Crafting in Warcraft: 6.2

He who works with his hands is a laborer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”

― Francis of Assisi

Crafting in Warcraft

How can you not craft up your own three items to max and be ready to play? Our professions give us three places that we can have our crafted gear and that gear will carry us through all of Normal and Heroic raids.

The Tier Sets go into five slots of which you want four: Head, Shoulders, Chest, Hands and Legs. Crafting up the Cloak, Boots, Waist or Ring Slot pieces is the way to go. Or, the most obvious boost: your weapon slot!

As we start afresh in Tanaan Jungle, we can use the Baleful drops to make all of our gear 695. For the mere cost of Apexis Crystals, which we pick up everywhere and are awarded everywhere, we can gear up any of our characters to be ready to go. Top it off with three Crafted pieces at 715 and the raid bosses want to melt at your glory.

Golly, we can even make our own trinkets.

This is imperative at the beginning of a patch and raid. Success builds upon success. A raid team that struggles on the first boss of a raid gets easily discouraged — you committed to two or three hours, failure can break an early raid team.

I see the difference. I am typically top DPS on my hunter. I am typically top HPS on my healer (by far). I am not that good! My gear is that good. It is a passive boost: you must do it.

Eventually, your gear will get replaced in a few months. Or, if you are lucky, you will get a wonderful piece to replace your crafted gear and you can …. craft for another slot. That is the ideal.

Once upon a time, the Blizzard design was to release three “catch up” dungeons to gear players before the final raid. In Wrath of the Lich King, we got the Frozen Halls. In Cataclysm, we got the Timeless Dungeons. Pandaria got the Timeless Isle and the Valor Point upgrade system. Those all cost artistic resources; making a Dungeon is hard, especially if it’s goal is to catch up the players.

This month is the month to do it. Get your professions on, spend all those stockpiled Primal Spirits, focus on your character and blow up some bosses. Strut a little.

It is how the game is designed: go play it.


6.2 – Week One

Every time we had a raid,
I’d get a boyfriend out of it.

Cynthia Payne

Patch 6.2 – Week One

It has been a busy week. A new zone, Tanaan Jungle. Three new rep grinds which are not painful with some very nice rewards. Rares that are not so rare that drop some underwhelming loot. And … an brand new raid.

They promised us a Savage Land. It’s dark, the sun really doesn’t shine. Some zones, I swear, I have to close the blinds because it is so darkly designed. Lots of cliffs and crags, roots and things to get hung up on, very odd beasties and plants that want to attack you — I dig it. It is not a pleasant place and it shouldn’t be!

I’m surprised at the number of people who are grinding through the new achievements. Sensible people in my guild are camping for over an hour just to see if a special rare will show up. They know we’ll be flying in a month, we’ll be able to mount up and pop over to see. I guess we were hungry for the new stuff.

The raid is awesome. We’ve done two bosses already and are making progress on the third. There is room, lawdy the scale reminds me of Ulduar. Big big big rooms; after the claustrophobia of the Black Rock Foundry it feels like a relief (even when I’m chasing a tank to heal). It is dark (of course), the lighting is broad yet severe; I hope to take some time to examine the details when we take a break between bosses.

I like the Shipyard. Getting started is rough. It is NOT for alts, which really sucks. The currency is Oil. If you are not playing in Tanaan Jungle, you will be starved for Oil. The mechanics are fun, the dock is cool, the long missions (some are two days) all make for a non-stressful mini-game. I have yet to see any compelling reward. If I get my Shipyard to level three and see no rewards, it will start collecting dust.

In all, Week One has been a blast. As long as I avoid the temptation to farm and grind, as long as I let the game come to me; this should be a very nice patch.


WoW 6.2 — Hurry Me Not

I don’t mind the gnomes,
but I’m always worried about tripping over them.

Night elf male

Still playing.
The World of Warcraft is still serving up fun and interesting challenges for me. I’m still playing and feel that my list of things to do is “reasonable”. This means that I won’t go crazy but I still have a list.

I love the Achievements. I was playing when they were added to the game (and everyone went to get Leroy and the title). The cynical said that it was just a ploy by Blizzard to get us to re-do old content. I didn’t feel that way at all except that the Exploration was re-set and the Quests in a Zone were re-set. But, that was long ago.

It’s been a long time since I looked at the Achievement pane (with NO search pane) and decided to go for an Achieve from scratch. The couple I did do from that were new to this expansion, but in general; I like either being surprised by an Achievement flashing on my screen or looking to see that I’m close and finishing something off.

But, I’m still playing. My guild did Hanz, Flame, Kromog, Beast and Trains all in one night this week! We were dancing on the tracks; so excited. Tonight is our second night of the week raiding and we’ll either return to our Pac-Man nemesis Oregorger or take a brand new look at the Maidens. Good stuff, no hurry on 6.2 for us!

For the moment, I’m done Pet Battling. I’ve run the line except for 250 PvP battles. I probably have 50ish, but those were gained by playing for fun. I have so many level 25 pets that I have to scroll halfway down the list before I can find a pet to level up some more.

I’d like to try Ashren, the pvp zone. I have not even touched it. While I suck at PvP, I do love the excitement and the aggression and my creative list of swear words. I need to find some game time to get in there.

Gold making is on auto-pilot. Six characters with Inn3, Barracks3, any level Trading Post and I’m down to one character with Salvage Yard. The Treasure Hunter trait with the Lucrative Missions are just about perfect.

I’m still playing. I run the LFR with my guildies for gold and company in Vent on occasion. I use the Pre-Made Finder to pug into a Heroic BRF raid for an odd hope for gear — that takes time, precious WoW time. It is also time away from my guild as it is a solo experience and hyper-goal driven.

There is no hurry for 6.2; I still have plenty to do in the game. Fun stuff.

Preparing for 6.2

I run on the road, long before I dance under the lights.
Muhammad Ali

Preparing for 6.2
Today is April 23rd, 2015

The expansion is live on the PTR and is being data-mined and explored. It is early, very early, and much will change as it is tested and refined. An educated guess would put the patch dropping for us around June, two months from now.

So, how can we prepare now? We will play off of what we can know now and plan for the day that the patch drops.

Pet Charms.
I plan on having around 1000 saved up and I’m starting now. Several new pets and odd bits will become available at the Pet Vendor. Among them, for me, this is the most interesting: a toy!

From Blizzard Watch:
More expensive than all of these new pets combined is the new Magic Pet Mirror toy, which costs 500 Pet Charms. It allows you to take on the appearance of any pet that battles and isn’t companion-only, meaning you can choose to look like a pet like Gusting Grimoire but not one like K’ute.

Felbood is the new Savage Blood
Savage Blood will be useless, so I won’t be stockpiling or trying to earn them unless I want to make an upgrade now. So far, on the PTR, it does not say how to get them beyond having a Barn and trapping. I am hoping for purchase via Primal Spirits but no news yet on that front.

I will be stocking mats; ore, herbs and making sure I do my profession dailies for gearspring parts, hex cloth, true iron bars etc. And, just as important, the Sorcerous that they generate.

If we can buy Felblood via the Primal Spirit vendor, then I’ll simply use the Trader Visitor to convert mats. Know too that the new JC gems require Felbood to make as well.

I might need to make a Barn and learn to trap … (frowny face).

Garrison Resources.
We are told that the amount will change. It is currently 6000 resources to get to the Tanaan Jungle, the new zone in the expansion. We will need to buy a new building, the Shipyard, which will open a new exit in our garrison to the docks on the water. We’ll need to build a ship and have quests and stuff.

We’ll only need a few weeks to generate that many resources, so I won’t worry until June.

Bonus Rolls
There will be a new bonus roll ‘seal’ in the expansion, so no need to roll into the new raid having saved up 10. They’ll be useless in the Hellfire Citadel.

Once upon a time, we’d look to the PTR to plan for new recipes. We’d stockpile in advance to make gold, lots of gold. That is not the case in this expansion. It will be our own resources.

Forewarned is forearmed, with just this little information we can begin to plan for Patch Day so we anticipate through it and not agonize through it.