Patch 7.3.5: Loremaster

“If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.”
Orson Welles

Patch 7.3.5: Loremaster

Icy Veins has the scoop that the way of tracking quests in older zones, like Netherstorm in Outland is changed!

Instead of a flat “complete 120 quests” and earn Into the Nether, there will be chapters like we have seen in the zones here in Legion. Will those chapters add up to 120 quests in the Netherstorm? I don’t know. It will be a fun thing to look at when the patch arrives.

I don’t have the Loremaster title or even Loremaster of any region except those forced on us to get flying, so that is WoD and Legion zones. I think that with zone scaling, we might be interesting in returning to certain zones to complete unfinished chapters or investing more (it is Blizzard’s hope) when leveling a new Allied Race.

Looking over my characters (alts) I can see that some are deeper in some zones than others. So, if we choose to return, then we’ll be flipping through our Alts to see who went the deepest in a zone way-back-when we were leveling. And, if we are returning to clean up a zone, we’ll still likely be over-powered and flying as a 100 or 110 character.

Are you a Completionist and feel the urge to fill that bar and get the title? Or will you shrug and want to play our current content?

Today, I look over the completed quests in a zone like Desolace and shrug at the three completed as I know that before the addition of Achievements in WotLK that I’d cleaned that place up and that it looked very different then before the Cataclysm. It should be fun to return, but I don’t know.