Hearthcast and Eonar’s Verdant Embrace

“Sometimes, we are literally watching. Sometimes, you could be fighting a dragon, and there could be an invisible gnome flying in mid-air, overhead, looking down at you. … Gnomes. Specifically – only gnomes, actually. No other races, just gnomes … watching your every move, and laughing at you when you wipe.”
Ion Hazzikostas

Hearthcast and Eonar’s Verdant Embrace

If you listen to a podcast long enough, the hosts begin to feel like old friends. This is the case for me with Hearthcast with Rewt and Freckleface. I’ve enjoyed their work for years now even though now they cover the card game as well as WoW. Funny and regular people simply playing and talking about their experiences; I can expect about an hour per cast. This is ideal for me. If you have to go farm some herbs, this is one way to pass the time.


Here is their selfie — don’t you want to hang with these guys?

Eonar’s Verdant Embrace is the proc off the Pantheon trinket in the Burning Throne raid. My raid team finally has four (with more to surely come along) of the trinkets and we are starting to see them proc during the fights. I think we got three off of a six minute fight. Curious, I decided to now track it using my Weak Auras add on. Here is Wowheads page on Eonar’s Verdant Embrace. Almost any spell now has a quick copy and paste within the Wowhead page for Weak Auras. Feel free to add any spell that you might want to follow or are curious about it’s usage.


The new Wakening Essences will give you a free random legendary piece. I’ve only been mildly interested because I think I am very close to having them all already. The cost to purchase is 1000 and I am at 990! Egads, now I REALLY want to know what I’ll get! Tomorrow, fer shure, I’ll get my Purified Titan Essence.

Blizzard released it’s Developer Watercooler BfA Class Design Overview and there will be a Live Developer Chat next Tuesday. Cynically, I think all the design stuff will be about Mythic Plus Dungeon speed runs and that will be the designer’s focus for Battle for Azeroth. We’ll see!



Eonar’s Compassion

“Life is hard. After all, it kills you.”
Katharine Hepburn

Eonar’s Compassion

This trinket drops off of Argus on Normal, Heroic and Mythic. The trinket is the same, no matter the raid level; it always starts at 940. It is a Pantheon trinket, meaning (eventually) our raid will get it’s secondary proc as well; but only in the raid.

I won this last night. The prior two times that I had been in on an Argus kill, I had won the tokens that upgrade it by five points. As you can see, I’ve upgraded it.


As a trinket, it is not very bad ass. I’m told that it will only offer about a 3% amount to my healing, which is not much. However, it will get stronger as I add to it’s points up to, finally, 1000.

The reason for posting today is to show how the numbers improve with the advancement of the trinket levels. Not only does the Intellect go up but the Blossom and the Pantheon both increase. That really is the question, do the healing procs go up as the trinket gets points!

LFR runners won’t see this trinket and, really, won’t miss it. It isn’t a game changer.