Beta: Invasion Edition

“Who cares about the clouds when we’re together? Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather.”
Dale Evans

Beta: Burning (Legion) Questions. Invasion Edition

My burning question was: can I fly from Howling Fjord in Northrend to the Broken Isles.

No. No you can’t. I died from fatigue and ended up in the graveyard in … Westfall. I ran my wisp back but my dead body died of fatigue! I kid you not. Dead again. Of course I tried again; died again. I decided to take a Rezz Sickness but I could not move my body the two steps closer to get that graveyard rezz. This morning, yes I could!

Invasions will be a short-term Big Thing. We will want to do them before the Legion expansion arrives as it will go away; forever. I tried one in Gadgetzan: here is my report.

  • The Invasion (in Gadgetzan) was in four phases. The first three have a percentage progress bar, the last is called Final Stage: kill the Big Bad.
  • I was the only player there, the Bruiser NPCs were a great help. I could have simply floated on my flying mount and completed the Invasion.
  • My suspicion is that there will be times when you arrive on the Final Phase and get credit for the kill.
  • Around Tanaris were portals with nasty demons, it looked wicked cool.
  • I died a lot; maybe six times or more times. Hopefully that won’t be the case when this happens on my home realm with a ton of players.
  • It took about an hour.
  • Other Invasions were happening, while I was in Gadgetzan it looked like there was one in ZF and one up in Winterspring.
  • You earn a currency that is in your Currency Tab. I earned 260 units (Nethershards) on one Invasion. At the end, I won two caches as rewards; an ilevel 700 chest and also bracers.
  • The Achievement is called Stand Against the Legion and it’s a Feat of Strength.
  • They were hard to find, North East of Gadgetzan are a set of vendors (and a much needed repair guy). You spend your Nethershards there. 1850 would buy me the token that represents the tmog armor set. So … eight Invasions for the set. Also I saw a battle pet and some regular gear (that I’d not want unless it looked cool).
  • Finally: it was painful, it took forever but it was really fun. Demons falling from the sky, a familiar city under siege, the graphics, animations, content and urgency was very well done.

I can’t wait to do it “for the reals”.