Legion: Farming Love Charms

“You can’t really be strong until you see a funny side to things.”
Ken Kesey

Legion: Farming Love Charms

Until I find any place better, it will be Heroic Everbloom. The plant mobs are abundant and the “tink!” sound as the Love Charms stack in my bags is satisfying.

Deny the urge to loot anything, the Love Charms automatically go into your bags (assuming you have the gathering box given freely from a vendor in any major city).

I farmed for a short while on my Beast Mastery hunter, I cleared one path to big Tree boss and stopped and turned around and cleared up to the next boss (the trio of guys). Then I mounted up and re-set the instance and ran again.

Needing 270 tokens, I’d need 2700 Love Charms. However, I have collected some tokens by running the Chemical Bros. The Heartbreaker toy remains elusive on Day Two (seven hunters and two druids, I think).

I might try it on my Druid as boomkin and happily dash through every mob to the end of the pathway and try to Starfall. I’d need a good AoE to mow them down. On days like today, I wish I had a blade fury type warrior or a fan of knives rogue.

If I continue on my Hunter, the Bear Tartare food will give me a “dash” type speed boost after every kill: ideal for farming. With a one-hour buff, that would be my timer when to stop.

The Holiday is (I think) about two weeks long. So, maybe an hour here and there during this week might bring me my toy. I think that if I run the Chemical Brothers every day on a different toon than my farmer, that I’ll have close to the 100 tokens needed for the Love Fool Target Dummy.