BfA: Resto Druid Photosynthesis

“Science is spectrum analysis: Art is photosynthesis.”
Karl Kraus

BfA: Resto Druid Photosynthesis

We have a new top tier talent, currently testing on the Beta.

While your Lifebloom is on yourself, your Rejuvenations heal 20% faster.
While your Lifebloom is on an ally, your periodic heals on them have a 5% chance to cause it to bloom.

Also on this tier are two strong choices in Flourish and Germination.

Flourish is getting beefed up by adding two seconds and also folding in our artifact spell from Legion. And, I see, it is now 1.5 minutes instead of 1 minute; moving it from “off cooldown” to “incoming big damage”. This could be important on movement fights because Tranquility is changing back to “stand still to cast”.


As far as I know, Germination isn’t changing.

At a glance, this might be a nice spell on a tank. The tank could have many periodic heals going at once, so it could bloom right along. If tanks are as needful of heals as imagined in BfA, we might like it but the trade off is pretty rough.

In my opinion, the new Photosynthesis talent will be best used on very large raids. Even then Flourish might be the best option. It is tough to get Germination cooking on a lot of raiders.

In general:
Germination for mythic plus and dungeons of any kind and small groups.
Flourish for large groups, that 1.5 minute cooldown would have to line up with incoming damage.
Photosynthesis? Maybe in PvP situations where you can’t toss a lot of heals and those with the heals are running out of range. Maybe on a tank with a nasty mythic plus affix.

Personal Opinion:
I never liked Flourish. Clicking it off of cooldown felt tedious but necessary to get the most out of it. I’m a Germination healer, I love it even in the larger raids so having both on the same tier is nice because we’ll have access to Spring Blossoms.

Early Conclusion:
It is very nice to see any changes for the Resto Druid. We’ve “been in a good place” for several expansions with little change and few new things to play with in the game. Let us enjoy taking Photosynthesis for a test drive!


Druid Healing: Late Legion

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”
Yogi Berra

Druid Healing: Late Legion

There is a fellow Druid on our raid team and we compare notes now and then. He is a super-smart guy with a real life job that has a security clearance. He explained to me the math behind crypto-currency one night. Yeah, that smart.

He is now using what he calls his Lazy Build. He is using the legendary chest and the Tearstone of Elune along with Soul of the Forest and Spring Blossoms. He casts Rejuvenation now and then but mainly he casts Wild Growth off of cooldown.

The chest supports our bonus set and has a ton of stats on it. The Tearstone can boost Wild Growth. Spring Blossoms is a boost to our mushroom.

His healing numbers are the same as mine. I am a more active healer using Germination and trying to anticipate damage. He said that his job is to do Druid Healing. The other healers, like a Holy Priest, should be chasing those with low health with their instant spells. It is almost a philosophy in healing.

I don’t think that I’ll change over to his style. This late in Legion, most of us have all of the legendary pieces and can move things around. And it is fun to change things around, especially as we face the same bosses over and over and know the choreographed encounters pretty well.

I like the role of Healer. And chasing down those with low health is part of the fun, even if it means being clumsy and spamming Regrowth because, while I love our Holy Priest: our group collectively can get caught in a bad spot. Whether the numbers are the same, I prefer to support individuals as well.

The point is: our healing as Druids can be done several ways and still be successful.


Druid Healing: Raids

“Cut out all these exclamation points. An exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Druid Healing: Raids

We’ve been in raids for about five months now. After some experimentation I’ve settled into a Talent build and am rooting it into my muscle memory which will make be a better healer.

I’ve learned some things too:

  • Tanks do need healing but they don’t need baby sitters.
  • Every healing class that I’ve seen is strong and viable.
  • There is no one talent build. I’ve healed side by side with other Druids with different builds and our through-put is close to the same.
  • Druid healing is a lot of fun with our Dash, Tree form and play-style.

Our bread is Rejuvenation. Our butter is Wild Growth. We have a nice array of jams and jellies to bring flavor to our experience. We Heal Over Time which is like a comforting padding to everyone around us.

Swiftmend is our only Instant cast spell. It is pretty powerful. I choose Prosperity so that I can have two charges. Ask Mr Robot’s Simulator tells me that Cenarion Ward will give me better numbers at the end of the raid but it’s not all about numbers.

You can cast Swiftmend and Rejuvenation on the run!

Soul of the Forest is married to Swiftmend. If a tank is in trouble, Swiftmend followed by Regrowth is strong with the choice of doing it again; Swiftmend followed by Regrowth or simply Rejuvenation to top off the tank. Otherwise, Swiftmend and Wild Growth to keep the raid cooking along.

The Affinities are nice and I do change them depending on the task.
If we are on farm, then Balance to add some dps and fight the dreariness of farming.
If we are rolling through bosses, then Feral for the cat-like feet.
If we are in progression, then Guardian to have more survivability.

If we could cheaply and easily swap talents, I’d be changing between Spring Blossoms and Germination all of the time. Since it is (currently) costly, I stick with Spring Blossoms and don’t worry about double-clicking on every raider.

I use Flourish. It is a constant challenge to remember to use it up, it is powerful; yet since it extends our heal-over-times you don’t “see” it as a result. Sometimes I wonder if I should macro it with Wild Growth and forget about it.

I would love to marry up Innervate and Incarnation: Tree of Life. With it’s three minute cool-down, I’d have to anticipate when to use it. I’ve yet to see that one specific hurdle in a raid where things are pounding us hard (maybe Gul’dan but the fight is so long Soul of the Forest is needed more).

I have one macro that would get me fired from the Healers Union of Resto-Druids (HURD):

#showtooltip Ironbark
/tar focus
/cast Ironbark
/cast Barkskin
/use 13
/use Stackable Stag

When we face an encounter, I pick a tank to “focus”. With the show-tool-tip, I can see when Ironbark is off cooldown. I figure when he needs it, I need it also so Barkskin is on me. I put my “on use” trinket in the top slot. And, you can’t resist the toy in a raid; it’s great.

If there is something (like Spew Corruption or Rot) which is cast on me and hard to heal through, I’ll not use a focus and let both Ironbark and Barkskin stack on me!

It isn’t always about the best build. Knowing your Talents and using them heartily is the key; just like life!

More Druid Healing Numbers

“Mathematics is the art of giving the same name to different things.”
Henri Poincare

More Druid Healing Numbers

Last night we ran Heroic EN, well under our three hour raid commitment. It was a bit rocky as our Raid Leader was super sick and we didn’t have all of our roster. We filled in our missing Resto-Shammy with another Holy Pally but we all did fine.

So, let’s look at some numbers!

These numbers are not progression fights. We are on farm and even in carry-mode for some player’s Alts. In one sense, the numbers are more “pure” reflecting rotation and potential but it also doesn’t reflect the reality of trying new stuff.

First up, Warcraft Logs. I have to say a thank you to Raid Advice, I now ask our Raid Leader to run logs on most nights. That whole website is really good.

Here is our Xavius Kill. At first glance, Warcraft Logs can be over-whelming. For healing, look at the bottom right: Healing Done by Source. Wrathsome, that’s me!

Okay, so it’s a stacking fight and I had higher numbers than the Holy Pallys but not by much at all. Nothing to crow about but instead it is reassurance that I’m in the ball-park and everyone is trying to play.

Second up, my own healing numbers on Xavius. If you click my name on the previous, it will lead to this screen.

So, what to look for? Way over on the right is “uptime %”. If, for example, Wild Growth is at 50% uptime then I need to make sure that I’m using that spell more. I also see that I could have got another Tranquility in, I think.

Now that we have this graph, let us compare to the Simulation from Ask Mr. Robot.

I hope this links works, does AMR cache stuff? Let’s try:

My Simulation should show my character with my talents and my gear and my potential. I can change talents and re-try the Sim.

The main thing, for me, is knowing which spells should be on top; am I missing anything crucial is the question.

By comparing my Warcraft Logs actual experience with the Sim, I can see if I am being weak or strong.

Also, by changing talents and re-running the AMR Simulator, I can see which builds should pump out the biggest numbers; potential. Whether that build is viable for cutting-edge progression is another story!

It is fun and interesting to look at Druid Healing Numbers, it can tune you up nicely. Even if you don’t do Raid Logs, you can Simulate yourself and change stuff around and see your potential.

Druid Healing Numbers

“You can’t base your life on other people’s expectations.”
Stevie Wonder

Druid Healing Numbers

I was reading Z is for Zeirah this morning, as I usually do most mornings. A very upbeat post called 2 new progression bosses, I’ll take that as a Christmas present! describes the further adventures of a well-played Druid.

Her last two paragraphs cover some discontent with her own performance as well as the class itself and it’s inherent short-comings.

Which led me to re-evaluate my own performance, of course! I also pore over Logs and run talent sims on AMR and use recount to compare myself with the other healers in the team: Resto-Shammy and Holy Pally.

Here are my thoughts, help me out if you can.


  • There is no way to tell if another player has the 35th (or 36, 37, 38…) Artifact trait which boosts healing by a percentage. Not on the Armory or in the Logs; if I was a True Detective I might look on AMR, that might tell me. That first 5% boost is huge and hidden.
  • Relics Matter.
    If I had the two Life Relics that boost Efflorescence by 5% and the one with a 10% boost to Swiftmend, my numbers would be stronger. As it is, I have a 2% Mana Regen relic and something that helps Ironbark (yikes).
  • Fights Matter.
    Spring Blossoms is a HoT (I so believe) and stacking fights will favor our healing numbers. Xavius is almost all stacking and I can “top the charts” if I get Sleep first and know my mana bar will re-fill — it’s just roll the dice, baby. The melee stack on Phase One of the first boss in ToV also makes me look pretty. Heavy movement like the Eye fight won’t make me look like the darling of the healing set.
  • Icy Veins says Haste, AMR says Crit.
    My guild master says that sometimes you just have to experiment on your own, swap around the things you can control and see what happens.
  • Be Fair To Yourself.
    Some fights (especially the opening 15 seconds) don’t need heals at all. I spam Moonfire and Wrath on the Dragon fight for the whole first half of the fight if not all. Plus, players take much less damage when they know the dance.
  • Only Look at Kills.
    It is not helpful to look at numbers on a wipe or if you died, even for 10 seconds — the numbers are not honest.
  • Legendaries Matter.
    It looks like the Ring and the Wrist are the big shots. I have a good ring and a dumb ring, really dumb.
  • Be Patient.
    Patch 7.1.5 is a massive re-tuning and balancing of classes; we are playing broken, so to speak.

Druid healing is a handful. If we look past the kills and decide to go deeper and look at performance; our healing demands a lot of clicks and not all are as selective as we may like (smart heals and random procs). Which makes this class totally fun to play; we have to dash and heal and dispell and watch our bars and the fight itself.

The nerf to Prosperity which means our Swiftmend and Wild Growth don’t cleanly line up feels like a designer is running five feet ahead of me and trying to trip me at every step. That’s just mean, man.

The AMR simulator has been a help. It tells me that Wild Growth should be my top spell followed by Rejuvenation. That is very hard to do and I don’t have unlimited Mana. I got a Weak Aura to remind me when WG is ready but I am still not doing it on cooldown because … sometimes everyone is healthy!

I have fun healing. I’ll cast Tranq if is near a kill and announce that I’m padding the charts. I love putting down my mushroom three seconds before a pull to show the melee where to stand. I like Displacer Beast (it will be nerfed) and Dash and Tree Form.

Bring on the next raid, raids love Druid healers.

Druid Healing: Emerald Nightmare

“People in their right minds never take pride in their talents.”
Scout Finch

Druid Healing: Emerald Nightmare

My Talent choices are: Prosperity, Displacer Beast, Guardian Affinity, Mass Entanglement, Soul of the Forest, Spring Blossoms, Flourish.

My starting point was and continues to be: Resto Druid Legion Survival Guide for 7.0 by Restokin. The best in the business.

Blizzard locks in your choices unless you leave to town or have a Change-Your-Mind Tome. When we were in new progression where every fight was new and a challenge, I used Stonebark and Cenarion Ward until the tanks got their swaps down.

Seeing all of your players scattered about, you’d not think Efflorescence would be much use but looking at the logs: it is very powerful. Expect to shine on stacking bosses: Nythendra, Ursoc, Dragons of Nightmare and Xavius (very much on Xavius).

Dragons is fun because the group is split. When there are three healers, I am often on the island and responsible solely for my group. Druids do this very well except when you Displacer Beast right out of a portal into … say, Feralas.

For the longest time, I used Typhoon to help get the blobs next to the Eye. Now, I have a stupid Legendary Sephuz’s Secret. While the stats are great, I’m trying (perhaps foolishly) to weave in Entangling Roots to get the 15% Haste proc for ten seconds. I don’t want to interfere with the tanks by using a knock-back over and over, hopefully Entangling Roots isn’t even noticed.

The idea of using Innervate as a raid cooldown simply doesn’t go over with my group. I have it twice on my action bar, one is a macro that is targeting me. Mana is rarely an issue except for The Eye. We are *this close* to potting and heroism on the first phase in there to finish him off.

Without true tier sets, the Emerald Nightmare is an entry raid. There is no need to pug into another group to get that fourth piece using a dedicated bonus roll. Settling into a stock Talent Tree will make you confident.

My gem choice and enchants are all Haste. Theory has it that this will be better for raiding. I waffle and panic and think I want to change them all to Crit almost every day — but, it is only the first raid; relax!

While you are raiding, one finds themselves returning again and again to guides. Understanding what your spells do and how to use them needs reinforcement from the experts!

We’ll talk about Trial of Valor some other day but I suspect Inner Peace will be awesome on the second boss.

The Spirit is Willing

Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

The Spirit is Willing

Our raid team is on Heroic Emerald Nightmare, we’ve cleared up to Cenarius but have yet to face him. By the time we get there, it is a new week and a reset. This is all well and good, learning the progressive encounters is a lot of fun.

Last night was rough. Our Paladin healer could not make it, she was sick. I have no idea beyond “she got bad news” which makes my mind think the worse! She is the kind of gal who will open her mic so we can all hear her cat — adorable and fun, both she and the cat.

Our Druid tank is proving to be spotty. I think it is an ever-shifting job schedule that can be last minute. So, we had one of our DPS go Bear for the evening — I don’t think he was very happy but willing, willing to do it for the group.

Now to my point. The tanks on Ursoc were learning their swaps and taking a beating. So, I swapped talents: Prosperity to Cenarion Ward, Flourish to Stonebark — just like you would do. While we didn’t quite kill that boss, and so the numbers are not really “true”, what is surprising is that my numbers via Warcraft Logs didn’t really change as far as output!

On the last pull, why not: I changed from Spring Blossoms to Germination — mana beware. I was now in my Dungeon build.

I almost never change Talents in mid-raid. So, this isn’t a test bed by any means but I think in the goal of making Talent play-styles viable — that they’ve succeeded. Whether one is somewhat better or one is more situational or I have more points in a certain Artifact trait — overall, I should feel comfortable exploiting my favorite Talent build as “my build”.

That is a relief.

1,2,3,3,1,1,3 is my raiding build and I like the rhythm of spell casting. The team is learning to take care of itself on big bursties like the transition on the spider/bird. As the team gets more adept, we need to heal less and less; my goal to “pad” the raid with HoTs begins to make more sense until … we move to Trail of Valor on Sunday!