Brutal Pet Brawler

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Nicholas Carr

Brutal Pet Brawler

Once you’ve finished Family Brawler, you might fall into the Brutal Pet Brawler trap. Pet battles have a rhythm to them that you can enjoy with the groove. Playing one more is kind of fun. With no rewards, not even a pet charm, it is hard to imagine me fighting again.


When it comes to massive time sinks in the World of Warcraft, I often see players say (with a sneer!) that they would not waste their time on such a task. My take is that it is all a waste of time and that is the point and that is why we are playing the World of Warcraft. There are zero tangible rewards for playing this game — except for the bonds of friendship.

I value the connections I’ve made with my guild mates. Our interactions are layered via bnet, discord, guild chat or a /wave as we run by. We have lively respectful discussions on, lately, the Bible, gun control and the second amendment, abortion, My Fair Lady on Broadway (the revival opened this week), how Pretty Woman parallels My Fair Lady and that George Bernard Shaw was an advocate for women’s rights. That was this week.

Dogs, cats, kids, wives, husbands, idiot bosses, snow, taxes, ice cream, Doritos vs Cheetos, mountain dew, work, vacation, rain, “thanks Obama”, tornadoes, that’s what she said, adult beverages, lag, latency, loading screens, wireless headsets and it’s too darn hot.

The players in my guild are from all over the United States. How welcome is a southern accent to those of us without? The educational range is wide from top to bottom but also side to side; a terrific span across points of views and levels of expertise.

The waste of time in the World of Warcraft is the reason we come back again and again to meet our fellows. Their awareness of my in-game goals, when met, are expressed with a “grats”. And often some jibe, “now that you are done with that, lets do rated battlegrounds”. Others, facing time sink achievements, can be supported by me; a needed caged pet, a healer in a mythic, a stack of flasks and so on. These things make the journey much easier and everyone playing has a fan base: our guild.

Near the end of Mists of Pandaria, with the year-long lull, my guild leader said that we had “played” Mists of Pandaria. We had done it all from Glory of the Pandaria Raider to Challenge runs to pet safaris to leveling alts. My guild leader wants to do that every expansion and relishes the time lulls in the late game when we, as a group, take the time to explore the tangents designed into the game.


Master Trainer’s Tabard

“No artist is ahead of his time. He is his time; it is just that others are behind the times.”
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Master Trainer’s Tabard

Data mining for 7.3.5 shows that we can earn a tabard for pet battling called Master Trainer’s Tabard


The achievement to earn this new tabard is called Family Brawler.

Like the other family achieves, this one requires you to use a class team like all Aquatic, Flyer or Dragonkin.

But, to get it, you’ll really have to want it. It is a PvP achieve. If you have ever done pet battling PvP then you’ll know just how long it takes to win 5 much less 100 with the class restriction.


This, my pet lovers, is one nasty time sink. I’m beginning to wonder if that tabard would mess up my tmog!

Draenor Pet Brawler — the Ultimate Grind

Draenor Pet Brawler Win 2000 pet battles in Draenor.

Yep, 2000 pet battles. The daily in the Pet Menagerie doesn’t count. Let’s face it, if you are going for this achievement (which rewards a monument in your garrison) then you are in for a grind. I don’t recommend it; go run a raid with some friends instead.

However, if you must (I must, I must) here are my strategies for getting through a grind that will take hours and hours to finish. I am currently at 1534 pet battles and I’ve had some time to think about it.

First of all, combine all the positives that you can. I am leveling my Profession Alts by getting XP from the pet battles. I am leveling pets at the same time. I also have reduced it to the most mindless activity that I can create — so I can watch a movie on television while grinding.

When I first started out, I thought I’d level a character from 91 to 100 and get the achievement. Not so! I am on my third character and I have a ways to go. My first crack at it, I used two fliers, two mechanicals and two magic pets to counter the aquatic, beast and fliers. It works but you have to pay attention.

Here is the strategy that I use.

  • Go to the Moonlit Shore in Shadowmoon Valley. It is on the coast just north of the Temple of  Karabor.
  • See all the battle pets. They will only be aquatic, beast and flier. Opening with the aquatic.
  • Open with (one turn only) two pets you want to level. If you can find one that does a stun, even better; use that one first.
  • I like the Emerald Whelpling with: Emerald Bite, Emerald Presence and Tranquility. This guy can best the three opponents over and over again.

The plus for this strategy is that it is totally mindless. Keep up Tranq and Presence and use Bite as often as you can. The Bite is extra strong against a flier which is in the line up.

So … watch a movie or the Disney channel; both are my favorite past times. And level your characters, pets and go for the nastiest grindiest achievement in Draenor!