Oribos and a Squeaky Rubber Duck fishing bobber and non-buff food that could heal you up.

So, I gave it a go yesterday for about an hour. And am on it this morning again. And I’ll likely give up soon. This form of farming is really bad. In game, five minutes is forever. You could stare at your character until he/she went AFK after a five minute time of no touching the mouse or keys. Or, as the comments on Lucy said, use /timer 300.

Outside of WoW, five minutes is nothing. I might get coffee or read headlines or visit my favorite bloggers. Or I might write this today. When the timer goes off, it gives a ding sound that I can hear when tabbed to other pages.

The heart-breaker is that I don’t care a whole lot about Lucy. I did want to try it. I’ll be glad to give it up and go turn in my quest. But — one more try.

I’m a sucker for one more try.