Feat. Jademist Dancer: PvP Pet Battle Team

“Teamwork is a strategic decision.”
Patrick Lencioni

Feat. Jademist Dancer: PvP Pet Battle Team

This is a devious, almost sneaky strategy featuring the Jademist Dancer. The idea is to slowly take down the opponent’s entire team and then finish them off.

Here is my team; Benax, Drafty and the Jademist Dancer


We open with Drafty in the second slot. This is to let the other guy think that we are reacting to his team, we are not. Open with Cyclone with lasts five rounds and bounces around their team.


Switch immediately to the Jademist Dancer and cast Acid Rain. It deals some damage and also boosts aquatic damage spells.


Switch to Benax. I’ve used lots of pets in this slot, you want some aquatic damage spells and you want to survive a few rounds so the Cyclone can do it’s damage. Cast Bubble.


Then Swarm of Flies.


Then Water Jet which should be boosted by the Acid Rain.


Swap to Drafty, you want that Cyclone up again. Decide if you need to cast Autumn Breeze too. You probably do.


Swap to Jademist Dancer and cast Rain Dance and Acid Rain.


Swap to Benax, it is time to start sacrificing your pets. Bubble if you can, otherwise Water Jet as many times as you can.

Swap to Drafty and heal or Cyclone or the other one, until the venerable Drafty dies.

Jademist Dancer will enter the battle. Scroll up to the team and you will see a S/S on this pet, which means that it will very likely always go first. Hopefully the Acid Raid is still up. You will Steam Vent.


The Jademist Dancer is the only pet in the game with Steam Vent. It hits like a truck. You, hopefully, will one-shot the front guy, when the second comes up and you go first, finish him off and then the third comes and you finish him off; one, two, three.

This is a nasty little fighting team with almost a surprise ending. I should mention the irony that two of this team’s pets are Elementals which ignore weather effects. Yep, plenty can go wrong but I’ve used this team often enough to mention the satisfaction of ending a fight this way.

Enjoy! And may all your hits … be crits.


Favorite PvP Pet Battle Team

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”
General George S. Patton

Favorite PvP Pet Battle Team

I’d have to say that this is my “current” favorite team. I have several saved in Rematch because you can face the same opponent over and over. This team is meant to go in order, the first one up stays there until he dies; then the next and then the final.


This is a pesky little murloc. If you are going first, then open with Clobber to stun your foe. Then Bubble and you’ve negated their first three turns unless they are doing weather or back line attacks. Then Fish Slap because it will make you laugh. Use Clobber and Bubble off cool down and enjoy slapping with a fish.

Zephyrian Prince
I like this guy because he also sets up the next guy. Open with Call Lightning. Then use Slicing Wind which may hit once, twice or three times. With the extra damage from the lightning weather, this is a satisfying attack. When you are low on health, try resetting the weather.

Lil Bling
You saw it coming, right? Start with Extra Plating, then Make it Rain and then Inflation. The combination of coins falling and the stampede effect with lightning can finish the fight.


Obviously you can face forced pet swaps, a control of the weather battle and a crab with a shell who might negate all of your bling; but maybe not! Having a plan for your team in advance is what makes the pet battles fun.


Dirty Dog Designers

“Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.”
Kurt Vonnegut

Dirty Dog Designers

Just when you think, “I did it!” they had a hidden achievement behind the achievement.


Thinking to be done with the pvp pet battle scene: just look at that title!

Family Brawler

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”
Muhammad Ali

Family Brawler


It took me two weeks to run this series of achievements. It was fun and interesting. Some classes are strong and some are weak but it can be done.

Handy Notes:

  • I found this cheat sheet good to review before starting a new class.
  • Make multiple teams and rotate them, on my realm there were only a few battlers and I’d recognize them and I’m sure they knew me … and how I’d play. Multiple teams switches that up some. I use Rematch to make and save teams.
  • Spread play time out! If you have the time, scatter the battles at different times of the day so you don’t face the Pros from Dover, over and over.
  • This Family Brawler youtube channel can help you pick out some strong pets to use and try out.
  • I did Family Fighter first and that helped me learn which pets had strong spells. I’ve been using the Xu Fu guides throughout Legion.
  • Have something else going. Waiting five minutes for a pet battle is a heart-breaker.

I’m glad I did it and I’m glad I’m done. I think I’d have to win 100 more to get the other achieves for pvp pet battles with teams at 25. Without the class restriction, I might go for it … over the next few months.

Hoo-ray, done and done!

PvP Pet Battles

Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.
Donald Trump

PvP Pet Battles

I read plenty of blogs and there are a lot of complaints (sitting now in 6.1) that there is no content. The word has been used so much that it needs to be capitalized: Content.

What does it mean? If by Content, the complainers mean continuing the story; well, one must be aware that the World of Warcraft is much like the serials in the late 1800’s. When Dickens was writing Great Expectations or Doyle was writing The Hound of the Baskervilles; they came out a chapter at a time in the newspapers. It’s the nature of the beast.

Now, if by Content, people are saying that there is not enough game to play; I cry foul and claim them whiners. Achievements, Rep, Mounts, Dungeons, Raids, Gear, Pets and …. Pet Battles can fill up your entertainment glass quite nicely.

PvP Pet Battles are a ton of fun.

Part of my arc was shifting my expecations from needing to Win to having a Good Time. People who only want to win are boring. They post ideal battle teams on the web, they get anal and min/max their pets: frankly, they are boring and not much fun.

Have some fun.

The goal, I suppose, is the achievement to win first ten and then fifty PvP Pet Battles. As in any PvP arena, your opponent is another player who will confound and surprise you. Play some battles for a while, it’s quick and fun.

Keys to play

  • Only battle with Rare pets, they need to be strong enough to survive.
  • Make teams that compliment each other; one pet might have a Weather spell that other pets can magnify upon (for example).
  • Make teams that counter your opponent; have a range of spells that excel against the teams; beast, humanoid, critter etc.
  • Guess (the fun part) who you might be fighting. It’s common to use Undead, Elemental, Mechanical, Humanoid (all the pets you do NOT tame in Dreanor) — they tend to be more exotic with thier spells. Build an anti-Undead team and roll the dice.
  • Switch up your teams. Have fun, try things out. There is nothing wrong with using your favorites but having one set team is boring.
  • Goof around some. Make an all spider team. Try Winter’s Helper, a Snowman and Frigid Frostling just for fun.

There is nothing at stake here! No reward, no damage, no xp, no gold. It’s for fun. At first it will seem daunting but with time, you’ll see what they have and counter it or build an all-offensive team or just get lucky. As you play, you’ll find some favorites that are not on the Big List of Typical Pets. The Big List is good too.

It may not be story-line Content but it’s a lot of fun. What a good game the World of Warcraft is to me!