Top 10 Pets in Wow: /rfp

“The knack of flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” Douglas Adams

Top 10 Pets in WoW: /rfp

There are a lot of top ten pet guides for the World of Warcraft. Mostly they are for battling. Today’s post is about vanity. Because we have flying, all of my pets are fliers and will join me in the air.

The /rfp macro is for Random Favorite Pet. You could simply enter that into a macro and drag it to your Action Bar. Or, you could insert it into any macro that you use in the game. For me, it is my Mount and Dash macros.

When it comes to vanity, there are a bunch of good pets. Either status pets like Stardust or pets that cause a commotion like Egbert or even fun pets that need a partner like Stinker and the Black Cat.

Today, this is my Top Ten pet who can fly along with you. I’ve chosen them for size, color, style and coolness. Many pets are small and can be hard to see, I hope that these will not.

  1. Blazing Firehawk
    • The Blazing Firehawk, as I recall, is from the daily pet quests in the Garrison from WoD. This guy is a looker and is bright and shiny.
  2. Darkmoon Zeppelin
    • For my money, this is the best in the lot. For a pet it is pretty big! It travels slow and is totally unique. It is from the Darkmoon Faire. If I had one pet out all of the time, it would be this one.
  3. Gold (and Blue) Mini Jouster
    • Either of these guys are a winner. Both are beautiful. They have a little rider on the head, a jouster! AND they have a very nice bright flash of light when they arrive. Both of these are from quests in Deepholm.
  4. Phoenix Hatchling
    • Another bright pet to be seen in the sky, it has a misty aura. From the Magister’s Terrace, it is one of the oldest pets around. If you have it, then you “did it”. I think I got mine during Cataclysm and, I think, they can be caged!
  5. Proto-Drake Whelp
    • This guy is from the egg Oracle weekly (now only three days) in Shalozar Basin. He is one of the smarter pets who will follow you down when you jump off of a balcony instead of pathing with your hunter pets all the way around and down the stairs.
  6. Sunborne Val’kyr
    • This guy is a warrior! He is super bright and shiny and a welcome companion. I don’t remember where he came from but, for sure, in Legion.
  7. White Tickbird Hatchling
    • I’ll confess, this is a sentimental favorite. With a bright white color, easily seen and a cool pet.
  8. Nethaera’s Light
    • This is a non-battle pet. I got him from Old Dalaran, though I think it might be a crafted thing now. It is a candle! If you watch it, every now and then it will dip down and sparkle. While some pets struggle to fly and keep up, this guy has no problem!
  9. Guardian Cub
    • This is from the Blizzard Store. A lot was designed into this guy. His wings trail light behind him like the Netherwing Drake mounts. You DO have those mounts, right?
  10. Rustberg Gull
    • This guy is a bit small for this list. I betcha all gulls do the loop-de-loop, while you are standing on the ground. I really like that little bit of animation, it is subtle and clean.

If you are like me, you’ll find yourself stalled in the air while chatting merrily away with a friend or a guildmate. Having these pets to keep you company will cheer your day and see you fully use the game tools available to you.

By the way, did you know that the Ins key and the Del key will make your mount do loops?

Fun stuff in Azeroth!