Gnomeregan: The Pet Dungeon

“Know yourself. Don’t accept your dog’s admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.
Ann Landers

Gnomeregan: the Pet Dungeon

If you like doing pet battles, this is a fun little side romp. With twelve bosses to down I’d suggest following a guide. They are semi-unique fights. Basically the first pet is a gnome mechanical construct and the two other pets are what you’d find in this old dungeon, cockroaches and rats!

  • You pick up the quest in Boralus. Take the FP to Proudmoore, jump in the canal and swim across to the other dock and you’ll find the Crazy Cat Lady and the quest giver outside. Once completed, you will get a portal for future attempts on challenge mode. But the first time you have to get to Gnomeregan yourself.
  • You have to be 120. I tried on my 113 warlock, hoping for XP, but could not walk in.
  • Until they fix it, the question mark for the starting quest turn-in is mis-placed. Go to the entrance of the dungeon inside Gnomeregan and you’ll find it.
  • Turn in the bread-crumb quest and then click again; that will start you on your way. I ran into the normal dungeon and got lost and finally figured it out.

If there were less bosses, it would have been more fun to figure out the fights but with twelve; I think using the guide is okay.

The guide uses the same strategies in a lot of the fights with the Emperor Crab and Son of the Forge. This is a shame because I have a ton of pets and would rather see zerg stats instead of counting cooldown stats.

In all it is fun if you like pet battles and their rewards.