Warlock Leveling

“But what we call our despair is often only the painful eagerness of unfed hope.”
George Eliot

Warlock Leveling

I used the Suggestion Box to plead with them to tell us which will be the favored classes in the next raid. Our guild needs DPS, so I’m leveling Warlock. This expansion seems to be humanoid, so Banish Demon won’t be very popular.

Currently at ilevel 363, I have joined pug normal raiding (still no ring or trinket drops) and my dps is low, about 6k. I have to visit and revisit the guides to make sure that I’m doing my rotation in the best of ways.

We have a Numbers Guy in our guild. He works for the government with a security clearance and he does math. That is all I know but he is a very good raider and a good guy too.

He broke down the gear value for us.

  • Chest, Legs, Shoulders, Helm, Waist, Hands are worth one slot.
  • Wrists are worth one-half of a slot.
  • The AP Neck piece is worth three slots.
  • Your weapon is worth six slots.
  • I forget what he said about rings and the cloak, sorry. Trinket’s value depends on the trinket.

What this means is that I can push via island expeditions to get AP and get the value of my neck up to it’s three slots worth. With catch-up mechanics it will slow down some and then pick up again when Season 2 starts on Jan. 22.

I can not do anything about RNG.

We have a rogue on our Heroic raiding team who had 355 daggers for the full run including AotC, months. Last week she got, finally, upgrades and her dps went up 2k. There was nothing, nothing at all, that she could do about RNG.

The high value of our weapon (with an enchant) is big. Getting a weapon to be high level is purely chance.

Our Numbers Guy also said that if you get good luck early in a raid then you’ll be lucky from then on. I don’t know how that works. But, running the raids over and over for the desired drops has a nasty trip hazard called RNG.

Ding: 120!

“There are some days when I think I’m going to die from an overdose of satisfaction.”
Salvador Dali

Ding: 120!

My fresh Warlock has finally made the jump. Now comes the emissary quests and the WQ search for gear. Magni immediately helps with the neck piece, rolling it up to 345!

I have played Druid and Hunter almost exclusively for years. Having a clothie, as they say, is very different. Still, the Warlock comes with a ton of flavor and utility.

We all know about the portals and the jump gates. I can soulstone myself for an instant rez when questing. I have a fear and a stun. I carry my own healthstones.

Warlocks can not drop aggro but we do have burning feet to run away. I can Drain Life to get my health up and I can give up my own health points to keep my pet alive.

Not as fast as a hunter and the heals are channels, rather than single clicks. Even with burning feet, I often feel slow. Some of that might be that I’m a little bitty Gnome.

If my intention is to raid, assuming that they’ll want this over a druid healer, my next big question is professions.

I leveled with herbing and mining with the expectation of dropping them. Since I have a dedicated herbalist, miner, alchemist, inscription-ist and engineer; I have options.

I could:

  • Keep herbing and have an alchemist for the double length flasks.
  • Level an engineer and get a Jeeves and Reaves for the repairs.
  • Inscriptions and Alchemy both use herbs.
  • I could try tailoring.

It is fun, there are lots of choices since I am so fresh. What do you think is the best profession choices? I look forward to reading your comment. Thank you.