WoW: Guild Housing

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”
Helen Keller

WoW: Guild Housing

A while ago I was excited about the idea of lore quests and wrote a post on it. I put the link in the Suggestion Box. About two weeks later I got three visits to that page on the same day. Was it the designers? Possibly. Was it random? Unlikely. Who knows for sure.

I am of the opinion that WoW has taken a rough “time spent” direction with endless filling the bars. I also think that guilds have been ignored by Blizzard; my guess is that they wanted to try a push to get Facebook friends to see how much fun I was having or to get my Overwatch amigos to join me in WoW. Well THAT didn’t work.

The truth is that I play WoW to get away from my RL friends and away from real life period. And, there are only very few gaming friends that I’d want to meet in real life. I’d love to meet all the bloggers over a cupcake or a beer.

I believe that WoW needs to change it’s course. Raiding and Mythic Plus are too hard with guild raiding even harder as players jump ship to get AOTC in a pug group. Islands for pets is kind of dumb being all random and stuff. The missions I run today on that ship are (I’m serious) only for the hope of a fish proc.

Player Housing is sure to come. The interest and demand is there from the player base. We’ve had in-game trials with the Tillers and Garrison and Order Hall though there is zero in this expansion: too much pruning in our garden, I’d say.

There are models from other games. I liked the Tillers with my dog to pet. It was mine and instanced. I could get away and not be /poked. I could make a fool of myself when making macros for toys that don’t work over and over.

Guild Housing could provide a lot of things.

One thing that really bothers me is that our raid team is a bit elitist and hang out in Discord. Our guild chat is minimal and that is not healthy. We have fringe players in our guild (some for six years solid) who never play with us except on a rare raid achievement run when we can carry them. Even if interested for a night, they’d not ask to join us to raid on our 100th wipe in Heroic Conclave. I’d discourage that, seriously.

I’m trying to remember the Argent Tournament. As I recall, our server built that thing and it started small. We collected wood and stone.

As I recall, there used also be guild buffs and contributions to the guild by simply looting as you play.

My first stance is: a guild buff of any kind is good. If the big guilds get there first, that is life. If your guild is small, you will get there but not right away. If you are not in a guild, continue to play alone. Gaming and life isn’t fair.

Guild Housing should be something we build just by playing. Now “time spent” is very different, right?

We should get perks. Maybe we build a forge and you can get a 5% Mark of the Wild type buff by stopping in the housing and clicking. Speed perks, food buffs, travel ports and more, all the things that you can imagine.

Guild Achievements can mean something. The points can be thresholds to the arrival of the fairies or flower boxes. Doing a guild thing (it better be easy) to make a drawbridge might be fun.

I’d like to see a currency, call it guild emeralds. That same looting system from before would feed this currency to the guild bank but it’d not be gold. The guild master can make spending decisions: adding to the guild pet vendor, the guild mount vendor, a fishing pond or, as always, another speed buff that stacks.

Guild versions of raids? It could be that we are buffed as a group. Maybe unique designs just for guilds so irregulars can join.

Do you want a castle? How about archers on the walls. Maybe your kingdom is a sprawling farm land with marauders to deal with. A small base on a foreign island might be fun. Build your castle to “ten” and then get new options.

I’d like to see guild masters with benevolent powers. Even a temporary title for 24 hours or a week would be cool.

The Hivemind was an okay idea for a mount. Those five who are attuned can ride together. It would be a thousand times better if a there was a five person guild mount that can fly to dungeons.

I think that there are a zillion ideas of what could be in a guild housing place. I think that it should be easy and not hard. I think that exalted rep should open perks and one year and three year membership gives a perk. People should play together and the starting place should be the guild, not the pug board.

Those old guilds that are little small family guilds could get a huge advantage just for being a guild for eight years.

Okay, that is all I have to say about that.


The Guild Vault: Legion

“I saw a bank that said ’24 Hour Banking’, but I don’t have that much time.”

Steven Wright

The Guild Vault: Legion

Every expansion changes the needs for a vault that can be offered to a guild.

For the abundance of easy mats in WoD, we had tabs dedicated to Agility, Intellect and Strength. Those tabs had some leveling gear for new 91s but a true service with columns and columns of Pre-pot style power potions and health potions.

For Legion, we completely re-vamped the Vault; trying to assess the needs of our members and what can be provided.

Tab One is always a sort of dumping ground and catch all. It seems to be that way for all guilds and we give easy access to our newest members. We try to keep one or two columns full of Goblin Glider Kits; they are very popular now — at least until we can fly in 7.2.

Our new Tab Two is for Questing and Xmog. This is all the gear that has been dumped on us and how we politely respect that. And all that leveling food!

Our new Tab Three is truly based in Legion, Mythic Plus.

We stocked our new tab for our Mythic Plus Dungeoneers to easily pick up some stuff. And we know that we can’t supply all the high end things.

  • Two columns of Dried Mackerel Strips
  • One column of Fighter Chow. This is because some groups like to run without a healer, especially the lower end Mythic Plus runs.
  • Three columns of Drums of Fury; stacks of 20. All old Dreanor mats, easily done!
  • Three columns of Dreanic Invisibility Potions; stacks of 20. Again, old Dreanor mats. I made a bunch of them and then sold a bunch on the AH too.
  • One column (stacks of four) of Auto-Hammer for easy repairs. This is the only column that was a bit costly and we’ll see if we can maintain it.

I spent a lot of time going over the Legion Mythic Plus Dungeons Guide by Raid Advice. We owe huge thanks for this well-written guide.

Tab Four is now for Toys and Pets.

Our other tabs are the same but cleaned up. Mats, Raiding, Party and Prizes. In fact, I’d say it’s time for another Scavenger Hunt or Tmog Contest!

Making the transition into a new Expansion is a learning curve for serving up a Guild Vault. I am very pleased that we have a whole tab just for our Mythic Plus guys! C’mon 7.2!


Alchemy: Raid Tab

“Alchemy is a kind of philosophy: a kind of thinking that leads to a way of understanding.”
Marcel Duchamp

Alchemy: Raid Tab

Building a Raid Tab is very satisfying and supports your guild. The first thing any new guild member does is to look in the Guild Vault. How you maintain and present your Vault is important.

For Cataclysm and Draenor, I supplied all of the flasks and pots for our raid team with some help but not a lot. I rarely ask for help. Once it is set up via a big investment and build-up, one only needs to maintain it.

Each Column in the Raid tab has seven slots. For Cata and WoD, I would have one column of Agility flasks (20) and two columns of Agility potions(20). Then Strength the same, then Intellect the same. Two columns of Mana potions and all Health potions went elsewhere in the Guild Vault. For WoD, Savage Feasts were in abundance.

For Legion, it is very different. Partially because I am still building up stock and am not “ahead of the curve” as far as demand goes. Also, there is now only one potion players want: Prolonged Power.

Also different is that players are running Mythic Plus and while they DO want flasks and potions, there is no way I could support that volume. The kids are on their own.

Our current Raid Tab is in transition. With the recent patch, 7.1.5, the Lavish Feast which gives 200 to your main stat (agility, strength, intellect) should be much better than the 375 secondary stat food. I am slowly taking all those columns of ribs and salads and more and trying to make a 20 stack 7 slot column of Lavish Feast. Next will be educating our players that it is better.

It is hard to judge but, right now, my goal is two columns of Potions of Prolonged Power in stacks of 30. That will serve 15 pulls in a 14 man Raid for one night.

I have two columns of Agility flasks which seem to be the most in demand. They are in stacks of 4, thinking that a typical raid night is three hours. I have one column each of Intellect and Strength but that is soon to expand as we move out the buff foods.

In general, I only farm Starlight Rose. While collecting that and simply playing the game, I manage to stockpile enough Blood of Sargeras to purchase stacks of the other herbs (Fjarn, Aethil, Dream and Foxflower).

Things will get easier. My Alchemy is only Rank 2 for the flasks and I am only 770. Once I ding 800, those flasks will become Spirit Cauldrons!

Ultimately I’d like to see some columns of Spirit Cauldrons and Lavish Feasts for the bulk of raid night with some back-up flasks for late-comers or if we go over 15.
However: “drink one, take one” from the Cauldrons only support two hours of raiding — this kind of sucks. It might be better, over all just to serve up four flasks at a time to individuals.

It can be done by one person (me!) and it is a terrific service to the guild. Yes, some players bring their own stuff and I’m glad of that. My favorite time is asking an officer to dole out the goodies to our raiders; they love it.

A popular strat in progression raiding is to use no pots, food or flasks for a few pulls until players have seen the fight. The buff up and execute; hopefully downing a new boss. Obviously, Nighthold is days away.

You and I know that it doesn’t matter that much. I have 35000 Intellect and 200 more won’t mean that much. But, it makes everyone feel better!

Planning for Legion – Guild Edition

“An army without culture is a dull-witted army, and a dull-witted army cannot defeat the enemy.”
Chairman Mao

Preparing for Legion – Guild Edition

There is so much going on in the beginning of an expansion, it is hard to nail down the details. Making the best use of your inherent support system; both your guild and your raid team will build a solid foundation to start off as strong and confident as possible.

What we imagined our experience to be in WoD was skewed by the Garrison experience and so, we need to thinkĀ back to WotLK, Cataclysm and Pandaria.

New expansions bring out the Realm First guys; first in cooking, fishing, alchemy and so on. Gathering mats and selling them can make you rich; or, you might be rich and buy up all the mats for yourself or your guild. If you panic (and I have) know that you’ll get leveling XP again on WoD gathering, say hello to your mine!).

Cauldrons are back! The Spirit Cauldron will dole out flasks for your raid. As usual, you will take one flask and consume it and then take another for your bags. These will be expected in raiding and will take a lot of herbs. Of course, this is Alchemy.

Inscription is getting Vantus Runes. This once-a-week item will buff you by 10% on some level against a certain boss for the whole week. We’ll post them on Monday nights for the AH. Also, there will be a new item (not yet data-mined) that will allow raiders and dungeoneers to change Talents while in a fight zone. Again, this will take a lot of herbs.

Honestly, I never liked the idea of a Guild Cook, Guild Alchemist, Guild Leatherworker etc. Where everyone funneled their mats and invested in getting them the recipes in which they, in turn, dole out the goods. It has some potential for a Raid team but that is a back-alley deal done between the Raid Leader and you.

So, what can we do?

Encourage everyone and absolutely everyone to have a Gathering Addon. Gatherer or Gathermate (I’ve forgotten their names, I use Gatherer) which tracks the mining, archeology and herbing nodes on the map: guild wide.

Bookmark Wow Profession Farming Guides. This guy keeps this page up-to-date, his profession leveling guide is very good too. Minimal and clean, the page has been on my list for almost ten years.

Consider the Sky Golem. I’m sure you have it in your mount list; I’ll be selling plenty in Legion. It is the only mount that allows you to pick herbs without dismounting. What the savage culture will be as we know that all zones scale, I don’t know; but this might be the trick until we get flying for our herbing Druids.

I miss El’s Extreme Anglin’ website. For all things fishing, it was a gold mine. I don’t know what it will take to make buff foods or party buff feasts yet. There is a void to be filled in this area.

We can make use of our Guild by sharing information. Dungeons open on Day One, which is kind of scary and Raiding will start at some later date. With Brewfest starting 20 days after the launch, expectations will be to be at 110 by then.

Finally, with the pre-expansion patch, all of our followers with Treasure Traits will evolve into Scavanger Traits. Don’t let your guild dump ore, herbs, leather etc. into the Guild Vault — no one will want WoD mats for a long (long) time to come.

To Sum Up:

  • Encourage all guild members to have Gatherer for the first few months.
  • Watch guides like wow-professions to maximize your efforts in leveling up professions.
  • Try to see if one Raider with Alchemy will take on the Cauldrons and feed them mats.
  • Consider the Sky Golem as your mount du jour.


  • Will potions like Accelerated Learning from your garrison work in Legion?
  • How about the Elixir of the Rapid Mind?
  • How about the Leatherworkers 10% stat boost tent?
  • How about the Drums of Forgotten Kings? (they still work and they are from Wrath!).
  • How about quasi-Hero drums? At least while leveling, maybe?
  • How about the Gnomish Army Knife and it’s 10% gathering buff?
  • Crafted gear … oh dear Elune …

Guild Love in Legion

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter*
A Novel by Carson McCullers

Guild Love in Legion

My friends. I have been through the data-mined material and gleaned information on classes, achievements, dungeons, raids, zones, class halls, world quests, toys, wardrobes, professions, artifacts, pvp stuff and plenty more.

How much have I read, studied or noted on Guilds? Zero.

Again: zero.

I am passionate about my guild. It is my spring-board for my gaming social life; it is why I log in every day. We have not had any Guild Love for years — years! We have had stuff taken away like Have Group, Will Travel; the best guild perk in gaming history. But no Love in return.

There is something rotten in Anaheim. I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all.

I can see plenty of opportunity to make us excited about Legion. Guild Housing is the Prince Charming to our Cinderella; could there be one Developer who would be our Fairy Godmother?

I’d like to see:

  • A building upon existing in-guild mechanics.
    • Heirloom gear bought at Revered — boots would be humble, but fine.
    • Another unique battle pet tied to pet battling guild-wide. Better than Graves.
    • A Freaking Flying Fish Mount that seats enough for a five-man dungeon! With Lasers.
    • Cosmetic Achievement Awards.
    • Guild usage toys (like the Dazzling Rod but limited to your guildies), make someone big or float or sparkle.
  • Guild Master private storage in the guild bank.
  • Guild Only Party Summoning (the bastard child of Have Group, Will Travel).
  • Alchemy perks (flask boosting) for each guild member in a raid; percentage based.
  • A glow about us when we are close to each other anywhere but in a raid.
  • Triple Proximity Awards for farming: herbs, mining, fishing, archeology.

We need some Guild Love. Forgotten, forbidden, forsaken, outcast, ignored, shamed, shunned and full of sorrow; please, give us some love.

*When published, the novel created a literary sensation, enjoying a meteoric rise to the top of the bestseller lists in 1940; it was the first in a string of works by McCullers that give voice to those who are rejected, forgotten, mistreated or oppressed.

The Guild Vault – How To

The Guild Vault has changed a lot over the expansions and it feels like there is a lot of carry-over of needs from year to year.
Once it was the place for valuable goods to be doled out by the Guild Master. Enchanting mats were prime as were pieces of gear. I remember well being level 39 and eyeing a piece in our guild vault; hoping that the piece would be there still when I dinged 40 and that the Guild Master would deem me worthy.
I would very much encourage any guild to have their vault tidy, neat and organized. It is the first impression of any new guildie because we all go and look in the vault the first thing when we join a guild.
The organization should reflect the goals of the guild.
  • If it is a Leveling Guild then perhaps a lot of Netherweave Bags in Tab One would be ideal.
  • If it is a Raiding Guild, then enchants, flasks, gems, pots and buff foods should be emphasized.
  • If it is a Casual Guild, thenĀ it can be a lot of different things like pets and mounts.
  • If it is a Role-Playing guild, then expect a lot of transmog gear. Perhaps effects like fireworks or booze for parties.

The tabs of duplicates (like Health Pots) should be vertical, up and down the column.

The change in Warlords is that mats (crafting materials) can now stack to 200. We all fear (a little) of someone taking advantage of us and ripping our collective off.

In our guild, the current break-down of Tabs is:

  • Tab One: communal random stuff (pets, awesomefish, fishing worms, mining coffee and a dumping ground, too often, for our guildies.
  • Tab Two: Intellect. Potions, Gems, Buff Food for that class. Some gear and glyphs might wander in there too.
  • Tab Three: Agility (same as Tab Two)
  • Tab Four: Strength (same as Tab Two but tanking stuff is in there also).
  • Tab Five: Materials
  • Tab Six: Raiding Tab — columns of flasks for each class, Savage Feasts and pots though the pots are migrating over to the other tabs as we are gathering more stuff.
  • Tab Seven: PvP stuff.
  • Tab Eight: Prize Tab. This is accessed only by a few people with an array of goodies meant to be prizes for our parties. Mounts, pets, the Battered Hilt, wrapping paper, booze — just about anything our Guild Master wants to save in there.

I think in WoD that the organization would make more sense and we fold-in the changes as follows.

  • Tab One is still a grab bag and any player can take five items a day.
  • Tab Two is “things that stack to 20” — buff foods, class potions, health pots etc. Access is for two stacks a day
  • Tab Three is “things that stack to 200” — herbs, ores, enchanting mats with access at two stacks a day.
  • Tab Four is the Raiding Tab, exclusive to the Raiders or Raid Leader.
  • Tab Five is Gems and Enchants. This is tricky because someone could just move stuff around until they have a big stack and run for the border. Limited access.
  • Tab Six and Seven are for the Guild Master.

The typical guildie would have the above access levels and the officers tier up in access and permissions.

A guild vault is only good if it is being used and has an active exchange of items. If a guild vault is too restrictive or simply un-organized, it won’t be visited by your own guildies.