Healing Torghast

There is a lot of talk and opinion both ways. If we want our legendary gear, we’ll need the Soul Ash. There are three different versions; 1,2,3, so far with 3 being pretty hard. Naturally, I know a hunter who solos level 3 and I could only sniff and shake my head.

And, I can solo version 1 and 2 and almost 3. But, it is more fun with friends if you have them and the mutual time boxes to play: not easy. So, if I wanted I could get my legendary and simply get it slower and that would be fine with me.

Last week, I did 3 with two other players and we were all dps. Yesterday I did level 3 with three dps and a tank so I went heals. This is what I do, it felt great.

They all told me that they needed the heals and that without it would have taken twice as long.

But, here is the deal. You only need to heal when it is all going to rot. There will be pulls with mystery mobs and everyone is caught off guard, then you are really tested and then it is mostly about how ready you are to react. It can be easy to get lulled into adding your own dps with pull after pull; after all, this is a one hour experience.

In all, the engagements are very much about toolkit. Having an interrupt rotation is probably the most important. Notice that the power-ups are never about adding an interrupt: the power-ups have a ton of flavor and when they do address the toolkit it is more class driven like buffing entangling roots or the new shapeshift spell.

I have two interrupts; mighty bash which needs proximity and typhoon which is a much-hated knock back. Cyclone can pin a mob down but almost never the bossy kind. And I am the healer, my team mates don’t expect much from me until I insert myself and I’d suggest that you do the same.

As Resto-Druid, I choose the balance affinity. It gives mighty bash and you can shape-shift to moonkin(ish) and do some damage. Finding those power-ups that encourage shifting shape with a short buff is very important and based on luck.

In all, given the choice; I’d go this way every time. Some of the power-ups had players laughing out loud at the results. That makes the whole thing worth your time. Do it. Go heals.