Tiny Mechanical Mouse (not) Macro’d

“Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.”
Groucho Marx

Tiny Mechanical Mouse (not) Macro’d

This new toy is pretty great. Your character will kneel down to put the mouse on the ground. Your pet will chase it about for a full thirty seconds with a mere twenty minute cooldown. It is amusing, fun and well worth the steep price of five hundred polished pet charms.

A screen shot shows nothing really, I’m sorry. Get the toy yourself and enjoy it!

I have NOT been able to make a macro, which bums me out.

I tried:

/cast tiny mechanical mouse


/summonpet Stardust
/cast tiny mechanical mouse

In both cases the pet shows up, the toy shows up, BUT the pet ignores the mouse! This is a big amusing in itself but … not what I want.

If you can figure it out, I’d appreciate it. I think a note via the Suggestion Box is in order.

Until then, I’ll summon a pet. And then use the toy. It is fun!

BfA: I Know You Rider

“The process of selecting the tone on the guitar is an aesthetic process like any other, so you try a lot of different things.”
Jerry Garcia

BfA: I Know You Rider

I’ve made many mount macros. I usually call them a generic Rider because I’ll change the mount but keep the spells. Or I’ll swap some spells.

#showtooltip Crimson Water Strider
/cast Everlasting Alliance Firework
/cast Prismatic Bauble
/cast Bubble Wand
/cast Pretty Draenor Pearl
/cast Crimson Water Strider

Here is my current. Many people are using the Water Strider mount. You should be able to copy and paste right off of this page. You might not have the Bauble but I’m sure you have the Bubbles and the Sparkles. /rfp means “random favorite pet”.

It makes you feel like you are moving with a purpose!


Prismatic Bauble Macro’d

Some day we’ll find it
The rainbow connection
The lovers, the dreamers, and me.

Kermit the Frog

Prismatic Bauble Macro’d

A big shout out to Cinder Says for reminding us that the Mad Merchant sells the Prismatic Bauble. Visit Rainbow Bright for information and some great screen shots.

Prismatic Bauble
Item Level 110
Binds when picked up
Use: Shimmer with all of the colors of the rainbow for 20 sec. (2 Min Cooldown)
“Light is reflected thousands of times within, creating the illusion that the gem is glowing.”
Sell Price: 1

Vendor: The Mad Merchant

This is a great toy that looks best with movement. With a two minute cooldown, making a macro for your mount makes sense (especially if you are farming, it is up a lot).


I couldn’t help myself, I made a macro for a lot of things! Here are some examples:

#showtooltip Darkmoon Dirigible
/use Bubble Wand
/use Vindicator's Armor Polish Kit
/use Everlasting Alliance Firework
/use Prismatic Bauble
/use Darkmoon Dirigible

#showtooltip Dreamwalk
/use Everlasting Alliance Firework
/cast Bubble Wand
/use Titanium Seal of Dalaran
/cast Prismatic Bauble
/cast Dreamwalk

#showtooltip Dash
/cast Dash
/use Bubble Wand
/use Fandral's Seed Pouch
/use Prismatic Bauble
/use Vrykul Drinking Horn

#showtooltip Displacer Beast
/cast Displacer Beast
/cast Prismatic Bauble
/cast Stackable Stag

#showtooltip Flight Master's Whistle
/use Prismatic Bauble
/use Everlasting Alliance Firework
/use Kaldorei Wind Chimes
/use Flight Master's Whistle

It is an expensive toy, best bought this late in the expansion. Use it a lot!!


Doomsayer’s Robes Macro’d

“Alas, regardless of their doom, the little victims play! No sense have they of ills to come, nor care beyond today.”
Thomas Gray

Doomsayer’s Robes Macro’d

Doomsayer’s Robes
Item Level 1
Binds when picked up
Use: Disguise yourself as a Doomsayer. (1 Hour Cooldown)
“Recently washed.”

Drop: World Creatures

Thank Elune that they are recently washed!

There is a new toy in town, the enemy’s town. The Discord Secret group has found the place to find this toy as reported by Icy Veins. Here you can find the coordinates and details.

I did it with some guildies all in our Heroic raid gear, ready to fight and defend ourselves in Horde territory and marked for PvP. Nothing! I don’t think you will have a problem getting this toy. We were ignored for about half an hour. You can trade this toy within your group so everyone can get one.

The toy has a ten minute look with an one hour cooldown. This is ideal for macro-ing with a mount set. I found that whether I liked the robes or not didn’t matter because the placard shows up on our Druid forms! We are loving how it hangs down when we are flying.

Here is the front look.

Here is the back look.

Here is stag form.

Here is flight form!

#showtooltip Travel Form
/cast Pretty Draenor Pearl
/cast Everlasting Alliance Firework
/cast Bubble Wand
/cast Doomsayer's Robes
/cast Travel Form

Akazamzarak’s Spare Hat Macro’d

“Freedom means the freedom to be stupid, and that’s what I want.”
Penn Jillette

Akazamzarak’s Spare Hat Macro’d

Part of the Mage Campaign is a side quest called Down the Rabbit Hole. It is a fun and easy quest which rewards a toy called Akazamzaraks’ Spare Hat.

The toy has a long cooldown, one hour, so I think it will be sure to be used if woven into broader macro which has a shapeshift, explosions, wings, a banner and leaves fluttering about your feet.

The toy’s animation is a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat and then taking a bow. I love the bow after the scene stealing explosion into a female night elf!

Akazamzarak’s Spare Hat
Item Level 110
Binds when picked up
Use: Pull a rabbit out of the hat! (1 Hour Cooldown)
Sell Price: 50

Quest: Down the Rabbit Hole – Mage Campaign
Zone: Hall of the Guardian

/cast Kalytha's Haunted Locket
/cast Blazing Wings
/cast Brewfest Banner
/cast Path of Elothir
/cast Akazamzarak's Spare Hat

Let’s look at it in stages:
Step One is a lonely old Druid hanging out in Dalaran.

Step Two is all of the instant spells; locket, wings, banner, elothir and begin the casting animation.

Step Three is pulling the rabbit out of the hat.

Step Four is taking a bow while the rabbit runs away, free at last!

Here is my little hunter Goblin in the Shadowmoon Valley.

Wow, what an explosion!

And here is the final product; transformed with wings and leaves around the feet. The banner will sparkle for you!

The key is to load the instant spells in front of the casting animation.


Magical Saucer Macro’d

“Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars”

Lyrics by Bart Howard

Magical Saucer Macro’d

Yes, I leveled a Mage from 100 to 110 and then did the Mage and Legion campaigns to get this toy. And it was totally worth it. I have to say that Blizzard got this toy right and that it is fun to play with.


It is a little flying saucer for your pet to ride upon while you adventure around the world. Finally, your little ground-bound pets can fly along beside you! With a mere ten second cooldown, you can play and play and play.


You can use this marco while in battle.

This is a very simplified macro, it summons a random favorite pet and turns your mouse into a clicker which you click on your pet. Quick and easy, this macro belongs on your tool bar.


Once earned, any 110 Alt can use it, there is no restrictions to class or spec. Sadly, your lowbie Alts can not use this great toy.

Your pets still act like pets, Egbert will still zoom away on his disc and come back to you. Flying pets sort of float above the Magical Saucer.


#showtooltip Magical Saucer
/use Magical Saucer

Magical Saucer
Item Level 110
Binds when picked up
Use: Allows a target battle pet to fly alongside you on a magical disc. (10 Sec Cooldown)
Requires Level 110

Vendor: Uthel’nay
Zone: Hall of the Guardian
Cost: 10000


Trawler Totem Macro’d

“You’re only as young as the last time you changed your mind.”
Timothy Leary

Trawler Totem Macro’d

The Trawler Totem toy is fun for several reasons but my favorite part is that it has fish swimming around the totem! It increases your fishing skill by 10.

So, how about we drop this while on the run? Anywhere?

/cast Trawler Totem
/cast Adopted Puppy Crate
/cast Spirit of Bashiok

Add some puppies and the Spirit of Bashiok; now you have a party!

It is a flexible macro, feel free to add some fireworks or bubbles!

And … those puppies will stick around for quite awhile.



Copy of Daglop’s Contract Macro’d

“Let’s see, what can I have you do today…”

Copy of Daglop’s Contract Macro’d

Leaving your toys in the chest, getting dusty, is a shame. Let’s macro our favorite toys to common clicks while we are playing.

Copy of Daglop’s Contract
Item Level 110
Binds when picked up
Use: The blood glows from time to time, allowing you to call… no, “request” that Master Daglop pay you a visit. (2 Hrs Cooldown)
Requires Level 98

Quest: This IS In My Contract.
Zone: Azsuna

Daglop is an imp with whom you sign a contract in blood during a short series of quests. Using the toy will call this demon who will ride you so hard that he claims that his arms are getting tired.

Highly animated and on fire and leaving a trail smoke, this is a fun toy. He lasts for five minutes with a two hour cooldown.

My examples are with movement spells, the Aspect of the Cheetah for my Hunter and Displacer Beast for my Druid.

#showtooltip Aspect of the Cheetah
/cast Copy of Daglop's Contract
/cast Aspect of the Cheetah


#showtooltip Displacer Beast
/cast Copy of Daglop's Contract
/cast Displacer Beast



Yep, you are Daglop’s lapdog.

Set of Matches Macro’d

“A thought often makes us hotter than a fire.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Set of Matches Macro’d

This is a new toy from the Midsummer Fire Festival.

Set of Matches
Item Level 1
Binds when picked up
Use: Set yourself on fire! For reasons! (30 Min Cooldown)
“Don’t play with these…”

Vendor: Midsummer Merchant
Cost: 500

The toy will set you on fire and you will run, screaming, in a panic.

But … what if it were your worse day ever?

#showtooltip Set of Matches
/cast Copy of Daglop's Contract
/cast Darkmoon Whistle
/cast Pendant of the Scarab Storm
/cast Angry Beehive
/cast Set of Matches

How about a demon on your back, bugs chasing you and a beehive on your head? And, a loud whistle that makes every startle and be annoyed? Yes, that would be the worse day ever!

Copy of Daglop’s Contract – 2 hour cooldown
Angry Beehive – 1 hour cooldown
Darkmoon Whistle – 5 minute cooldown
Pendant of the Scarab Storm – 5 minute cooldown

Of course, many toys could be fun. I liked the puppy crate and the blazing wings too.

Adopted Puppy Crate – 1 hour cooldown
Blazing Wings – 30 minute cooldown

Make a macro, drag it to your action bar and have some fun! You will be noticed, I promise.

Travel Form: Toy Box Macro

“Never marry for money; you can borrow it cheaper.”
Edward Albee

Travel Form: Toy Box Macro

We use our pre-set bar a lot. Still, we can choose to look fantastic while going about our business in Azeroth. Making mount macros is pretty fun but how about our instant flight form?

#showtooltip Travel Form
/cast Pretty Draenor Pearl
/cast Everlasting Alliance Firework
/cast Bubble Wand
/cast Mystical Frosh Hat
/cast Travel Form

Make this macro, you should be able to copy and paste it, and drag it to your action bar.

You won’t always get it all but it is full of fun flavor.

Pretty Draenor Pearl Up for 5 Minutes 1 hour cooldown
Everlasting Alliance Firework Pretty Fireworks! 3 minute cooldown
Bubble Wand Bubbles for 5 seconds 5 second cooldown
Mystical Frosh Hat Up to 5 minutes 6 minute cooldown

The Mystical Frosh Hat gives you a transparent look which looks really nice if you are using the Sentinal Owl glyph.

Feel free to play around. Blazing Wings or Brewfest Banner might be fun. Change it up over time. Any toy that you want to use must be instant or you won’t fly!