Eonar’s Compassion

“Life is hard. After all, it kills you.”
Katharine Hepburn

Eonar’s Compassion

This trinket drops off of Argus on Normal, Heroic and Mythic. The trinket is the same, no matter the raid level; it always starts at 940. It is a Pantheon trinket, meaning (eventually) our raid will get it’s secondary proc as well; but only in the raid.

I won this last night. The prior two times that I had been in on an Argus kill, I had won the tokens that upgrade it by five points. As you can see, I’ve upgraded it.


As a trinket, it is not very bad ass. I’m told that it will only offer about a 3% amount to my healing, which is not much. However, it will get stronger as I add to it’s points up to, finally, 1000.

The reason for posting today is to show how the numbers improve with the advancement of the trinket levels. Not only does the Intellect go up but the Blossom and the Pantheon both increase. That really is the question, do the healing procs go up as the trinket gets points!

LFR runners won’t see this trinket and, really, won’t miss it. It isn’t a game changer.


Patch 7.2.5: Resto-Druid’s Decline

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”
Vincent Van Gogh

Patch 7.2.5: Resto-Druid’s Decline

Today is June 8, 2017.
Best guess is that this patch will drop June 13, so anything written now is speculation. I spent some time reading the forums here.

We know that Resto-Druids alone of the healing classes are getting a 4% across-the-board nerf to their healing. This is the cause of some concern to Druid healers!

Here is the concern.

  1. Now, at the end of Nighthold, Druid healers in mythic raiding are topping the charts. I only heal Normal and Heroic and have never felt like I was the master of the raid.
  2. The reason for this is the powerful Shoulder Legendary and our four piece bonus set from Nighthold.
  3. Testing on the PTR for Tomb has those raiders transferring their own characters so their numbers reflect the shoulders and Nighthold set bonus. So, in testing, the Druids look over-powered and so must need the nerf (I guess).
  4. In patch 7.2.5 the powerful shoulders will be nerfed.
  5. Early in Tomb, Druids with their Nighthold bonus sets will look pretty good, but as they progress they will get weaker and weaker in comparison to other healers.
  6. Getting weaker will be because we will at first add the two-piece from Tomb on top of our four-piece from Nighthold and drop Legendary pieces in those slots (shoulders). Then, eventually move to the four-piece from Tomb and then still have the two-piece from Nighthold. Then, eventually drop the two-piece from Nighthold in favor of higher powered pieces; perhaps our Legendary pieces after we’ve gone through the painful process of upgrading seven or eight Legendary pieces from 940 to 970.
  7. How long will it take to replace our Nighthold stuff, two months? It is over this arc of time that the Druid healer will be slowly, in comparison to the other healer classes, will get weaker and weaker.
  8. Looking at the four-piece from Tomb, one can see that they are inferior to the set from Nighthold in design.
  9. Conclusion: this will sneak up on us and make us feel worried that we are executing poorly when it isn’t our fault.

It is a disturbing scenario.

One can imagine that Blizzard is keeping it’s finger on the pulse and will fix or erase the nerf if Druid healing is sub-par; not because of our skills but because of their design. Remember that MW monks have been waiting for six months (for this 7.2.5 patch) to get fixed!

I can imagine some distress when we start Tomb as equals-or-better (if indeed Druids are currently over-powered) and then as we progress deeper into Tomb that we get less and less and less until we wonder why are we even here.

The other argument that I’ve seen is an interesting one.
If you are a Heal over Time healer, then your chart numbers SHOULD be really high because you are ticking along for the entire freaking raid! On-the-spot healers should not look as high because they are doing instant healings with big pops of their spells. That anyone would try to balance the over-all numbers to be equal is bad and not factoring in the style of healing brought by the different classes.

Healing Classes in Legion

Hallie: You wanna know the *real* difference between us?
Annie: Let me see… I know how to fence and you don’t. Or, I have class and you don’t. Take your pick.
Hallie: [infuriated] Why, I oughta…!
The Parent Trap

Healing Classes in Legion
(or, thank your healers!)

Today’s date is: July 1, 2016.

I have spent hours reading up on all of the healing classes in WoW. People are ranking the best classes, some information is from November 12, the Legion Class Forums can be a sniping bitter festival of fun.

Now I understand why the big guns like Healiocentric and Restokin have not been writing; we simply do not know.

Anything that you’ve read can be tossed out the window, just two days ago the Resto-Druid talent tree got changed around; all numbers prior do not count and are empty.

The posting from Blizzard on the tanking/healing design Philosophy shows us the Intention (and read with great welcome, thank you). However, if you visit that page it is all about Tanking. No kidding.

From that posting we see only four points about healers:

  • Tanks will require more direct healing. This will also improve on healer gameplay, as it’s more engaging when there’s a mixture of the types of healing that need to be used on any single encounter.
  • Healers should care about the time and mana required to heal tanks, so that taking less damage as a tank is considered valuable.
  • Tanks and healers’ long-cooldown defensive abilities (such as Barkskin or Shield Wall) should feel like a valuable resource. These abilities should be strong, but not necessarily available for every danger during a specific encounter.
    EDIT: Passive healing from healers (such as Beacon of Light) will be toned down, and other tank heals adjusted to compensate.

No one knows how strong our heals will be or our tanking heals will be. No one knows yet just how wimpy our tanks will be. All of the testing that has been done is for Blizzard’s developers, not to prepare us for the next expansion.

The assumption that I have posted and see everywhere is that the Paladin Healer will be top dog in raid healing because of Beacon. We don’t know that yet.

If everything simply works (as it should, what we want, dare to expect) then we’ll happily go about our dungeoning and raiding and progress through fun and challenging fights. If it doesn’t work, we’ll find ourselves reading Logs and doing homework and hating life; pointing fingers at failures and unhappy.

There are only six healing classes; Resto-Druid, Mistweaver Monks, Holy Paladin, Disc Priests, Holy Priests and Resto-Shaman.

Of these six, many have dedicated tank healing spells like Lifebloom or damage prevention like Earthshield and also spells that once cast boost the impact on the healed by a percentage. Even Mistweavers, who look like they simply scatter heals all over the place have Renewing Mists.

The Dungeon Scene; well, we are on our own as healers. The Raiding Scene will find us in different compositions and matched up with other or the same healing classes. This should be the fun part!

The Pre-Expansion Patch will re-set all of our talents, spells, stats and perhaps our raiding tier sets. It should be and will be a shock at how wimpy we are! I wonder if we can even do Heroic HFC again; ideally we’d feel more powerful, no?

I can not emphasize enough: we don’t know. Anyone who wants to tell you with authority that all Disc Priests will be kicked from raid teams is a fool and is trying to scare you and make you feel small, Edeline. Don’t listen to them, they don’t know.

Finally, it will be fun. Everyone is uncertain. Most dps classes will feel nerfed and will soon realize that everyone feels nerfed. Bosses and quest mobs both will take longer to kill but will put out less damage (I so predict!).

It will be fun learning the strengths of other healing classes and compensating (or adapting) my healing to compliment theirs so that we are a team. To even think of terms of WoD, imagining a Feast of Souls healing situation is misleading; we will be in new situations with different super powers on our home planet.

One thing for certain: tanks are front and center again; it’s the Tank Show. The tank will get a lot of attention; we know it well, don’t we?

Be brave. Chin up. The designers want us to win. They are learning too. We have patches ahead to balance if it looks bad early. Hotfixes can happen over-night. Be nice, say thank you. And Goodbye!

Legion Resto-Druid: Getting Started

“A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.”
Saint Basil

Legion Resto-Druid: Getting Started

If you are a long-time healing Druid, when the pre-expansion arrives you will be faced with a new Talent Tree. Along with that hefty chunk, we’ll get spells like Innervate and the Affinities. The lesser healers will be facing the same situation, but we Druids will face it with panache and aplomb.

There is so much change that it will hard to know which is doing what to who. To start off, pick the Talents that you are familiar with; like Germination, Incarnation or Soul of the Forest. These are all on the same tier; picking the familiar will ensure your success while you are learning in a fragile environment.

I’ve seen videos on Resto in Legion sum up with “the left side is single target on the talent tree, the right side is for raid healing”. I am not comfortable with that broad generalization at all!

To start: choose Balance Affinity. While the DPS part might be fun, the “plus five yards” to the range of ALL your abilities is pretty darn sweet. Then, as you get to know it; practice the other two Affinities for situational use or let them become your new “go to” Talent.

To start: pick either Displacer Beast (I would) or Wild Charge. These two are familiar, while Renewal is an emergency heal that you might forget to use while going down with the ship. It is a matter of pride as well, you are a healer; why pick Renewal?

To start: Cultivation. All three Talents on that tier are bail-out, we’re in trouble, Talents. Cultivation is “passive” and will work for you while you are frantically trying to cast enough “heal over time” spells to get everyone back to a good place. Again, once you are settled in; try (one at a time) changing Talents to see their impact and if you prefer their play-style.

To start: Moment of Clarity. This row is a tough call as a first run at the Talent tree. I think that I’ll love all three! Moment of Clarity does two things: your mana bar capacity is increased by 30 and when it procs, you get three Regrowths, free, in a row. I gotta say, all three look really good; we’ll have fun testing them out.

Plan ahead for the situation. Settling into one a single Talent Tree choice (3,2,1,3,3,3,1) is boring when you have such a great tool-kit. Things are different in dungeons and progression raiding, do both well.

A tree flourishes in the sun, it is our time to branch out and be powerful, confident and strong.

Legion Beta: Healer, Mana Regeneration

“If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.”
Orson Welles

Legion Beta: Healer, Mana Regeneration

With Spirit gone, our mana regen will be flat. This it to make it exciting for healers. Managing our resources is part of the mini-game of healing.

I’m fine with whatever the game design will be. If it is horrible, I expect it to get fixed. I’m also not worried about raiding because everyone is in the same boat (so to speak).

What I worry about is Dungeon Running. Trash, Boss, Trash, Boss, Trash, Boss; will we really have to stop after every fight and eat and drink?

I got on the Beta (Day Three). Without the Artifact which will give some mana regen, I emptied my mana bar to see how long it took to refill.

Mana Regen: 6400 — amount of mana regenerated every 5 seconds
Haste: +5%

Refilling the Bar:
One minute; 58 seconds — lets call it two full minutes!

Using the Beta provided test food:
Aszuna Test Food: stacks to 200, 20 second full regen

What does it mean?
For one, I hope that everyone brings their own food. Topping off my own resources only to heal up the other players will mean me topping off my resources again. If we don’t have food then the wait between pulls is way (way) too long.

For two, the Aszuna Test Food stacks to 200; I hope the same in true for all foods in Legion.

For three, I hope the Ever-Blooming Frond or some other item gives me out-of-combat restoration. I used this item all through WoD in dungeons and it was excellent.

For four, our first instinct is to say that we will get more and more powerful and that our haste will increase a lot — however: Dungeons will scale. It will always be hard, the damage will always be relatively the same for the duration of the expansion.

Our playstyle in Legion is changing and we will adapt. I hope it is not all about everyone waiting on the healer to be ready for the next pull!