My Surreal Shaman

Let’s make a short story long.

I’ve played a raiding resto-druid since WotLK. Full time, love it. But, I have always been jealous of the Shamans and their totems and I thought that they’d be fun to play.

Years ago I made a new Shaman! During the Legion invasions, as I recall, you could take any level character to the invasions and get a bunch of XP. And they had crates that you could earn for future gear when you got up to your then max level. You didn’t really have to know how to play.

Well, that is as far as I got. My Shaman sat around for a while and then one day I got a friend to port me to WoD and give me a lift over to Ashlei, the pet tamer in Shadowmoon Valley. There you can do a pet battle daily to level up your battle pet and get xp for that one daily.

Now, my guild leader is talking with much excitement about the new Mage Tower in the next patch and the Tome mount for completing all of the challenges. I’m told that you can do them all with a Druid, a Hunter and a Shaman.

I have a Druid and a Hunter with full out raid gear and filled out shards and Domination Sockets. The whole deal. The Druid is done with the Torghast talent tree and the Hunter is close; so I know how to play these guys pretty well (in their specs).

This is what is surreal. My Shaman is:

  1. Level 58!
  2. Gear level 34 with worthless heirlooms.

I think I’d get wasted in the Maw and it’s opening quest line. So, I’m now doing the pet battles in the Eastern Kingdoms with the DMF buff to get to 60 (this week, I bet) and the Korthian Armaments and I still don’t know how to play this guy at all.

I had to use the toy to learn the flight paths. My hearth was in the Commons in Iron Forge. I have the Call to Arms quests for WoD, Legion, BFA and our current expansion. This guy has been no where. I still have 8 hours on the twenty-four hour BFF buff from logging in to do the daily pet battle: for years!

Fun, surreal, but fun.