Peddlefeet’s Lovely Hearthstone

“Do the best you can, and don’t take life too serious.”
Will Rogers

Peddlefeet’s Lovely Hearthstone

And lovely it is!

The feet go up to make you float. You pull on a bow with a heart arrow, sparkles come from the tip, small hearts flitter and finally a big heart finishes the cast.

I don’t recommend any macro, this is spectacular enough as it is. I had early thoughts of sparkles and bubbles but it gets way too busy and messy.






Yes, I think this toy stands alone without any extras.


Lunar Elder’s Hearthstone Macro’d

“A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin.”
H. L. Mencken

Lunar Elder’s Hearthstone Macro’d

The Lunar Festival is here! After honoring your Elders and gathering 30 Elder’s Coins, you can purchase this new toy.

Lunar Elder’s Hearthstone
Item Level 1
Binds when picked up
Use: Returns you to . Speak to an Innkeeper in a different place to change your home location. (30 Min Cooldown)
“Return home in the wisest way possible!”

World Event: Lunar Festival

The toy is account wide and will return you to whichever inn that character has chosen.

Since the tooltip says, “Return home in the wisest way possible!” I think it is time to add some fun toys to the visual. The hearth has several stages of animation with kneeling, wise waving of the arm and finally a firework to hasten your departure.

How about waving that arm to smell your popcorn AND the foul smell of a noisy fart?

I’m sorry, folks, it has to be done.

#showtooltip Lunar Elder's Hearthstone
/cast Pretty Draenor Pearl
/cast Foul Belly
/cast Bubble Wand
/cast Everlasting Alliance Firework
/cast Hot Buttered Popcorn
/cast Lunar Elder's Hearthstone

We cast, we kneel, we fart, beg pardon.

Behold! My magic popcorn!




Here is my Gnome, you can see the bubbles well in this screenshot.

Oh, it smells so good.

Greatfather Winter’s Hearthstone Macro’d

“One may have a blazing hearth in one’s soul and yet no one ever came to sit by it. Passers-by see only a wisp of smoke from the chimney and continue on their way.”
Vincent Van Gogh

Greatfather Winter’s Hearthstone Macro’d

Let’s have a little fun. It needs just a little more pizzazz.

#showtooltip Greatfather Winter's Hearthstone
/cast Pretty Draenor Pearl
/cast Everlasting Alliance Firework
/cast Hot Buttered Popcorn
/cast Greatfather Winter's Hearthstone

How about some fireworks to call notice to you.
How about getting some shiny.
How about munching on popcorn while you wait for the cast?

The toy is account wide, it can replace all of your hearthstones and free up a slot in your bags.

Happy Holidays!

Tiny Mechanical Mouse (not) Macro’d

“Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.”
Groucho Marx

Tiny Mechanical Mouse (not) Macro’d

This new toy is pretty great. Your character will kneel down to put the mouse on the ground. Your pet will chase it about for a full thirty seconds with a mere twenty minute cooldown. It is amusing, fun and well worth the steep price of five hundred polished pet charms.

A screen shot shows nothing really, I’m sorry. Get the toy yourself and enjoy it!

I have NOT been able to make a macro, which bums me out.

I tried:

/cast tiny mechanical mouse


/summonpet Stardust
/cast tiny mechanical mouse

In both cases the pet shows up, the toy shows up, BUT the pet ignores the mouse! This is a big amusing in itself but … not what I want.

If you can figure it out, I’d appreciate it. I think a note via the Suggestion Box is in order.

Until then, I’ll summon a pet. And then use the toy. It is fun!

BfA: I Know You Rider

“The process of selecting the tone on the guitar is an aesthetic process like any other, so you try a lot of different things.”
Jerry Garcia

BfA: I Know You Rider

I’ve made many mount macros. I usually call them a generic Rider because I’ll change the mount but keep the spells. Or I’ll swap some spells.

#showtooltip Crimson Water Strider
/cast Everlasting Alliance Firework
/cast Prismatic Bauble
/cast Bubble Wand
/cast Pretty Draenor Pearl
/cast Crimson Water Strider

Here is my current. Many people are using the Water Strider mount. You should be able to copy and paste right off of this page. You might not have the Bauble but I’m sure you have the Bubbles and the Sparkles. /rfp means “random favorite pet”.

It makes you feel like you are moving with a purpose!


Prismatic Bauble Macro’d

Some day we’ll find it
The rainbow connection
The lovers, the dreamers, and me.

Kermit the Frog

Prismatic Bauble Macro’d

A big shout out to Cinder Says for reminding us that the Mad Merchant sells the Prismatic Bauble. Visit Rainbow Bright for information and some great screen shots.

Prismatic Bauble
Item Level 110
Binds when picked up
Use: Shimmer with all of the colors of the rainbow for 20 sec. (2 Min Cooldown)
“Light is reflected thousands of times within, creating the illusion that the gem is glowing.”
Sell Price: 1

Vendor: The Mad Merchant

This is a great toy that looks best with movement. With a two minute cooldown, making a macro for your mount makes sense (especially if you are farming, it is up a lot).


I couldn’t help myself, I made a macro for a lot of things! Here are some examples:

#showtooltip Darkmoon Dirigible
/use Bubble Wand
/use Vindicator's Armor Polish Kit
/use Everlasting Alliance Firework
/use Prismatic Bauble
/use Darkmoon Dirigible

#showtooltip Dreamwalk
/use Everlasting Alliance Firework
/cast Bubble Wand
/use Titanium Seal of Dalaran
/cast Prismatic Bauble
/cast Dreamwalk

#showtooltip Dash
/cast Dash
/use Bubble Wand
/use Fandral's Seed Pouch
/use Prismatic Bauble
/use Vrykul Drinking Horn

#showtooltip Displacer Beast
/cast Displacer Beast
/cast Prismatic Bauble
/cast Stackable Stag

#showtooltip Flight Master's Whistle
/use Prismatic Bauble
/use Everlasting Alliance Firework
/use Kaldorei Wind Chimes
/use Flight Master's Whistle

It is an expensive toy, best bought this late in the expansion. Use it a lot!!


Doomsayer’s Robes Macro’d

“Alas, regardless of their doom, the little victims play! No sense have they of ills to come, nor care beyond today.”
Thomas Gray

Doomsayer’s Robes Macro’d

Doomsayer’s Robes
Item Level 1
Binds when picked up
Use: Disguise yourself as a Doomsayer. (1 Hour Cooldown)
“Recently washed.”

Drop: World Creatures

Thank Elune that they are recently washed!

There is a new toy in town, the enemy’s town. The Discord Secret group has found the place to find this toy as reported by Icy Veins. Here you can find the coordinates and details.

I did it with some guildies all in our Heroic raid gear, ready to fight and defend ourselves in Horde territory and marked for PvP. Nothing! I don’t think you will have a problem getting this toy. We were ignored for about half an hour. You can trade this toy within your group so everyone can get one.

The toy has a ten minute look with an one hour cooldown. This is ideal for macro-ing with a mount set. I found that whether I liked the robes or not didn’t matter because the placard shows up on our Druid forms! We are loving how it hangs down when we are flying.

Here is the front look.

Here is the back look.

Here is stag form.

Here is flight form!

#showtooltip Travel Form
/cast Pretty Draenor Pearl
/cast Everlasting Alliance Firework
/cast Bubble Wand
/cast Doomsayer's Robes
/cast Travel Form