Gaming the System

The further you get into technology, the further you go into gaming. That’s the general rule.
Nick Johnson

Gaming the System

There are smart clever people in the world. They look at a situation and see if they can exploit the situation for their own gain. Our history is loaded with these people, some are considered heroes and some are scum; at the time they were successful.

When I was teaching a class in web design, I taught how to push the web page to the top of the search engines. I exploited how the search spiders (at the time) were designed.

I don’t trust “weighting” sites like Rotten Tomatoes. Too many movies have way too high of a score when none of them deserve the Freshness. Someone has looked at the rating site, knows that people look to that site for advice, and has exploited the rating system so their mediocre movie will be a success.

When there is money on the line, someone wants to game the system.

Our polls, have mercy on us. Expect them to be under major scrutiny well after the elections. Our media is using them and they’d not want to embarrass themselves. We’ve known the weakness and flaws in polling for sixty years! For example, remember the expressions on the faces of all the media mavens when Mitt Romney lost the election — every poll had said that he’d win. He lost.

A video going “viral” is hokum. Someone is pushing their own product or image or video; they are gaining interest by saying that it is viral: suggesting that viewers like you and me are all in accord independently.

Five Star restaurants and their chefs live and die to be on The List. They know that the difference is so very small and even hour to hour. The Star list generators get a lot of attention because it can make a lot of money. A lot of money. Who made the list of “best burger in Nashville”?

I was in a raid last week and a player said some of his friends got banned for six months. They were using what is called a “bot”. This wasn’t a bot for better fighting skill or making gold. It was for fishing! How elegant is that ban knowing it was for something as trivial and petty as fishing. I loved it.

From Ponzi Schemes to Adele to viral videos to polls to Likes and Views, all these are from people who are exploiting you. Or they want to exploit you. They want your time and money, do you want to give it to them?

Gaming the System is a lawyer’s playground. Producers in Hollywood are millionaires with no skill or talent for television or movies. Politicians use “made up” public opinion to their advantage.

These are smart clever people.