Feast of Winter Veil: Tomorrow!

“Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art.”
Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

Feast of Winter Veil: Tomorrow!

I hope that you are as excited as I am for this in-game holiday.

Some research on Wowhead has shown:

Hearthstation/ Hearthstation is a new toy which sets out an “improved” Hearthstone table to play!

Not confirmed where this gift is from, but it is likely from Gently Shaken Gift as last year’s present Disposable Winter Veil Suits has likely moved to the Stolen Present

The 2017 Winter Veil Gift is Toy Weapon Set/ Toy Weapon Set and awards the achievement Don’t Play With That In The House. The items will probably allow you to spar with other players with special abilities, much like during the World Quest Jed’hin Tournament.

A new pet was added: Globe Yeti. Likely a wild battle pet, but it is currently unknown where to find it.

As a goblin, I know that some players are very interested in the new Allied races and leveling them up from 20 in the new scaling zones. So, back to the garrison on WoD for me!

The daily quests send us over to Frost Fire Ridge, one needs to be level 100 but I have several 110s. My interest is in the Savage Gift and “might” drop an Elixir of the Rapid Mind.

5 Merry Supplies can also be spent on Savage Gift. This can contain:
Resources: Apexis Crystal, Oil, Garrison Resources
Rare chance at: Frozen Arms of a Hero, Elixir of the Rapid Mind, Medallion of the Legion
Very rare chance at the Minion of Grumpus mount. This is the only mount that has the same model as Challenger’s War Yeti.

Elixir of the Rapid Mind
Item Level 1
Use: Increases experience gain by 300% for 15 min. Does not work for players above level 99. (15 Min Cooldown)
“Smells faintly of lavender.”
Max Stack: 20

This is a very fun elixir, one of my own strategies is to run a bunch of pet battles and a bunch of the DMF quests but not turn them in, then use the Elixir to turn in over 20 quests! Here is a link to my three strats using this Elixir.

So, I plan on farming them and selling them when the Allied Races become a thing.

Does it sound like fun?

PS: I also farm Mistletoe because I love it.


Elixir of the Rapid Mind: Pandaria

Batty: Time… enough.
Blade Runner

Elixir of the Rapid Mind: Pandaria

Today’s date is: July 10, 2016.

A lot of players dread leveling through Pandaria, probably because it is only five levels!

The Elixir of the Rapid Mind is a reward from garrison missions. Some also were rewarded during the Winter Veil holiday dailies. They are currently sold on my realm’s Auction House for under 3000 gold; cheap.

My two other Elixir strategy guides are all about racking up over 20 max-level quests and turning them in under the influence of this 300% xp boost within 15 minutes.

This Pandaria Guide is completely different in that you are “saving time”.

You will need:

  • To be Level 85.
  • One Elixir of the Rapid Mind
  • A Very Good Friend at level 100.

The strategy is:

  • You both go into the Temple of the Jade Serpent dungeon (on normal).
  • The Level 85 will drink the elixir and then log out.
  • The Very Good Friend will speed run the dungeon.
  • At the final boss, the Level 85 logs in for the kill and dungeon xp credit.
  • Both step out of the dungeon, reset instance, enter, log out, repeat the speed run.

It takes two runs for one level (specifically 49% of a level per run with heirlooms). One run took me seven minutes. I think with just a few more runs that I could shave off some time. We did not have the Wheeee buff from the DMF or any other xp buff.

My Level 85 was soon “89 yet close to 90” on the last run and jumped to 90 and a half but we were trying it for the first time and so there may be some variations. We did another run at 90 but the xp reward was much smaller.

The Temple of the Jade Serpent works because after the final boss kill, the doors will open up to go straight to the beginning, no long run back.

Any 100 level character will work, of course. I chose my Boomkin Druid for the starfall on the mobs while I was running to the next boss.

This strategy is to have the player log out so that it extends the time on the Elixir. That player can do anything in that six minute window while the speed run is happening but must be present for the xp sequence!

Editor’s Footnote: If the player is between 82 and 85, I recommend the Vortex Pinnacle. This is because the runner can jump over the edge and get a whirlwind ride back to the dungeon entrance.

Have fun with it!

Elixir of the Rapid Mind 40 to 46

“If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.”
― Mario Andretti

Elixir of the Rapid Mind — Level 40 to 46

Turning in 22 max level quests in under 15 minutes is the challenge. Full heirloom gear and the Whee! buff from the DMF carousel will help me out.

For this run, you will need:

  • To be level 40
  • The Dark Moon Faire
  • The Elixir of the Rapid Mind potion (300% xp boost for 15 minutes)
  • Cooking and Fishing at (at least) level 75
  • Journeyman Riding (learned at level 40)
  • I used my Water Strider mount
  • Pre-complete the Beasts of Fable on your main.
  • Pre-complete What We’ve Been Training For
  • The five DMF tokens
    • Monstrous Egg
    • Imbued Crystal
    • A Treatise on Strategy
    • Ornate Weapon
    • Mysterious Grimoire
  • A Hearth set at the Shrine in Pandaria

I waited until the Dark Moon Faire came to town.
I chose Darnassus for the fishing and cooking daily. This is because I felt that I could get around faster on my Water Strider mount running across the water than I would in Stormwind running between the canals.
I took the portal to the DMF from Darnassus and did the fishing, cooking and the two pet battles.
I picked up the Whee! buff for a 10% XP boost for the turn-ins.
I did the pet tamer dailies in Elwynn Forest, Stranglethorn and Thorium point and I did the Big Four, in which the quest turn-ins float under your mini-map.

  • Westfall
  • Raven Hill
  • Booty Bay
  • Redridge

Now, for the race! I finished the pet tamer in Thorium Point and drank my Elixir of the Rapid Mind.

  1. Turn in quest at Thorium Point
  2. Turn in the Big Four quests floating under your mini-map
  3. Hearth to the Shrine
  4. Turn in Beasts of Fable (x3) and the pvp pet battle quest
  5. Race to the port and go to Darnassus
  6. Turn in fishing and cooking daily
  7. Port to DMF
  8. Learn the quests from the tokens
  9. Turn in tokens, fishing, cooking and the two pet tamer quests at DMF
  10. Leave DMF and ride to the tamer in Elwynn Forest
  11. Take the Goldshire flight point to the Rebel Camp in Stranglethorn
  12. Ride like the wind to Steven Lisbane
  13. Have three minutes left on your Elixir and 22 minutes left on your Whee! buff.
  14. Done and done!

Six levels is pretty good. From the Beasts of Fable quests, I got a Mountain Panda Pet and Flawless Critter Battle Stone.

Elixir of the Rapid Mind: How to.

The primary factor in a successful attack is speed.
Lord Mountbatten

Elixir of the Rapid Mind

Elixir of the Rapid Mind
Item Level 1 

Use: Increases experience gain by 300% for 15 min. Does not work for players above level 99. (10 Min Cooldown)
"Smells faintly of lavender."
Max Stack: 20

This is a very powerful potion. It is the reward from the follower mission called Arokkoa Mastery. I’ve gotten two, so it’s not terribly common. Still, the beauty of this potion is that it can be sold and so found on the Auction House.

There are a few guides out there on how to maximize their use. I like mine the best, of course. Mine can be done at level 75 up to level 97. That is a wide range.

What you will need:

  • Elixir of the Rapid Mind
  • Fishing and Cooking
  • Fast Flying
  • Pet Battling
  • Hearthstone set in the Shrine in Pandaria

The foundation of this strategy is that the pet, fishing and cooking dailies always give the maximum quest experience no matter what your level might be at the time. So, the fishing daily in Stormwind at level one would give you the max quest XP of your level, even if you are 97.

The key is to do a string of dailies but do not turn in your quests. Let them be question marks, ready to go: it takes discipline! Stack up your quests until you have a bunch and then drink the elixir and dash, run, fly and flee to the turn-ins in 15 minutes.

You can do it!

You will do:

  • Beasts of Fable quests (3) in Pandaria, this can be done with your high level toon; it is across all of your account.
  • Fishing and Cooking daily in Dalaran
  • Fishing and Cooking daily in Stormwind
  • All the pet battle Tamers in the Eastern Kingdom (I skipped the one near Kara and the one in the Swamp of Sorrows due to long flight time).

The last pet battle Tamer will be the one by Light’s Hope Chapel, way north in the Eastern Kingdoms. This is where you will drink your potion (after the battle!). Along the way, while doing the pet battle guys you will be carrying instant turn-ins from Westfall, Duskwood, Booty Bay and Redridge: which means you will not have to return to those areas for turn-ins!

Here we go:

  • After you finish your pet battle at Light’s Hope Chapel — drink your elixir and turn in the quest and the four quests floating under your mini-map.
  • Take the flight path to the Hinterlands, turn in pet battle quest.
  • Port to the Shrine — turn in the three Beasts of Fable (four if you did the pvp pet battle one).
  • Race to the portal to Dalaran
  • Turn in the Fishing, then the Cooking dailies, then take the portal next door to SW
  • Turn in the Fishing and Cooking dailies in SW.
  • Fly to Elwynn Forest, turn in pet battle tamer quest.
  • Fly to Stranglethorn, turn in pet battle tamer quest.
  • Fly to Burning Steppes (this is a long flight, you should still have five minutes!).
  • Fly to Searing Gorge for the last pet battle tamer quest.

That is it! Seventeen max xp quests turned in and done in 15 minutes. It’s tight.

Since the older content gets nerfed, the xp you gain from WotLK, Cata and MoP will be much higher. Meaning that you can get almost three levels doing this elixir guide. I did this same strategy at level 91 and got a level and a half.

At around level 79 or 80, you could fold in the Argent Tourney dailies and drop the last four pet tamers (trading four quests up to eight quests).

Your quest log will need to hold that many quests! I hated deleting my in-progress quests the first time I did this, I wish they’d open up the quest log to hold many more.

There you have it:
A speed run with the Elixir that is fun and spans almost any level your character might be. You could to a variation on this at a lower level, skipping Dalaran, as well.

Happy Hunting
And may all your hits … be crits!

Edit: Consider the turn-ins at the Darkmoon Faire:

Darkmoon Despoiler
Turn in all nine Darkmoon Artifacts.

These can be bought off the AH or possibly already in your bags!