How to Keep a Mummy

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”
Jack London

How to Keep a Mummy

King’s Rest is a mythic level dungeon. We took a while but we made it through. In time, we will all be geared much higher and it will be no burden to get this really cute pet. His name is Miimii.


When you enter the room with the final boss, in the back to the right and left are two sarcophagi standing against the wall with a small platform. We sent two ranged to stand there when we did the pull. The coffins shake and shutter and flash almost right away and you know that it is done. Then the ranged could join in the fray.

Kill the boss.

Afterwards, the one on the back right will be shaking as if needing a click but it was really in our mailbox.

Here is the pet. And, of course, I used the pet mirror and the world shrinka’ and pet biscuits to show off the pet in Boralus.