Don’t Stop, Its Too Good

“All the odds are in my favor
Something’s bound to begin,
It’s got to happen, happen sometime
Maybe this time I’ll win.”


Don’t Stop, It’s Too Good

So much to do in this World of Warcraft! Sometimes I feel like holding on to a few things and not completing them. I don’t want the game to be over.

The Daily Frostwolf is on the verge of downing Heroic Gul’dan — what does one do after that? And … I do want to down Heroic Gul’dan; my raid team must be at least a month away. I hope it never ends.

Hearthcast is my favorite podcast. I love listening to them and the feel like friends though we’ve never met. This podcast is perfect for farming Starlight Rose; it lasts one hour. No one should farm longer that that; even though it was one of their strategies this week!

I am very happy with the game right now. I often raid on two teams, we have Time Walking this week which I’ll do with my friends, I finished the Heroes of the Storm mount for WoW a few days ago (at the welcome encouragement of my best friends) and our guild seems to be flourishing. Deez Wurds offers up a stark contrast with some past postings back during Burning Crusade which was a cool thing to read. His point is The Song Remains the Same but I take it very differently. The game is so much better now … and we did have a Cataclysm to re-vamp all of the early zones.

I’ve been thinking hard about Z and Cinder’s Challenge for this week. I have to say, after reading Story Island, I’ll have to work hard to come up with something as compelling!

When gearing up, I don’t bother too much with transmog; things are changing too fast. But, when things settle down, I like to visit Kamalia Et Alia for some inspiration. I really enjoy the weekly posting Sunday on the Promenade. I have to look good as a Man About Dalaran!

Genius Blogger, Gnomecore, posted a song a while ago that fit perfectly his character. I’ve been trying to find something similiar as it’s a fun idea. Not too many Tree Healing songs but I don’t listen to Enya much. So far … I’ve only found one song that fits my hopes when I am mount farming. Maybe This Time; from Cabaret. The song probably won Liza the Oscar.

Happy Hunting and may all your hits …. be crits!

Blackened Friday

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

Blackened Friday

No, I won’t be shopping. You know me better than that; when they say “you can save hundreds” that meant that you spent thousands. It’s a sucker bet. Everything that I see for sale would be replacing something that I already have.

However! A lot of people get an extra day off here in the US of A, if they are teachers or have jobs like that — it is great to see so many players in the game with fun tangential ideas to explore.

I have been one upset little night elf. Having listened to the Hearthcast podcast for years and years, when Windows 10 was forced on me; the player would not play! It sucked. I tried some methods but refused to download itunes. I have found! My spirit is soothed to hear my old friends once again.

Family Familiar
This is an achievement of achievements. I think that is called a meta? However it is called, it is a daunting task. Besting certain Pet Battle Tamers with each class (aquatic, dragons, magic teams) is fun. However, if one gets stumped, saves the day. This link is for the tamers and in the upper-left you choose the class. Xu-Fu’s Pet Battle Strategy is a life-saver when you feel cornered.

Gnomecore’s Genius
Brother Gnomecore’s ability to strip down the flood of information and realize an intelligent viable strategy is unparalleled. What a Week! maps out how we can best take advantage of the garrison resource weekly with the rep buff. Get on it and do the things. A time investment now carries us far into the next month.

Deez Wurds
In response to I Wonder How Many People Were Smart in Draenor written by Deezwurds, I would say that, yes, I made a lot of gold in WoD and I’m sitting on it and I feel a LOT of empathy with this statement:
The old formula is not as enticing as it was these past 7 years.  Level, dungeon, raid.  I am even having trouble with keeping pace to the story since so much revolves around dungeons and raids.
I feel that Legion is a bit too complex and might be designed for the hard-core players to shut them up about lack of content. With the designers intent on proving their point and, really, driving it home; those of us who can’t “do it all” are left adrift and mildly discontented. We don’t need catch-up mechanics or catch-up gear, we need time to see all of the things involved in the big picture.

Bankrolling An Alt
I have a good friend to whom I funnel herbs in exchange for raiding flasks and potions. I decided that it is time to take my lonely level 100 up to 110 and get my own Alchemist in the works.
It is a lot harder than I thought it’d be — there are hurdles and barriers. On the advice of Wow Professions, I waited until I was 110. I can get the dungeons and raids done but my map! Figuring out what is an Order Hall quest vs a zone quest vs a class quest is really confusing; even with the quest log menu. It’ll get done, I promise — I’m just saying that it was a shock how non-linear the process is for the desired path.


“Why is it trivia? People call it trivia because they know nothing and they are embarrassed about it.”
Robbie Coltrane


Borrowing (with full respect, not stealing!) a concept from Gnomecore, today’s post is a sort of Notes from the Field post. Bits and pieces.

  • Today’s Rep Bonus Event starts today. Just how much will it bump up?
  • Raid Advice offers a handy Innervate Weak Aura which I grabbed immediately. This, in an article about treating it as a raid cooldown, is very good … raid advice!
  • I am one bar from filling my second major artifact trait. That kind of progress can consume/obsess your play-time, be careful!
  • I was lucky last week and got 860 hands. Since I’ll be wearing them awhile, I invested 900g on the Legion Herbalism enchant. It’s nice, very nice.
  • Kamalia Et Alia has a new Sunday on the Promenade post. I will announce that it must be “working as intended” since I end up singing bit by bit, putting it together from Sunday in the Park with George. Every time.
  • I am missing the postings from Bodhi Rana. He is not happy with Legion and I assume gave up blogging. Pity, I liked his style but … WoW and life moves on.

Okay, lets get some breakfast and go play WoW.

Happy Hunting!

Rook Takes Pawn

“Humanity does not ask us to be happy. It merely asks us to be brilliant on its behalf.”
Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game

Rook Takes Pawn

NB: WordPress ate my last posting. How frustrating! Let’s try this again. I wonder if that last post will show up?

Gnomecore’s opening gambit called The Pawn Move is brilliant. If you have an Army of Alts, you move each Alt up to 101 to start doing missions while you focus on your Main.

The next move, with apologies to Gnomecore, I will call Rook Takes Pawn. This is when you move an Alt up to 105. This gives some more resources and two more followers. Thus continuing the march of your soldiers across the board.

I’ve started using NomiCakes as an addon. I shudder to think of the amount of materials I have burned in a dark alley with no result. This will ensure that I can research recipes that I can, in fact, earn.

I healed Mythic Plus Eye of Azshara yesterday. We did not come close to beating any timer. It was hard, challenging, frustrating and fun. It is the first week of Mythic Plus and we are barely geared. I’m glad we tackled it.

There is an Artifact quest for me at the end of Mythic Eye of Azshara. Yesterday, I did not get the item! Wowhead says that you can not get it on Plus.

I put in a ticket anyways, that would be a brutal choice on their part.

I paid 10,000 gold for five flasks so I can raid tonight. That is one rough Entry Fee for raiding. I hope prices drop soon. Or, I can get my Alchemist up to speed, eh?

I am finding Legion to be complicated, packed, stuffed, dense and challenging on a “time spent” level. Trying to (as we must) raid, dungeon, professions, rep, achieve, world quest and artifact up with each single facet being semi-opaque is a lot for any player!

Keeping Up With the Gnomes

Stewie Griffin: Forecast for tomorrow; A few sprinkles of genius with a chance of doom.
Family Guy

Keeping Up With The Gnomes

Players are planning! How well planned, you ask? Gnomecore has his Feat of Strength Team geared and powerfully ready. Impressive with a dose of envy, well done!

It seems to me that the most powerful path is to dual-spec rather than keep several characters Group Ready. The leveling arc of the Artifact supports that second spec more soundly than spending game time to keep up two different characters. My history is Druid Healer and Hunter but (a big if) IF I could learn Moonkin; my Druid could be the all the “one and done” toon.

It is unsettling because at the cusp of our new beautiful horizons to explore, I can imagine a Tree/Guardian dual spec and to be a force to be reckoned with. Repetition is a heavy key to learning and we’ll be in those raids and dungeons for a long (long) time.

Don’t we all wish that Artifact Power progression was account-wide? Starting over and over at zero on a different Alt kind of sucks, especially when later patches arrive with tougher content (think Thunder Isles).

The Dungeon and Raid Schedule is out. It lines up with being 110 for Brewfest and the trinkets, as we imagined a year ago. How crazy would Brewfest be as a motive to drive our Alts up to 110?

The cool thing listed under the Dungeon and Raid schedule (I linked to the MMO Champs posting) is that the hot fixes have Developer Notes! This is the best thing ever and I applaud … no: I give a standing ovation and hope that they continue with explaining the curious rationale.

I hope bloggers begin posting on Legion Drop Day plans. My own include blowing through my Draenor profession mats for gold once I can train to 800.

Happy Hunting and may all your hits … be crits.

Legion: One Week and Counting

“They can’t censor the gleam in my eye.”
Charles Laughton

Legion: One Week And Counting

Legion will drop in one week. I’ll be one of those guys who will stay up late to see it flip over and head to Dalaran.

I’ve been keeping an eye on The Transmog Queue and Kamalia et alia for some good ideas for building a set. I need and want to look my best in Dalaran! Seriously, look at some of these design ideas. Good stuff, good inspiration.

I am very excited to be around players again in a Sanctuary. Especially after the lonely isolation of my Garrison. I’ll doctor my mount up with a macro to show off but I don’t want to be too obnoxious! I’ll let the other kids get big and /yell and be annoying.

We ran heroic HFC last night up to Manny. My Druid healer held his own against our Shammy healer, the Holy Pally is still gearing up big time. On fights like Manny or a stack-up phase like Feast of Souls, Druids really shine and glow with pride. When players are scattered about, we are merely even. The good news is that we feel like we can do the job.

I have some unfinished business still, though the list is small. Like Alternative Chat and Gnomecore, I invested heavily in the Invasions. Well designed, good rewards; very much everything that I’d expect in a pre-expansion launch. Well done, Blizzard. I look good in my Invasion tmog set.

I want to run the ulduar/kara/dalaran quest line again (not for the gloves, though I think they might rock in HFC) but to explore! I apologize to the blogger who suggested taking a stroll around because I can’t remember where I read it. My first run, I was absorbed in the “reading of the text” and following my leader. My next run, I’ll take a look around a lot more.

Finally, this week, I plan on finishing Feltaco of the Burning Region. He is still puttering about (sorry) in the opening quest zone. I’d guess I’m about half-way done.

I have a tab in my (new) personal guild vault just for leveling my characters in Legion. I have stacks of Versatility food*, Drums of Fury, Augment Runes, Bandages and Goblin Gliders. I doubt I’ll make a dent as much of it will be replaced by better stuff; but I hope these things will ease my characters through the level-up zones.

One week! Come on Legion!

*Jumbo Sea Dog

Addons: On Topic

“Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person.”
Albert Einstein

Addons: On Topic

I enjoy smart players who blog about their experiences. Gnomecore has a terrific posting and his solutions to not needing Addons at all in No Need In Addons. He generously is responding to a blogger named Fussypants on their blog Growing Up In Azeroth with a posting called Why I Do Not Use (Many) Addons.

Both of these skilled players either use no addons or have a limited situational use addon for a specific function. Pretty amazing, to me, because I think that is not the typical experience for most players. Still, what is terrific is that it makes me go over my list and wonder if, why, how and why I am using what I do and if I can cull out some of the excess.

Posts like these can almost make me feel defensive (clearly not the intention of those posting) and I need to acknowledge that this game can be overwhelming in it’s size, scope and demands.

I didn’t use Altoholic until Warlords of Draenor. The crafting mats of herbs, ore, leather, fur, primal spirits, felblight, fish and meat, sorcerous (water, air, fire, earth) could be stacked across many characters; finding who had the most of what “at a glance” made crafting fun and reduced the amount of character flipping to stack up what I needed.

I think, in general, most of my addons are for the mini-games within the World of Warcraft. I (finally) got Rematch for pet battles because I kept using Wowhead to look up the same damn information over and over; 630 unique pets is too many and one can get buried in their love.

The same with the Auction House. It is a mini-game for sure. There are pros who only play that game, waiting to take advantage of those less skilled or who are simply naive. Like those selling Savage Blood for under 50g when that is the vendor price. I use an Addon for that so I can quickly undercut the market — and move on!

I used the Garrison Mission addons. At its peak, I was flipping through my missions on several characters and pushing more Alts to 100 to reap the astonishing gold benefits. Pre-loading the best combinations and moving on made these addons important to me so that it was not an unbearable burden. Garrison missions were a mini-game, as well!

I would argue that DPS and Healing can be a mini-game of number comparison. Personally, I don’t like Skada or Recount and never play with them open. However, if I am next to another of my class; I’ll look over (a lot sometimes) to see what is going on after a fight.

Now: you could say that with intelligent and efficient play that I could resolve the need for the mini-game addons. I could habitually mail all of my tradable mats to one central character. I could steep myself in pet battles and learn all of the fights and their counters (hello Celestial Tournament). I could follow and be knowledgeable of the price fluctuations on the Auction House and find my niche for sales.

I think that I do want to play these mini-games and enjoy them but I don’t want to master them. I want to play with friends or explore the world or (it is true) find even more pets, toys, mounts. I’m just not that smart. I am not smart enough to invest in these mini-games to a master’s level and eschew an addon. I am impressed by those who can!

Odd Bits: Pre-Expansion Patch

I couldn’t wait for success, so I went ahead without it.
Jonathan Winters

Odd Bits: Pre-Expansion Patch

The Clothes Chest recipe that drops in the Molten Core and Kara’s Opera House (and eventually bought in (new) Dalaran) are Legion recipes with Legion Mats. They look to be an RP type offering to your raid. Like the Fancy Darkmoon feast from the Darkmoon Faire that gives everyone a Gilnean look (circa Charles Dickens, eh?).

If you are farming the weapon illusions, send your tailor!

Once upon a time, our guild ran LFRs every Tuesday for Deathwing. We’d all eat the Savory Deviate Delight and show up as ninjas and pirates. If the Kara Cloth Chest offers RP gear that looks like we are going to the Opera; hell yes! We’ll learn more now as time goes on. Still, you can get two of the recipes now as you hunt down the weapon illusions.

Gnomecore has been posting a lot of fun things happening in this pre-patch. Today it is Fishing Out Turtle Mounts. Players are joining huge raids at a level three fishing hut. The Lunarfall Carp is on personal loot and players are cashing in on Nat’s Coins and the goodies like mounts and tons of fish. I love this activity in the pre-patch!

Almost everyone I know has gotten their Class Toys and Glyphs.

If you are not doing the “suicide” trick to reset the Doomsayers. Your mini-map offers a stop watch so you can time every fifteen minutes for the aura re-set. It can be handy if you are clearing banks and bags in Stormwind.

Catching up on the New Old toys.
Don Carlos’ Famous Hat is a guaranteed drop off heroic Escape from Durnhold. He’s down the road to the left. Harris Pilton offers two expensive rings, “on use” puts a buff on your buff bar. The X-52 Rocket Helmet is an easy five quest chain in Area 52 starting with Poppa Wheeler.

Really, simply Odd Bits in the Pre-Patch. There isn’t a whole lot to do but to find (and enjoy) the little things while we wait for the Invasions!

Pre-Patch: Day Three

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
Maya Angelou

Pre-Patch: Day Three, Name Plates

My biggest struggle with the new UI is name plates over the mobs. I need to tinker with it some more. So far, small and always on seems to be okay but, man, it looks tacky. If I don’t have it always on, I can run right by little mobs and not see them.

Out in the field, name plates are not an issue at all. I was in the LFR and couldn’t see the Assassins, I was guess clicking. I could do “targetoftarget” tank focusing but I think I’ll just have to have plates always seen.

We had a five man group last night and ran Black Wing Descent, Kara, ToES, LFR Blackhand, MSV and one other. Looking for the weapon enchant illusions and hanging with amigos, it was fun. MSV is a lot harder and slower, either from our nerf or they made it harder; still, one tank and occasional heals from me.

I see that they hotfixed Ulduar 25 and the tentacle problem! Thank you, Blizzard.

Mr. Gnomecore has a hilarious Suicide Strat for the Doomsayers and the feat of strength.

Master Looter will only be for guild groups now. I think that is pretty smart.

Day Three is better and better. The maps work again (praise Elune), the lag is much improved, etc. Things are settling down.

And … I made my first tmog! How fun was that!

Garrisons: See You At Home

“First he wrought, and afterward he taught.”
Geoffrey Chaucer

Garrisons: See You At Home

I had to chuckle when Bodhi Rana posted his Busy Work through the Lull. For me, eight runs through Ulduar 25, three through Firelands, two through MSV, two through the Throne of the Four Winds this week. Because that is what it has come to; it has been a very long expansion, this Warlords of Draenor.

Yesterday, I finally got Mr. Grubbs by following this guide written in 2010! The guide is by Perks N Peeves. As with any grind, this time I chose Love Actually to watch as a movie. Eventually I ended up running through the graveyards in northern Eastern Plaguelands. And, I got two! This little pet will do a flip up over your head every now and then.

Gnomecore has some final tips in this long titled post to do the final days of 6.4 and leading into the pre-patch. Check it out.

I took a peek at Kamalie et alia’s post on some transmog looks; Rulers of the Warchief’s Navy. It made me think about what I’ll want to look like whilst running about (new) Dalaran on Tuesday. I think I’ll go for the “I did WotLK” look with this macro on my action bar:

#showtooltip Quel’dorei Steed
/summonpet Argent Squire
/use Bubble Wand
/use Pretty Draenor Pearl
/use Everlasting Alliance Firework
/use Quel’dorei Steed

Since I have the Pony Up achievement, the Squire will be mounted on his little pony. Not a bad look to show off now that we’ll finally see other players … in Dalaran!

The question that I don’t have an answer for come Tuesday (or Wednesday) is if the profession trainers in (new) Dalaran will let me up my professions to 800. I’d love to finish off some mats in my bags and use them for profession points.

We should get the Dalaran Hearthstone (20 minute cool down) on Pre-Patch Day. This will mean that for the first time in three or four expansions (years!) there will not be an optimal place to set our hearthstone! Imagine that. I might fly out to Gadgetzan to set it there for the Invasions.

Today I finally released Delvar Ironfist from service and his long-time bodyguard duties. After a long run of talking smack, drinking, fighting and offering a hearth; he simply said, “See you at home.”