Elemental Brawler

“With experience in boxing, you learn how to be a scientific boxer and how to fight easy.”
Manny Pacquiao

Elemental Brawler

I got the idea for this team from this guide on Youtube. Fellow blogger Alunaria commented that she used a Burn set which sounds like fun. My choice was the AoE Cyclone set.


I have to say that, for me, that this class simply feels “elementally” (elementalish?). The weather and storms and burns and lightning all have the savory flavor of a good class design.

I like this a lot. In this screen grab, you can see that I used the Pandaren Water Spirit. In this slot I also used the Droplet of Y’Shaarj which I borrowed from a friend for a few days. The droplet has Dreadful Breath which is an additional AoE. It is a brutal team.

The advantage, I felt, of the Pandaren Water Spirit is that Dive takes two turns (not the three of Dreadful Breath) so I could get Cyclone back up off cooldown and it is a pretty powerful pet to finish off that last guy who has been smacking you while his backline was dying.

Cyclone, Rain Dance, Acid Raid. Toss in a heal from Drafty now and then, just to make ’em hurt.

The achievement design is a good one. Once you’ve gotten ten wins with your class set, you have a pretty good understanding of your team and the spells and the strategy. Then you move on to the next.

I can feel my attitude changing too. I started off, way back on Dragonkin Brawler, with the mind set of sequentially going pet by pet with an attack set. I can see the advantages of swapping now where before it felt like I was losing a turn when swapping.

Three more to go; Humanoid, Magic and Flying.