Family Brawler

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”
Muhammad Ali

Family Brawler


It took me two weeks to run this series of achievements. It was fun and interesting. Some classes are strong and some are weak but it can be done.

Handy Notes:

  • I found this cheat sheet good to review before starting a new class.
  • Make multiple teams and rotate them, on my realm there were only a few battlers and I’d recognize them and I’m sure they knew me … and how I’d play. Multiple teams switches that up some. I use Rematch to make and save teams.
  • Spread play time out! If you have the time, scatter the battles at different times of the day so you don’t face the Pros from Dover, over and over.
  • This Family Brawler youtube channel can help you pick out some strong pets to use and try out.
  • I did Family Fighter first and that helped me learn which pets had strong spells. I’ve been using the Xu Fu guides throughout Legion.
  • Have something else going. Waiting five minutes for a pet battle is a heart-breaker.

I’m glad I did it and I’m glad I’m done. I think I’d have to win 100 more to get the other achieves for pvp pet battles with teams at 25. Without the class restriction, I might go for it … over the next few months.

Hoo-ray, done and done!


Flying Brawler

“If it seems like you are playing around and not practicing, that’s when you know you really love it.”
Jack Johnson

Flying Brawler

The final one and done. I’m glad I saved the Flyers for last.


My team was not a set team at all. I switched things around for every fight because it was so fun! After the challenges of Magic and others, this class played well and strong.


There is a very wide range of choices with flying with plenty of boosts to your spells, dodges, decoys, health-ups and more.

And, they are pretty.

Humanoid Brawler

“I like fighters who come to fight.”
Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Humanoid Brawler

Finally some free time to pvp pet battle again! This time I really did make good use of the videos from Warcraft Pets, especially his “cheap team”.


Recognizing that my opponents see me repeatedly, I premade three teams this time. I rotated through my three Humanoid teams to keep the opponent off balance. It worked pretty well, I do suggest Rematch as an addon.




Okay. Nine of ten now with only Flyers to go. I’m still having fun, how about you?

Magic Brawler

“Once that bell rings you’re on your own. It’s just you and the other guy.”
Joe Louis

Magic Brawler

This week I remembered to get What We Are Training For so I would earn the bag of pet goodies. I think I got three bandages and a magical biscuit. As anticipated, Magic Brawler was kind of tough. Certain teams and classes can pwn you. But, you can win a few too.


This was the team for my last battle. I switched through many pets, trying to find combinations that I liked. The Enchanted Torch and the Blood Boil were fun. These three, I like because they can be sneaky. The top pet can change our opponent to Undead. My second pet likes to Powerball against Undead! It made me smile while playing.


While doing professions in Legion, I felt that the designers forced us into circumstances like dungeons or raids on the hope that if we tried it that we’d like it; it was just so good. It is a bit of the same with pvp pet battles; this achievement, I’d wager, is the hope that if we would simply try their game that we’d like it: it is that good.

As a project for an achievement, this series is great. I’ve learned to spread out the times played so as not to get into a groove against another single opponent who now knows you and your intention. I can see that achieve with 250 won on the horizon and it would be a grind to get there — which is why there are teams with Haunt and a Molten Corgi and a Bunneh.

Eight down and two to go! Humanoid is next and then Fliers.

Elemental Brawler

“With experience in boxing, you learn how to be a scientific boxer and how to fight easy.”
Manny Pacquiao

Elemental Brawler

I got the idea for this team from this guide on Youtube. Fellow blogger Alunaria commented that she used a Burn set which sounds like fun. My choice was the AoE Cyclone set.


I have to say that, for me, that this class simply feels “elementally” (elementalish?). The weather and storms and burns and lightning all have the savory flavor of a good class design.

I like this a lot. In this screen grab, you can see that I used the Pandaren Water Spirit. In this slot I also used the Droplet of Y’Shaarj which I borrowed from a friend for a few days. The droplet has Dreadful Breath which is an additional AoE. It is a brutal team.

The advantage, I felt, of the Pandaren Water Spirit is that Dive takes two turns (not the three of Dreadful Breath) so I could get Cyclone back up off cooldown and it is a pretty powerful pet to finish off that last guy who has been smacking you while his backline was dying.

Cyclone, Rain Dance, Acid Raid. Toss in a heal from Drafty now and then, just to make ’em hurt.

The achievement design is a good one. Once you’ve gotten ten wins with your class set, you have a pretty good understanding of your team and the spells and the strategy. Then you move on to the next.

I can feel my attitude changing too. I started off, way back on Dragonkin Brawler, with the mind set of sequentially going pet by pet with an attack set. I can see the advantages of swapping now where before it felt like I was losing a turn when swapping.

Three more to go; Humanoid, Magic and Flying.


Beast Brawler

“In boxing, everybody has their favorites.”
Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns

Beast Brawler

Running the Beast class was a lot of fun. There were plenty of choices and ways to imagine a team.


The All-Star Beast is the Thaumaturgic Piglet. Arcane Dash does a shocking amount of damage and Pig Out is a nice little heal. The Direhorn Family has a sturdy set of moves and for my second slot, I traded in different pets as I played for variety.


I faced a team of two Sunflowers and a Magical Crawdad. The pets were named. One was You, the second was Should and the third was Leave. A pure healing set. That Piglet beat the arrogant little snot. I’m sure he was upset. I’m guessing that Sunlight helped my little Pig Out too.

There is one player that I keep facing. He is using the Unborn Val’kyr with Haunt and the Puppy that hides behind mirror images for several rounds; you know the one. It is a tough team to beat and I typically lose. My quandary is: should I build a team just for this guy? I don’t like that idea at all.

Elemental will be next and I think it’s going to be tough. Warcraft Pets has a forum with a video in it. The video, as most WoW tutorials go, is fast with the speaker zooming through the material; just watch his mouse fly about the panes. There is no hope of reading the pet’s tooltips but he does have some good suggestions on strong pets. I think for Elemental that I’ll visit his video and some of the other forums because I think that this will be a tough class to play.


Aquatic Brawler

“Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.”
Iron Mike Tyson

Aquatic Brawler

Those splashing sounds are not from my pet’s spells, they are from my tears hitting the keyboard.


I shuffled around quite a bit to find a team. I missed having Flurry or Darkness, Aquatic isn’t very interesting.


Three Puddle Terror with Sunlight, a five-turn heal and an offensive spell. Sunlight stays up for five turns and increases your healing by 50%. Open with Sunlight, then the heal and then begin shooting the other guy down. Each turn is crucial!

Sometimes I would cast a heal and shuffle my pet to the back of the deck and bring out a fresh one (letting the original heal up on the back row). It is all about survival and slowly taking down the other guy. Yep, I did win against a three-bird set where any other Aquatic team had been roasted by their first pet only. So, I’d call this a Hopeful Set.

I had a time of facing the same opponent over and over. I went an ran an LFR. It feels better facing another class team, I kind of sniff at players who bring a specialized team not based on class. Y’gotta have class to play this game!