Pet Tamer Rounds

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Pet Tamer Rounds

By the way; Bonkers can go into a cage now. If you are dripping with Timeless Isle coins, it could be a good time to go to the cave and gamble and then sell a few.

I don’t think that I’m the only player who skips questing and uses the battle pet tamers as a daily quest for xp. Ten or eleven quests a day in about half an hour.

It all depends on intention, for me there are reasons to level up a character with no hurry at all.

With the Heirloom Toy that grants flight paths, a very low character can do Elwynn Forest, Westfall, The-one-with-the-bunnies, Thorium Point and Light’s Hope Chapel. And, as you get stronger and face the new scaled zones; expand that to include Duskwood and Booty Bay. Then, when you can fly, Flamestar Post and the Hinterlands. Finally, if you have had a Mage help you and have set your hearth to New Dalaran; there is a portal to Kara with it’s tamer.

The best part is how deadly dull it is. These are the times to read blogs or write them, check your e-mail, get a new coffee or even que up for a pvp pet battle.

As it is deadly dull, lately my interest has gone to reducing the number of turns in a battle. Typically I have used the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling because he is a tough guy.

Now, I am looking at AoE spells to bring down all three at once. Blightbreath is a lot of fun; cast Acid Rain and then Dreadful Breath. The Breath runs for three turns automatically so you don’t have to click at all. This guy shines on Thorium Point.


The Infernal Pyreclaw is good for reducing turns with it’s AoE. Open with Great Sting and then Cleave. Really satisfying in Duskwood and the Bunny Tamer.

Eleven low impact dailies with rested XP is not a horrible way to level a character for some odd intention. One amusing thing is that you don’t meet anyone; zero rep.

Help me out here, do you have any great AoE pets to reduce the number of turns (its all about the turns, no troubles) on the battle pet tamers?



BfA Tamer Rounds

“I’ve got a friend who is a lion tamer. He used to be a school teacher till he lost his nerve.”
Les Dawson

BfA Tamer Rounds

So i can just level pets in Elwynn Forest now?
To clarify, the trainers you will battle for Battle for Azeroth World Quests will scale to the level of the highest level pet on your current pet team, allowing you to complete the World Quest with low-level pets.

While we may expand this system to other trainers and battles (a few already use it, like Crysa), we don’t plan to expand it to wild pets at this time.

I didn’t ask the question but it was a good one.

Pet Battles as world quests will continue to be part of your emissary rounds. And they will scale to your highest level pet. This is a very good thing. Some of the battles in Legion were pesky and seeing your opponent at level one with only the opening shot available might be very good, especially for leveling your pets at the same time.

They hint at expanding this to the other tamers and I hope that they do not.

On occasion I will run my leveling character through most of the tamers in the Eastern Kingdom for the XP. These tamers are mostly fairly low level teams and my single 25 can best them. This is good for my intention.

Having to face scaled tamers would mean more specific attention and probably the need to look up and/or save teams. My current run takes about 35 minutes and I skip the Swamps and Kara tamers. Having scaled tamers would mean this strategy of mine a waste of good play time.

I do use Rematch. It allows us to save teams for specific tamers (and for pvp pet battle purposes!) and I think it is more than time for Blizzard to tear a page or two from this addon and make it part of our default UI.

With an obscene 727 pets at level 25 (and rare), managing this collection is becoming a bit much.

Favorite PvP Pet Battle Team

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Favorite PvP Pet Battle Team

I’d have to say that this is my “current” favorite team. I have several saved in Rematch because you can face the same opponent over and over. This team is meant to go in order, the first one up stays there until he dies; then the next and then the final.


This is a pesky little murloc. If you are going first, then open with Clobber to stun your foe. Then Bubble and you’ve negated their first three turns unless they are doing weather or back line attacks. Then Fish Slap because it will make you laugh. Use Clobber and Bubble off cool down and enjoy slapping with a fish.

Zephyrian Prince
I like this guy because he also sets up the next guy. Open with Call Lightning. Then use Slicing Wind which may hit once, twice or three times. With the extra damage from the lightning weather, this is a satisfying attack. When you are low on health, try resetting the weather.

Lil Bling
You saw it coming, right? Start with Extra Plating, then Make it Rain and then Inflation. The combination of coins falling and the stampede effect with lightning can finish the fight.


Obviously you can face forced pet swaps, a control of the weather battle and a crab with a shell who might negate all of your bling; but maybe not! Having a plan for your team in advance is what makes the pet battles fun.


Brutal Pet Brawler

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Brutal Pet Brawler

Once you’ve finished Family Brawler, you might fall into the Brutal Pet Brawler trap. Pet battles have a rhythm to them that you can enjoy with the groove. Playing one more is kind of fun. With no rewards, not even a pet charm, it is hard to imagine me fighting again.


When it comes to massive time sinks in the World of Warcraft, I often see players say (with a sneer!) that they would not waste their time on such a task. My take is that it is all a waste of time and that is the point and that is why we are playing the World of Warcraft. There are zero tangible rewards for playing this game — except for the bonds of friendship.

I value the connections I’ve made with my guild mates. Our interactions are layered via bnet, discord, guild chat or a /wave as we run by. We have lively respectful discussions on, lately, the Bible, gun control and the second amendment, abortion, My Fair Lady on Broadway (the revival opened this week), how Pretty Woman parallels My Fair Lady and that George Bernard Shaw was an advocate for women’s rights. That was this week.

Dogs, cats, kids, wives, husbands, idiot bosses, snow, taxes, ice cream, Doritos vs Cheetos, mountain dew, work, vacation, rain, “thanks Obama”, tornadoes, that’s what she said, adult beverages, lag, latency, loading screens, wireless headsets and it’s too darn hot.

The players in my guild are from all over the United States. How welcome is a southern accent to those of us without? The educational range is wide from top to bottom but also side to side; a terrific span across points of views and levels of expertise.

The waste of time in the World of Warcraft is the reason we come back again and again to meet our fellows. Their awareness of my in-game goals, when met, are expressed with a “grats”. And often some jibe, “now that you are done with that, lets do rated battlegrounds”. Others, facing time sink achievements, can be supported by me; a needed caged pet, a healer in a mythic, a stack of flasks and so on. These things make the journey much easier and everyone playing has a fan base: our guild.

Near the end of Mists of Pandaria, with the year-long lull, my guild leader said that we had “played” Mists of Pandaria. We had done it all from Glory of the Pandaria Raider to Challenge runs to pet safaris to leveling alts. My guild leader wants to do that every expansion and relishes the time lulls in the late game when we, as a group, take the time to explore the tangents designed into the game.

Into the Deadmines

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
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Into the Deadmines

Bryssa has a post called The Deadmines Strike Back. It has a very nice overview of the new pet battle dungeon, go take a look.

Encouraged, I decided to take it for a spin. I used a strategy guide over at Xu-Fu. It took about an hour to do the introduction run which unlocks the challenge mode and also the free portal from Dalaran.

It’s fun and funny. It has been a long time since I’d been in the Deadmines, using this layout was a good idea. They sort of mocked their own dungeon content in the pet battle version, I love that stuff.

I’ll have to do the Challenge Mode six times to collect the four pets. The Mining Monkey is the reward for the first CM run, then you earn tokens to purchase the next three. So, if there is one you don’t like – skip it! I do want that Mining Monkey!

It will be around for a long time, there is no hurry. However, like all of Legion, once you have finished it; there will be no need to return (wait, can you SELL these pets?).

Once a week for six weeks, set aside an hour or more. Take your time and work through a familiar pathway and have a good laugh. The Devs have said that they will do more of these things if the players like to run these kinds of things. So, I guess, vote with your “time played”.


Battle Pets: Legion

“Why don’t you get out of that wet coat and into a dry martini?”
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Battle Pets: Legion

I think we’ve been in Legion long enough to talk about Pets. Battle Pets are entwined into everything I do; I have used the battles for XP, I’ve sold them on the AH and they are macro’d to my activities like Dash, Displacer Beast and Mounts.

Roll Call:

  • Total: 830
  • Unique: 738
  • Max Level: 586

All of them except:

  • Broken Isles Safari (about half way)
  • Master and Brutal Pet Brawler (about 100 of 250)
  • An Awfully Big Adventure (14 more to go)


  • 2935 Pet Charms
  • 324 Flawless Battle-Training Stones
  • 2235 Battle Pet Bandages
  • Many assorted stones, biscuits, treats and mini-treats

Addons and Resources

Current Favorites for my /rfp

  • Albino Buzzard
  • Blazing Firehawk
  • Disgusting Oozeling
  • Sunborne Val’kyr
  • Netheara’s Light

Overall, Legion has been great. I very much enjoyed the Family Familiar achievement, that is tops in my book. Sad to say, I’ve only done the Dungeon once; I think it is because of “time spent”.

Don’t you think that the Pet Battles on the Broken Shore should give you Legionfall Resources along with Rep? Rep is great but it could use a little oomph. While I appreciate Pet Battles being part of World Quests at max level, I wish that there was a minor version for XP while leveling.

I have an Alt parked with Ashlei in WoD’s Shadow Moon Valley and she does the daily with her Safari Hat on. I am astonished that she is level 109! I have an Alt parked with Crysa over in Kalimdor, hoping for another rare Albino Buzzard.

More emphasis on the flying pets right now because we can fly! We love to see our battle pets swooping along with us in the air.

Finally, one favorite toy is Narcissa’s Mirror; making your pet look like you! During breaks in raiding, I use it on Stinker and have friends use theirs on a black cat. To see my own mini-me chasing them with a broken heart is hilarious. BUT, we tried it yesterday and it didn’t work! Did Blizzard change this and not tell us?

Another fun thing was using the Magic Pet Mirror on the Enchanted Broom. Then all the raiders use Ai-Li’s Skymirror to have a raid team advancing as brooms! It only lasts a while until it all breaks but it sure made me laugh.

When Pet Battles first came out, everyone said “it’s like Pokeman”. Since I’ve never played that game, I worried that I’d be at a disadvantage. However, once started — I was hooked! I always like having a buddy alongside to enjoy my adventures.


Family Familiar and Elune’s Blessing

Oh what a beautiful morning,
Oh what a beautiful day,
I’ve got a wonderful feeling,
Everything’s going my way.


Family Familiar and Elune’s Blessing

Great day in the morning! It feels like things are timing out just about perfect.

Finishing Family Familiar was satisfying in that it was a long project. I started it a little late until my Guild Master pointed out the Achievement. Using Xu Fu’s Guide, what could have been an onerous task was really a pleasure.

I like that the Pet Battles are woven into the Emissary World Quests.

With that done (woot), I also have a brand new 110 who is a dedicated Gatherer. So, Family Familiar is gone and this new character is in it’s place. Yesterday The Whisperer was up, rewarding six Blood of Sargeras and I happily cycled my 110’s over to get some welcome loot.

Today, on our realm, the Emissary was in High Mountain and it was one of those “do it in less than fifteen minutes” with some WQ’s stacked on each other. I even (very carefully) ran my new 110; not for the gear which was welcome but for the rewards.

AND, the Bacon WQ rewards 15 bacon today! I cycled three of my characters through that.

AND, the Alchemy WQ was up today; rewarding 10 Blood of Sargeras.

With the Blood of Sargeras quests and the Bacon Quests I can now feed my raid team and put out Spirit Cauldrons for the next few weeks. And that is a good day full of accomplishment.

Which … leaves me time this week to do Love is in the Air (trying hard to remember how to farm tokens). I’ll be wanting the two new toys and I’m still shy of The Heartbreaker toy from last year (two years ago now?). Even level 20 characters can do the Chemical Bros. While I DO have the Love Rocket, I need that Heartbreaker: yes I do.

Check out the flavor text …

The Heartbreaker
Item Level 1
Binds when picked up
Use: This strange experimental device was meant to burst the target’s chest cavity in a spray of hot gore. Instead, it induces a brief but pitiful display of miserable, wracking sobs. (1 Min Cooldown)

World Event: Love is in the Air
Drop: Apothecary Hummel

So, Reset Day will be kind of crazy. A new wing in the LFR and the holiday World Event both start tomorrow. I need some time management.

It’s a great day in the morning and the sun is shining in Azeroth!