Darkmoon Faire: Legion

Then you may take me to the fair
If you do all the things you promise
In fact, my heart would break
should you not take me to the fair


Darkmoon Faire: Legion

For the first time since the pre-expansion patch, the Darkmoon Faire is open. On my hunter I wore my Scarlet Crusade Tabard and visited the Scarlet Quartermaster. Wowhead has not updated this NPC.

I bought the Ensemble: Chain of Scarlet Crusade for a whopping 10,000 gold. Clicking the Ensemble released a Chest, Wrist, Hands, Belt, Legs and Feet into my wardrobe. A nice little complete set in one swift click.

There was also a Cropped Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade which I did not buy. It cost 25,000 gold. This tabard looks like it is tucked in at the belt-line and I imagine some hard-core tmog guys will want it.

Thanks to the tip from Alternative Chat, I picked up the toy Sparklepony XL. Happily one of my alts had plenty of DMF tokens. This is a fun toy and must soon be macro’d to my favorite ground mount.

During my pre-Legion cleaning, I noticed one of my alts had the Darkmoon Fishing Cap. It summons a pool of Shipwrecked Debris. Thinking to chain a lot of goodies, I “used” it in Dalaran. It works. But … a one hour cooldown. Yes, it’s in the tooltip. Yes, I didn’t read the whole tooltip. Yes, I tossed it and walked away — wotta waste of what could be a fun thing.

I wonder what else is new at the Darkmoon Faire?

Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade

“It is a well-documented fact that guys will not ask for directions. This is a biological thing. This is why it takes several million sperm cells… to locate a female egg, despite the fact that the egg is, relative to them, the size of Wisconsin.”
Dave Barry

Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade

NB: Today’s date is July 9, 2016. Some of this information is from the Beta Legion and could change!

The Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade is a rare drop off of Armsmaster Harlan in the (normal) Scarlet Halls dungeon. The dungeon is level 30. One can re-run a dungeon ten times in an hour before being cut off until that next hour is over.

It took me 13 tries on my Druid and over 50 on my Hunter.

Once I won the rare tabard, I did a character copy to the Beta.

On the Beta, there is a new NPC at the Darkmoon Faire called the Scarlet Quartermaster. She is back in the corner behind the zoo area. If you talk to her, she will (pretty much) cuss you out.

If you are wearing your Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade, she will talk to you. As a Quartermaster, she has some goods.

For my Druid, there was one item listed to buy. The Cropped Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade currently goes for 25,000 gold. It is identical to the original except that it is cropped at the waist, looking like it is tucked in without that dangly part below.

For my Hunter, I could also buy a mail transmog set for 10,000 gold. Chest, hands, waist and legs in the “Scarlet Crusade” motif. The set was called Ensemble: Chain of the Scarlet Crusade; a single token that you click to open up the set.

I’ve read on WowHead that there will be a set for plate wearers also but none for the leather and cloth crowd. Otherwise, there is nothing else on the NPC to buy.

I won’t know until the pre-expansion patch (and needing the Darkmoon Faire) if the transmog version of the tabard is enough or you need the actual piece to talk to the NPC. In any case, if you don’t have the Tabard now; you might is well go do some dungeon running!