Define “Content” – the Fishing Artifact

“Another belief of mine: that everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise.”
Margaret Atwood

Define “Content” – the Fishing Artifact

When you are six years old, sometimes you fail and you are embarrassed. Dashing tears from your eyes, you stand defiantly and think “I’ll show them!”. The designers for Blizzard need to grow up. While WoD was an embarrassment, they don’t have to prove anything! A little maturity is in order, please.

The requirements for the Fishing Artifact came out today. That’s the link to MMO Champs, by far the cleanest data-mining site that I’ve found.


  • Bigger Fish to Fry – Catch all of the rare Legion fish. Assisted by bait like Frost Worm
  • The Wish Remover – Fish up all of the coins from Dalaran’s fountain. Assisted by items like Glob of Really Sticky Glue
  • Fishing skill at 800. Assisted by rare fish like Ancient Black Barracuda

In their need to provide “content” our designers have gone over the top. Have you ever fished in the Fountain of Dalaran? I sure have, I did it in Wrath of the Lich King. Six people fishing is too crowded, especially when someone on a mammoth decides to jump in the fountain. Six, six people, is too crowded: think twenty; think thirty.

And then, you give up.

The prerequisites are a shit-load of fishing to finally get the Artifact quest. Once you get the Fishing Artifact, you have to level it up (by fishing a lot) to get any benefit from owning said Artifact. Until, finally, you might be able to fish for the Blood of Sargeras proc and support your profession.

Wrath of the Lich King was a long time ago. If I were to guess, I think it took about eight hours of fishing to get the Titanium Coin. There are 56 different coins in the New Dalaran fountain; the odds are astronomical and discouraging. In this case, I don’t want the Achievement, I want what is through and beyond the Achievement.

Gating or locking the Artifact behind Achievements, big ones, is acting like a defiant little child who vows that, “I’ll show them!”.

Let It Bleed: A Rebuttal

“It is the still, small voice that the soul heeds, not the deafening blasts of doom.”
William Dean Howells

Let It Bleed: A Rebuttal

I’ve been called a squatter. I didn’t know I was a squatter and I’m not sure how offended I should be. Alternative Chat posted a gloating smug post called Let It Bleed.

The crux of the news is that we now know that the main crafting material, Blood of Sargeras, is bind-on-pick-up (BoP).

Alternative Chat is a self-professed LFR hero. Why this otherwise intelligent writer would invest in crafting high-end gear to do LFR runs is beyond me; no one will love you more. No need to be defensive, we all understand. It’s okay.


Now that I’ve talked back after being called a hater and squatter and unhealthy; lets get over that and consider the news. If that is the design, good or bad, we have to make it work. (Just to be clear, I enjoy reading Alternative Chat and do so every day and I listen to the podcast too. In this case, talking smack does not mean unloved).

The crafting material, Blood of Sargeras, will probably be about as rare as Felblight but it can’t be traded. This means one will be gathering on the profession toon who wants to craft. My first question is: can this high-end crafted gear be sold or is it BoP too?

The Second Law of Thermo-dynamics says that everything that has an input must have an output or it stagnates. Or, if you have an Alt with two gathering professions; you will be constipated and uncomfortable for the expansion.

If you have an Alt with two crafting professions; you are consigned to Fishing for the rest of your life. If you are paying a fifteen dollar subscription fee, your gaming hour is worth about two copper and a farthing. Like the character in The Phantom Tollbooth that convinces our hero to move a pile of sand … using tweezers, there was a lesson in that book!

This falls under the Dirty Trick category. Once upon a time, some professions had a dps gimmick built in to the profession. Synapse Springs in Engineering, for example, was something a progression raider really wanted. They took that away, saying that a profession should not give a dps advantage. Yet, with the Blood of Sargeras being BoP, the crafting raider does very much get an advantage. Assuming massive research within the next few weeks; a crafty raider (sorry) will know which profession will benefit the most and invest in that lone profession — could it be crafting a trinket or could it be many pieces of mail gear or high-end gem crafting: I don’t know (yet).

As I’ve said before and I do believe, no matter the design with advantages or flaws; we have to make it work. If I learn that we have to make cake but are given no flour, we still have to learn to cook cake — or we get no cake at all. As a long-time cake enthusiast, I’ll even eat bad cake (all the while dreaming and remembering that café in Hong Kong that served a wonderful rich cake, air conditioning in August and smiling servers, happy to have my business).

If the design for professions in Legion is based on Grind, and it is; even if it is a throw-back to Vanilla where we spent hours (or days) grinding mats to be able to raid; even if they have discarded intelligent design evolution that allowed more players to actually spend time playing: if this is our cup, then we must drink what is served.

We’ve known all along that Legion would be punishing Alts. Watcher said in his interview that an Alt should not serve a Main. The “why” eludes me, there was no justification or rationale; only the statement.

I have no real investment in my Alts. I’ll gladly leave them in the garrison; like the CEO of an automobile plant that buys a robotic arm: I’ll fire all those workers; coldly and dispassionately. At least they won’t be homeless.

I can’t believe that my Main will go back to mining. That is fucking depressing. That is sooooo WotLK. ew. I’d guess that, at best, 10% of the player base follows the news and patch notes and hype leading into Legion. 90% of the player base is in for one helluva shock, probably about two weeks into the expansion will they figure it out. Either they’ll scramble to make it work, give up on professions, dial down their involvement in the game or … well, I don’t know.

Finally, there is crafting and there is crafting. Some professions craft gear, trinkets and off-hands. Some professions craft flasks, potions, glyphs, scrolls and food. I can’t imagine that the Blood of Sargeras is needed to make flasks, if so; I give up.

Preparing for Legion: Profession Alts

“Every person who has mastered a profession is a skeptic concerning it.”
George Bernard Shaw

Preparing for Legion: Profession Alts

An Embarrassment of Alts

When Cataclysm came out, it was suddenly easy to level Alts. Gone were the long grinds from Burning Crusade. I took advantage, just like you did, and leveled up some dedicated Profession Alts. Their job is to make stuff and feed my Main.

With Warlords of Draenor, the garrison offered silly gold. Eventually the gold flow got nerfed but even after the big nerf, the gold is still there. Also, WoD offered super easy profession leveling.

Eventually, my Profession Alts made it up to their Garrison 3. Slowly, I began leveling more Alts to take advantage of the gold rush. I ended up with three Tailors making hexweave bags; I saved some, sold some and loaded up our guild vault for a while.

Here is a chart of my level 100 characters. The bottom three are on our sister server and in our guild. I’ll ding two million gold this week.


Character Profession Profession Class
Main 1 Engineering Jewelcrafting Hunter
Main 2 Leatherworking Herbalism Druid
Profession Alt Mining Skinning Hunter
Profession Alt Enchanting Tailor Hunter
Profession Alt Alchemy Inscription Hunter
Profession Alt Blacksmithing Tailor Warrior
Holiday Alt None None Mage
Garrison Alt None None Rogue
Garrison Alt None Tailor Priest
Garrison Alt None None Holy Pally
Garrison Alt None None Druid
Garrison Alt None None Warlock


My five Garrison Alts will be left behind. All of my characters have at least 18 (of 25) followers with the Treasure Hunter trait which will switch to Super Scavenger traits with the pre-expansion patch. Lots of resources and not enough information!

How to take advantage of my Embarrassment of Alts?

I (think) that Alchemy, Enchanting, Blacksmithing will be useless. I believe that the Jewelcrafting 250 gold daily will continue. Bags from Tailoring will always sell, even if cheap.

Potentially, I could have five garrison Jewelcrafters and Tailors! The tough turn would be Sorcerous Earth, the reagent for hexweave bags — visiting the Trader to change resources to Primal Spirits would solve it: but “time spent” becomes an issue.

My Hunter main will do all of the heavy lifting in Legion; questing, fighting, exploring, rep grinds (for flying as well). My Druid healer main will likely level in dungeons and the Profession quests.

My Profession Alt with mining and skinning will finish the Artifact quest then and likely level by grinding mats for my Mains. Finally, my other Profession Alts will slowly catch up over time with focus on the Alchemist first.

Preparing for Legion now, in the context of Profession Alts, will take some doing but with luck and good fortune and the blessing of Elune; we’ll be able to step into the Broken Isles with a lot of support.

Preparing for Legion: Professions

“Strategy is the art of making use of time and space.
I am less concerned about the latter than the former.
Space we can recover, lost time never.”


Preparing for Legion: Professions

With delight, I found The World of Moudi. This blog has some information from the Alpha on professions. It is not complete, which is a-okay. I have no problem with a work in progress; I have book marks so I can return.

For me, the best first information is which starting zone has which profession quests. From this blog, I have learned that my Jewelcrafter would want to start in Azsuna. I’ll be referring to this guide for all of my profession alts — starting in the zone that supports the profession will be a boon.

Within the profession guide, I also saw that there are maps for good places to farm leather via skinning and how to farm Blood of Sargeras, the crafting reagent (like felblight, I guess) in Legion.

Eventually, I will want to form a Sequence List on how to start the new expansion. For example, I know I’d want my Artifact before I started grinding leather. Putting my characters with professions through a step-by-step sequence to have them all in a good place is important.

When starting a campaign, one needs to plan ahead!