The Come Back

“The idea of the extreme makeover is disturbing.”
Janice Dickinson

The Come Back

About ten years ago I was at a fast food restaurant called Popeyes. It’s fare is fried chicken. While at the counter, a customer came up next to me and showed the cashier her chicken, it wasn’t cooked inside. I was grossed out. I’ve never been back. Popeye’s lost a customer.

This kind of stuff happens, I imagine, to everyone. Enthusiastic about something, one cheerfully moves along until betrayal. Now, if you knew in advance that these kinds of things can happen, I think that you could get over it.

Our World of Warcraft has lost customers. Players were once happily playing along. Do you think that they felt betrayed when they left? Players play for a lot of reasons, it is not always a question of faith and belief in the company, I realize that.

My question is: how do you get them back?

I’ve never been back to Popeyes. To tell the truth, I don’t go to KFC either. The whole idea of fried chicken grosses me out. I once loved it! By the bucket!

Things can be fixed like Azerite Traits. Can mistakes be remedied after burning down our tree or a rough first raid?

Drug dealers give away their product to start. They get ’em on the come back, that’s what it is called; “the come back”. In some ways WoW is addicting but once you’ve beaten the addiction and walked away, why would you ever come back?

I think that WoW needs a make-over. Our mental image of WoW right now has been sullied perhaps. Not everyone, for sure, there are lots of happy players like myself. But when I do think of raiding, for example, it is coupled with two hours of gathering consumables for every one hour of raiding. In other words, I’d never recommend this game to my sister even as I personally enjoy it.

The perception is, from Legion, that you have to constantly invest in your character every day to keep up with the pack. Do you agree with that perception even if you don’t personally experience it?

The automakers in the United States had a problem a few decades ago. They put out cars that were crap and fell apart. The buyers lost faith and bought foreign, many still do. They had to do a complete make over starting with a higher quality product and then they had to change the perceptions of the customers. They are still at it today, trying to regain the customer’s trust; mostly by doing commercials bragging on awards.

I wonder if, when you married me, that if you knew in advance that I’d not be faithful, would you stay?* Expectations are powerful things.

I think that Blizzard has to change the perception of their game.

*Purely a rhetorical question. I am faithful and true.