Managing Bonus Rolls

“Part of it went on gambling, and part of it went on women. The rest I spent foolishly.”
George Raft

Managing Bonus Rolls

If you are Opal the Optimist, you know that a bonus roll has a 15% chance of success!

If you are a Grumpy Gus, you know that a bonus roll has an 85% chance to fail.

We all know that there is a Bad Luck Prevention mechanic. This means that if you don’t win a roll, your percentage goes up and up until you are sure to get a goodie.

In all, we should keep the Bonus Roll in perspective: a fun little thing we can do and not much more.

We are two weeks into World Bosses and Raiding. I’ve been blindly rolling with the thought that anything would be a welcome upgrade. Now that we are in the groove, it is time to target pieces and think about what could be done.

There is no tier to be won. I’m of the opinion that we should look at World Bosses closely and then target the only fun thing we can win: a trinket that can proc or be “on use”.

In the comment section here, an amibtious player put together a nice table with all the World Bosses. We can see by which boss is up each week and decide via the table if a bonus roll is worthy.

Each boss drops a ring/trinket/cloak so you’d never roll for that. Each World Boss has an individual relic that could drop. I see Flotsam drops a Life relic which would be nice on a healing Druid; maybe that would be cause for a roll.

Otherwise, each boss specializes in a single type of gear; head, legs, feet etc. Look at your gear and decide if it is worth it on your bonus roll.

Icy Veins has a nice class gear break down which points me to Ursoc, the Cursed Bear God for a trinket with a proc called Heightened Senses. That would be my targeted bonus roll until I get that piece!

Beyond that, I need to decide. Save my Bonus Roll and join a pug for another shot at Ursoc? That is a bit extreme for this early in an expansion. I’ve targeted bosses and only used rolls on them for a specific piece but that was super late in WoD.

I’ll use my next roll, since we get three a week and cap at six, on the Vial of the Nightmare Fog off the four Dragon boss.

Bonus Rolls can be a fun little thing and we should not get are hopes too far up. Still, it is always good to plan.

Happy Hunting and may all your hits … be crits.

The Bonus Roll in Wow

They call you Lady Luck.
But there is room for doubt
At times you have a very unladylike way of running out

Luck Be A Lady (from Guys and Dolls)

The Bonus Roll in WoW

I might say that my bonus roll from WoW is around my waist: but that’s another story.

The Bonus Roll is a fun mechanic in our game. When we down a boss, we have a chance at loot. If we use a Bonus Roll (by way of a token) we have a 15% chance that some loot will drop for us. It is in line with Personal Loot and independent of all other loot chances.

It can be disappointing as we do get our hopes up. However, we have a whopping 85% chance that we’ll get gold. Keeping it in perspective as a fun chance helps a lot.

That low 15% chance is nasty in that each boss typically drops four pieces for your spec. So, you have a lowly 4% chance that the piece that you get is one that you really (really) want.

4% is painfully low. However, there is hope!

Protection from Bad Luck
Community Manager

Whenever you use a bonus roll and you don’t get any loot, your chance of getting loot on the next roll will increase. This increased probability won’t be reset until some loot is awarded, and this is independent of the boss that is being killed.

The bad luck streak protection will carry over and continue to increase the probability from boss to boss and instance to instance and won’t reset until you get some loot. Basically, this feature treats all bonus rolls as if they were actually the same, no matter where they originate from.


I have three pieces that I’d like and I roll on those three almost every week. So far, clearly, zero luck on every level.

However, I think I’ll change my strategy and only roll on one single boss. This will let my bad luck protection ramp up until I get my coveted piece.

Also, following my new strategy, while I can only loot once (from Personal Loot or Master Looter), I can use my bonus roll on every boss kill.

So, I could join pugs outside of my raid and hone in on one coveted piece, using my extra bonus rolls.

The bad luck protection resets once you get loot, so it could be painful but not pure agony!