Twisted Corridor: Layer Three

It took me about three hours. At the vendor I got up and to walk around some. And, I had a great time.

Layer three was easier than layer two or one because I’m starting to understand it better. In a nutshell, expect to blow through layers 1 to 10, go a little slower 10 to 14, take your time and focus on 14 to 17 with 18 being the final boss.

Choose how you want to play. This is great. This time, instead of pouring my points into mastery or crit or power choices, I chose many of the more flavorful choices. It could be I got lucky on the floors, just a few irritating dive bombers but no fire or spreading ick on the floor, but it worked out fine.

I like it because it has all the challenges you might find in a raid or dungeon but I can do it solo and at my own old-man pace. I’ll keep soloing the layers until I hit a wall and then go hit the group finder and sign up as a healer.

I get my group fix in with our raid team. I like WoW both ways, solo and team-work. Torghast gives me something to do that is isolated and fun.

Our raid team is on the heroic version. Mostly, so far, it seems that they add one mechanic and it is not a new one or stupid. For an opening-the-expansion raid, this one is about right; no real reason to quit out of frustration.

A lot of people in my circle bought the package that is tied in with Blizzcon. They wanted the white bear that poops snow balls. I can’t blame them! But, not me, not this year.

Coming up is Lunar Festival and Love is in the Air and lets hope for some designer investment in the holidays and we can earn some new toys, mounts or pets!